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Monday, May 18, 2015

Things people say

I haven't made a post like this in a while (which is probably a good thing) but someone suggested I make one of these posts, so...

This doesn't belong in this post but here's a recent AJHQ message I got

There are several things wrong with this message. By several, I mean two
I know it's not unusual for AJ to put random words in all caps, but when they do that those words are usually the words they want you to read the most (unless that's a complete lie I don't really know lol)
The only word they put wrote in all caps in this message is "today" which I find odd. I'd expect them to put HISTORY and ALPHAS in all caps (and maybe THE DAILY EXPLORER) but why "today"? It makes it seem more like a command to me
The second thing is they wrote "it's" instead of "its"
It's means it is so that sentence is saying "...the history of Jamaa and it is Alphas"
Its not the first time they did this either and yes, I did use the wrong its in this sentence on purpose, thanks for noticing

Me and my friend lit lits were in the Pillow Room today. There was some kind of fight or something and a spectator wolf said this

They might've been saying that in response to my "fight" with my friend, I'm really not sure. Either way, it's a memorable quote

While stalking the town I saw someone advertising their terrible store at their den
They pretty much admitted their store was terrible

Hey, at least they were honest!

Here's something my friend said
Whenever we got to Sarepia, all we ever see are are wolves with leaf necklaces and fox hats saying "attacks nn" or stuff like that
nn means "no nothing" which is a double negative and makes no sense
kn means "know nothing"
Wow we are harsh

Again in the town, another arctic wolf was trying to "trad a rar spike"

I found it funny because it's similar to the poorly written joke comments I used to get about "spikes"
I doubt anyone else will find it as funny as I did : )

And finally, a picture of something I said in response to my friend Grapevine. It's not that funny but then again none of these are funny


  1. The last one... I am laughing so harddd lol


  2. I am so glad I'm not the only Grammer Nazi lol
    Princess Cutelily is onto something
    Maybe they should have a popcorn machine in the Pillow Room?

  3. Snowflake Arcticmoon has style ;)

  4. one day someone said TRADE ME A SPIKE
    and i traded that artic wolf an icicle horn (on trade was greelys blackboard and i wanted that becaause whenever i tried the adventure the boss fight never laaaods AHHHGR) cuz the horn is a SPIKE, its pointy at one end and if the snow was glu, put then on top of a 45 gem necklace and ya get a collar! (rip off the lil charm thingy)
    guess wut happened. THAT WOLF ACCEPTED. and i logged off

    1. They actually accepted? wow maybe "spike" doesn't actually mean spiked collar after all

    2. maybe they thought it was a spiked collar, i didn't know wut happened next becuz i logged off strait away

  5. Um Mel I'm gonna correct you for thing aj sent out.
    The history of jamaa and it's alphas they used . ITS because the alphas belong to jamaa it's doesn't always mean it is. Sometimes it means belonging to :)

    1. http://www.elearnenglishlanguage.com/blog/english-mistakes/its/

      Its is the possessive one

    2. I am no longer alone in this world XD

  6. it sounds like TODAY is a command

  7. Mel, Another off topic thing for the Sliding Glitch, If you use a shark and a penguin (I will have to test for other combinations) You can be stuck in mid-air!


  8. Fastest video game character: Maxwell
    Slowest video game character: Maxwell
    Biggest video game character: Maxwell
    Smallest video game character: Maxwell
    Meanest video game character: Maxwell
    Most innocent video game character: Maxwell

    Best video game character who's name starts with an M: Mega Man

  9. Ty for the suggestion! Sadly, the donkeys died and I needed to replace them with horses.

  10. Update: I got a third 1.

  11. Why do people care about Spikes *breaks the spikes off random spiked collars and wristbands* these are worthless.. so I am not going to trad for a rar spike anytime soon.

  12. Hey Mel, look at this thing http://animaljam.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:173392
    Idk what think of it? I know you're into that unreleased item stuff so.

    1. That's interesting but I never know if I should believe every time someone finds an unreleased item with all the fakes ones going around

  13. Mel, why is the Upcoming and Unreleased Features page being worked on?

  14. I have a question. Where do you get the AJ music files from?

    1. Haha yeah very sekrit like dem un release item thingys
      Idk what I just said :P

  15. Paper beats Rock, but Rock can still shoot you in the face and kill you.
    -Balaur 2015

  16. Me: *Wears fabulous Deerling Cosplay on my Deer*
    Person: ENDS NN NM ND NE
    Me: No nectarines? No muffins? No donuts? No eggplants? Wow why don't you like my favorite foods :(

    1. Sometimes I go to Sarepia and say "no miss" after literally everything I say
      "Says hi no miss"
      "Walks away no miss"
      "Looks at tree no miss"

      then everyone calls me a power player

  17. XD Mel! Those are funny pics! AND OMG, I should try that! Going around sayin no miss after everything sounds hilarious! I wanna see what ppl say, heheheheee... Okay,that sounds creepy. Anywho, JAM ON JAMMERS!

    1. It's really fun but people can get mad at you easily

  18. Mel, where do you get AJ's music from? I've always wondered how you did...

  19. They used 'It's' because it can show ownership.


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