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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Some of my old animal looks Part 2

This is a sequel to a post I made last month. It doesn't really count as a sequel but that's what I'm calling it

These are some of my outfits from the olden days, aka 2011-2012
I'm going to be judging these outfits for no real reason
Just like in the last one of these posts, feel free to steal any of these outfits. If people laugh at you saying your outfit's terrible because you used one of these, don't blame me

Oh yeah, most of these are bunnies

That was one of my 4 pilgrim hat bunnies. Of all of them, this was my second favourite. For some reason I used to put elf tails on all my bunnies as long as they just barely fit with the outfit (and half the time they never actually did)
On a scale from 1 to 10, this one gets a 7.5, mainly because it uses minty fresh

Remember like 12 words ago when I said half the time the tail armor didn't go with the outfit? This is one of those times
I tried to make the lighter orange work by changing my eyes to light orange but it just doesn't... work
It's certainly not as bad as some of my other outfits lol
It gets a 5.4

I think I used to use this one as a main animal at some point and I don't know why. Once again it's another case of unfitting tail armor that looks like a demented snake. The bow and elf cuffs don't really go with the viking helmet either. I tried making an outfit centered around the fancy viking helmet so I probably just put on anything that vaguely resembles the colours on the viking helmet. I did a very bad job with that
This one gets a 3

I don't find this wolf to be that bad. If I made this outfit recently then I'd give it an icy blue worn blanket, but we didn't have those back then. I have no idea what kind of balloon I was wearing because I can't tell from the picture, but it must've been either a clover or heart balloon. Those were the only two balloon types we had which is why I'm saying that. Neither of those balloons would really go with this look though. Also I forgot viking hats existed in that colour
I'll give it a 6.3

My attempt at trying to look cool or something. I tried to be a bat landshark but it didn't work. Maybe this would look better on a wolf or any animal other than a bunny. I can't be bothered to gather all those items again just to test and see if it would look good on a wolf, so I'll never know : (
This one gets a 3.7

And then there's Little Tinylily. I only included this one because it has a story. I'll give you the short version: One day I tried to make another AJ story blog that follows the life of a bunny instead of a croc plush. It wasn't that good and I ended up deleting it. Now I can't seem to find any proof that the blog actually existed. It's probably better that way


  1. Just a note for the few people who are interested, I've been trying to work on some of my pages, especially the unused features page
    I want to fix all of the links on the Item Archive, fix the item icons on the item pages, and completely redo the unused features page
    Too bad it's hard to find time to work on them lol

    1. We know you'll do your best. You try very hard ^.^
      (lol I'm a suck up :P)

    2. All of those outfits look better than mine XD

    3. Oh. BTW, wold? <--- in Miss Thepalace

  2. I see ur deeeen
    it has viron and breeadstiiick
    and luna
    and plushies behiind a flower barreel
    a peek in ze fuutureee yay :D
    and a rooobooot

    1. ohhh that's not a peek at the future, that's from an old post

    2. Sure mel surrrreee :P

    3. Which old post? And if it is why do you have that in your den if it's from a long time ago?

    4. I was using that den because it was in the slot that my mouse was right after I clicked the switch den button in the post I made a few days ago about that glitch

      Then den itself used to be the Shadow Realm which is why the flower barrel is there
      It's also the same den used in this post

    5. why is everyone behind a barrel?

    6. I needed to move everyone out of the way

  3. The icy wolf and black bunny deserve a 8.7! They are really cool and good :D

  4. Those outfits are actually pretty good Mel. I would use them but j don't have any of those items really :( Plus I already have the cutest outfit for my bunny

  5. when will u be taking more requests for edited items just wonderting cuz I have a few ideas

  6. Wow! I never knew you once had a BUNNY plushie blog!

    1. It wasn't about plushies, it was in a similar style to the plushie blogs but it was more realistic
      By realistic I mean it followed the life of a random player on AJ and what they do (but I made the person up)

  7. You should post about how irrelevant rares are and how it depends if they look good or not

    Or a Q&A I'd post like 145213562 questions


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