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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Leaked images of new stuff! (Joke Post)

This post is a joke. Don't take it seriously unless you really want to

Remember how I said my dad's cousin's co-worker's wife's friend's daughter's roommate's cat's fleas got fired from AJHQ? On their last day they were able to take some picture of upcoming stuff and sent them to me. The fleas and I are super close so they only sent them to me and not anyone else. If you want to make 7 videos about these leaked images, please put this post's URL in the title, description, and spam it on every frame of the video. Don't give the fleas any credit though, only me

The first pictures are of a super cool unreleased den or party! I wasn't told if these are from a new den or party but it looks like a den. According to them, it was called "beta_room.notfake" in the code which doesn't really help us. We know "beta" means things not for sale so it probably is a party
I bet they'll call it Beta Party if it is

The other 4 pictures are of new items. For some reason only two of them had shop icons

The first item isn't new but it's a popular item that's returning! Steve the flea told me it was for sale again when he opened AJHQ's version of Jam Mart Clothing

Looks like these will be even less rare than they are already : (
I wish AJ would stop bringing back the betas! If one more beta comes back that I had 20 of I'm quitting for life!

The next item is a yellow tie that might be the next rare monday item!

I can't believe they're making a rare of a nonmember item and making it members only! Since I knew people that used to work for AJ I have a 10 year membership so I really don't care, but still

The third item is a den item and looks pretty weird
Phil, one of the fleas, was able to send this to me last Tuesday. I have no idea what it is but its name is #5912
I can't believe he sent me this, now I have an unreleased item! I'm selling it on my suspicious instagram page for only 2000 deviantart points or a year of club penguin membership. I also know a few people who sell beta accounts that aren't rightfully theirs and is probably illegal if you want those

And finally, the one that I'm most excited for - Cactus Hats are coming soon!

I know it's extremely blurry and looks like I just drew it in a paint program but it's totally legit, I swear! It's even more real than that picture of the so called "unreleased hoodie" that's so simplistic it looks like it was drawn in ms paint then taken with a horrible camera to hide the fact that it was made with ms paint

Which of these things are you most excited for? Make sure to write me 98 comments telling me!!!3141!@35

Monday, June 29, 2015

Let's talk about the times you or your friends got suspended for doign nothing wrong

I just feel like hearing stories lol

My story is told a lot in the comments of random posts, but I got suspended for purposely spelling "I quit" incorrectly as "i kwit"

Cool glitchy items

These are some fancy pictures of glitched items that I took using my friend Clovergoddess's glitch
Before anyone asks "OMG WAT U WNAT 4 GLITCHED HELMET I GIV U 17 SPIKES" I better clear up a few things - the items don't stay like this and usually only show up for me so it's really just a graphical glitch
Also, I promised not to reveal the glitch method (and I don't like breaking promises) I'm really just posting these so clover can steal them but I thought other people might want to see them too

Pink Phantom Hat

Raspberry Shark Hat & Pink Glove

Fancy White & Blue Flaming Pumpkin Mask

After That Last One I Don't Think I'll Put The First Letter Of Every Word In Caps Wreath Necklace & Mech Angel Helmet

Seriously though, it's annoying

Bright red angry pumpkin mask

Weird white phantom mask

Pink snowy branch antlers & minty orange leaf necklace

Raspberry ball hat & weird tannish lasso
White and red rhino helmet

Scary Elf Helmet ♥︎

They need to make halloween elf helmets into real items

Dark freedom viking hat

According to yahoo answers the opposite of freedom is "restriction" so let's call it the Restriction Viking Hat in an attempt to be funny

Scary turkey hat

Restriction helmet

Pink Zios mask with creepy eyes

Sp00ky pumpkin mask (I wish this was a real item too)

Light purple top hat

Turkey hat that for some reason is hard to look at

Extremely cool elf helmet & raspberry glove

Dark purple bull skull & weird bat wings

Fancy tail thing & white elf cuffs

Raspberry wind armor & greyish purple gazelle horns

And two more gifs of some of the llama's movements in Sky High and Wind Rider because requests

I have like 800 more pictures of fancy glitch items which I may or may not post soon
I don't want to just spam them because they might get more boring after a while so I probably won't be posting them tomorrow. Plus I have another idea for a joke post that no one other than myself will find funny lol

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Spelling Error + Glitch + Free Item

The Jammer Wall thing got removed from the membership ad not long after my last post
Coincidence? Yes

Since that ad wasn't meant to be released yet, but was already in the game, it might mean Jammer Wall will be released soon! TBA was accidentally released early on September 18th last year (wow was it really that long ago?) and took about 2 weeks for it to be officially released as Bitter Sweets. If Jammer Wall follows that pattern, it may be out in the next update! I'm honestly interested to see how it turns out, but hopefully it doesn't replace Jam a Grams. Not that the messaging in Jam a Grams is any good, but it'd be sad to see an almost 5 year old feature get removed

Alright, I'll shut up about Jammer Wall now

An anonymous commenter who signed with "Anonymous who has been talking too much already so bye" told me about another spelling error in AJ. I really shouldn't make a big deal out of this because of the amoutn off sleling erors i maek on here, but AJ is a big official thing or something. That makes it totally different... right? Please say yes
If you go on an account that has bubble chat (the one where you can only use preset messages) and try to type in the chat bar, this comes up

As AWHBTTMASO pointed out, the word "Dashboard" is spelled incorrectly. The mixed around the a and the o spelling "Dashbaord"
If they fix this, I wonder if they'll auto correct you if you type dashbaord in the chat. In 2011 (and p 2010) one of the recycle buttons was spelled "Recyle" missing the second c

If you try typing recyle in the chat it corrects it to the proper spelling. I might be the only one who finds that annoying because I like to purposely spell it as recyle. I might start spelling dashboard wrong on purpose too just to be annoying

I'm really dragging this post out now lol

Another anon told me about a glitch with the Sky Kingdom den. This only works for the preview version in the Diamond Shop. If you preview the den, the giant Mira statue in the middle of the main island is gone!

I didn't bother checking to see if any other preview dens are missing something. If you have nothing better to do, go ahead and check the other dens. If you find anything, you probably shouldn't report it to me because I'm was too lazy to check lol

And finally, the new items today are both at the Freedom Party. I'm only posting them because there's a glitch with one of them like yesterday's Parasol. THis glitch is even better than yesterday's : )

The first one is in the furniture shop

But the cool one's in the clothing store

Yeah, look at that price. 0 gems! That translates to "free"
The price isn't a lie as I stuffed my inventory with them and my gems didn't go down

Now we wait for them to give it a real price and I can sell all of them for some quick gems
This will probably be fixed soon but oh well

Jammer Wall?

Note: I made two posts today - Scroll down or click here for the other one

Someone anonymous told me about something strange on one of the pages in the membership ad. AJ will probably delete this soon, but as of right now, you can find this by using a non member account. Try to buy a member items to get the membership ad thing. Keep clicking the arrows to change the page and you'll eventually find this

It's about a new feature called Jammer Wall that's apparently "currently being tested by members only"
First of all, this feature isn't out yet. That makes me feel like this ad wasn't supposed to be released yet. Plus the ad doesn't describe what Jammer Wall even is which makes me feel the ad wasn't finished and that is just placeholder text. When Jam a Gram typing came out, they also said it was "currently being tested by members only" and 3 years later it's still a members only feature. Based on that, Jammer Wall might not ever be available for nonmembers : (

What exactly is Jammer Wall though? I enhanced one of the windows in the picture making it slightly readable (By the way, all of them said the exact same thing)
(click to enlarge)

In case you can't read it, this is what it says


ElectroSquid 15 min ago
I'm going to open a restaurant in my den! Anybody want to be a waiter later tonight at 6 pm? I'm going to open a restaurant in my den! Anybody want to be a waiter later tonight at 6 pm?

Do you need a cook? I could do that.

Precious Happyflower 15 min ago
Can I be the hostess?

ElectroSquid 15 min ago
I want to be the waiter!

Type your message here..."

It looks like this Jammer Wall thing will be the AJ version of social networking sites like TwitFace or whatever kids these days are using

You post something on your wall and people can comment on it!

Here are some things I noticed from the picture that give us an idea of how it works

These icons are at the bottom of the "Type your message here" box

I'm assuming the 2nd one lets you change the colour of your post, the 3rd one lets you use emotes, and the third one lets you use preset messages. The first one is the one I'm not so sure about. That picture is used for patterns in the inventory screen so it probably has something to do with the style of your post. All the ones in the picture have no pattern and are plain, but maybe you can make it fancy by giving it a different border or something?

On the top of the Jammer Wall window, there's a picture of a lock

This might mean we can lock our wall so no one can comment on it

On the top right corner of the window there's a button with squares on it. I think this will be used to change the background of your wall!

If you look at the original ad again, you can see all the windows have different backgrounds. All of these are either den wallpapers, flooring, or default flooring/wallpapers. That could mean you have to have those wallpapers or floorings to use them as your background but probably not

The Jammer Wall in the picture belongs to someone named "ElectroSquid"
I figured it was an AJHQ account that's hidden from normal players, but it lets me make a new account with that name. Two of the commenters are also named ElectroSquid. They probably just did that to make it look like more people are commenting to show it off or something. The other person's name is Precious Happyflower which makes me believe you can choose to have it display your username or animal name. It could also mean that it only shows you and your buddies' usernames but people not on your show up as their animal's name

The title is The-Pink-Princess
Based on this I think you can give your wall a custom name. The dashes make me think you have to choose from preset words for your title, just like you do for animal names

Mldriver reminded me of the mysterious stickynotes that I bring up a lot on here. In the off chance you never heard of them, a long time ago on AJHQ's blog they posted a picture that showed an extra icon at the top next to the gem icon

I should really stop calling them stickynotes because they aren't stickynotes but too bad
Could the stickynotes be related to Jammer Wall? If so it means Jammer Wall's been in development for a while now

This feature may or may not come out for members in the next update. There's no way to know other than by waiting it out

Glitch with the new item

I don't normally put new items in posts unless they're from a new update but this is a special case. Two items are at a party so you might miss them and one is glitched... sort of

The first two are at the Freedom Party

Freedom Hula Skirt
Firework Stand

But here's the glitched one. It's not glitched in the same way Yeti Faces and Furry Hats are, but it's a gem item for sale at the carnival

It's 600 gems while everything else is for tickets

I bought something that cost tickets (Pineapple Hat) and it charged me 4000 gems

Anyway, here's a gif of the Parasol which I'm already in love with

Friday, June 26, 2015

Llama Movements + Glitch

I made my llama look like the original 1231 llama! This was the original

And this is mine

I even got the signature creepy eyeless part down! Llamas still look a little weird to me on playercards but I don't think they'll change it anytime soon

Well, here are some incredibly laggy gifs of all the llama's movements. The main point of this is for people who don't have a llama so you don't have to beg someone with a llama to show you its movements





Walking (up and down)

Walking (diagonally)

Walking (left and right)

Sitting (facing screen)

Sitting (facing away from screen)

Standing (Not animated)

If anyone really cares maybe I'll make of gif of what llamas look like in Sky High and Wind Rider but probably not. I think the dancing animation looks really weird. It looks like one of those creepy weird 3D animations that people make on YouTube The best example I can give of that is anything made by Chridoff. If you don't know who that is, consider yourself lucky lol
The jumping animation looks pretty disturbing too for some reason

My friend Tigerlypaws told me about a weird inventory glitch from the new update. If you open your inventory and click your animal name at the top, this happens

The scroll bar is flying off the window and the achievements and gems overlap it. Oh yeah, there doesn't seem to be a llama badge you can use on your nametag yet. Usually one gets added for each new animal but I couldn't find it. The one next to the kangaroo in the above picture could be the llama badge but I think it's the deer