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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Weird and Random AJ Images Part ∞

How do I make post intros again?

The first picture comes with a small bit of AJ history

The AJ chat used to be waaaaaayyy less strict than it is now. You could type a bunch of different symbols and words that you can't type now. There are too many words to list so I'm just going to list the possible symbols you used to be able to type

; " ~ ` • & ^ % $ # @ - _ = + * ™ • – € / \ [ ] { } < > | and † (however † only showed up as a blank character)
There might have been a few other ones too

Now the only symbols you can only use ! ? . , ' ) ( and :

There were a lot of cool chat tricks you used to be able to do with symbols : (
RIP AJ chat (2010 - 20something)

This was a moderately common glitch back in 2012. Sometimes trying to open Jam Mart Clothing from your inventory would make your gem count mess up. I think it happened right after new item came out but I'm probably just making that up. Even I don't know anymore lol
It would say you have 1 less than 100 million but when you tried buy something it said you have 0 gems

This was the trade I did in early 2012 for the "beta" creature mask. Why I took a picture of the trade is beyond me, but it brings back memories. All the stuff I was trading was very rare at the time, especially the blue top hat. There were only like 10 in the game or something

Of course the only one of those 5 items that's still remotely rare is that creature mask. And before anyone asks, no, I don't still have it. I gave it to a "friend" in 2013 or something

Here is another picture where the wallpaper and flooring doesn't match the den

It had barn wallpaper in a snow fort den. I took like 70 pictures of this person's den but I doubt anyone wants to see all of them (most of them are pretty much the same) so you'll get the one I found the coolest

I will end off with this horribly crafted thing I made in 2011

If you can't tell, it's a nonmember glove. It's made completely out of red duct tape. I also made a bat mask, black elf bracelets, and scary bat wings, all completely out of duct tape. I may or may not have used the bat mask, wings, and elf things as a Halloween costume that year, and they may or may not have been incredibly uncomfortable to wear. The other items I made are lost and the glove is just sitting there collecting dust lol


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMU0tzLwhbE
    You're welcome for this

  2. Can I ask how you made the glove?

    1. That's a good question actually
      I really don't remember, I think I just started putting tape over other pieces of tape

    2. Maybe you got your hand and used it as a model.

    3. i do that and that probably what they did

  3. That glitch still happens to me, especially in Jam Mart Furniture
    I'm also kinda relieved in a way that you can't type those symbols anymore. Now that more people play, I really think it is a safety issue.
    At first I thought the glove was an Iron Man hand XD

  4. So that's a pretty good glove Mel. Are wizard hats rare? If so how rare?
    Also free chat these days is almost the same as stricted chat

    1. You're asking the wrong person about rarity. A few years ago I used to know exactly how rare every item was and what was a good/bad deal, but now I just annoyingly say anything in eagle quest is valueless
      If it means anything to you though, wizard hats tend to come back to stores every year

  5. Mel, how about trying to put a pixel-art page up?

    1. That would certainly be interesting
      I'm really really bad at pixel art so I'd only be making tiny ones like the ones I posted on here before

  6. I remember when you could type TM and a whole bunch of other symbols from the numeric keyboard. I miss those symbols. Now we aren't even allowed to type "I'm" correctly.

    1. But we're still allowed to host pooping parties

      wow aj

    2. Haha XD
      And apologising on jam a grams is a waste of time too
      All that matters is pooping parties :)

    3. We always complain about AJ; yet we still play it o3o

    4. Everyone loves pooping parties

  7. OMG XD

    (They're so awesome!)

    My failed attempt at writing a song. I also have a question for you: Who is your favourite Pokemon? Mine has to be Yveltal for two reasons:

    1: He is just so AWESOME in appearance, with the exception of the Pokemon Y boxart. He just looks... meh.

    2: He is the first Pokemon card I have ever gotten. So, technically... He's the first POKEMON I've ever gotten?

    I'd talk more, but then we'd enter a discussion of the infamous boxart of 1987.

    1. Mine is Jirachi
      The 385 in my username is Jirachi's national dex number

  8. ooh show me the rest of the duct tape things!

  9. Happy Memorial Day Everyone! Today we salute men and women who served to protect our country! Thank you for fighting for our country.



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