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Monday, May 11, 2015

Untitled Post 78

A bit of a short post today but it's better than nothing

I was once again looking through old Jamaa Journals to find slightly interesting things. I didn't find anything cool, but I got reminded of a "feature" AJ used to have. It's not really a feature (which is why I put "feature" in quotes)

Buddy Games used to be only playable with people on your buddy list
This is what was in the Jamaa Journal when they changed that

That's probably why they were called BUDDY Games. They should change the name of them to "Unoriginal Low-Gem-Rate Games"
I'm so harsh

To make the post longer I'll throw in this picture I took of Coral Canyons while Epic Wonders was being built

I liked how they did visible construction like this. The last time they did visible construction was with the croc statue in the Animal Museum when it was still called the Animal Museum (unless something happened in 2013/2014)

I don't really know what else to say so I'll just end the post here lol


  1. I go Beastmode in Shellgame o3o

  2. Always win in scooped

  3. Four Gem, Scooped, and Pairs are my thing :3 But these days, they freeze :l

  4. They do give you a really crap amount of gems for the time it takes though

  5. I know right? scooped is hard work for the amount of gems it gave me

  6. you should make a post about, that time a couple days ago ajhq was hacked. If i am wrong tell me my friend told me about it bc i was grounded from the computer.


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