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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

AJ Ideas Part 3

My posting schedule should be fixed on Thursday but I don't know yet

Here's another batch of my terrible AJ ideas that AJ will never add (which may or may not be a good thing)
I don't really know what else to say so I'll just get to the ideas

Certain Items Have Uses In Adventures
If you wear certain gloves or swords in adventures you do significantly more damage to phantom pods and gates. I feel like items having uses in adventures is a cool feature but isn't used to its full potential. Some of my ideas are bows can be used to hurt phantoms without the need for boomseeds, complete armor sets make you take less damage from phantoms and lasers, and wearing phantom armor has a chance that some phantoms won't see you. Those ideas would probably make adventures a little too complex though (and so will the "Tougher Phantoms" ideas)

Tougher Phantoms
Dealing with phantoms in adventures is as easy as clicking on a boomseed and dragging it on top of a phantom. It can be pretty hard to get hit by a phantom sometimes, even on hard mode. There should be phantoms that have special abilities. For example, an armored phantom that can take more than 1 boomseed, a type of phantom that fires its own projectiles (like in Phantom Fighters) or throws boomseeds at you, or a phantom that's much faster than the normal ones

More Customization Option
I'd really like an option to switch between the new bulkier scroll bars/arrows and the old thinner ones. I'd also like to switch between old and new item icons. That would mean they'd have to recreate all the newer items' icons and make them look "old style" though. To work around that, switching to old item icons would only change items that have old item icons

Den Jammer Central
This is something I've been suggesting for a while. There should be a Jammer Central den item that acts exactly like the one in Jamaa Township. Even if they did make it I probably wouldn't buy one ever, but I think it'd be good to have

I talked about this in this post. Club Penguin collectables known as Pins that get hidden around the CP island every two weeks. I think AJ should add something slightly similar to that. It gives players who feel like quitting another reason to log in every once in a while and it can be fun to collect things

More Daily Events
The only daily event in AJ right now is the daily spin. I think there should be more daily events such as random items being half price for one day only, another "game" like the daily spin, or daily chance to win some grand prize... or something

More Diamond Uses
Right now you can only use diamonds for buying new overpriced animals, dens, or items. If it was up to me I'd remove diamonds altogether but we all know that never happen as long as money still exists. What I'm saying here is there aren't a lot of uses for diamonds. To make them a little more useful for people who don't like any of the diamond shop items, they could add something like unlockabales or upgrades that you can buy with diamonds. For example, Spend 5 diamonds and get more inventory space

More Beta Items
You know the items in the Beta Party? They were all decorations in rooms in beta and they made them into den items for the party. I think it would be really cool if they made more beta decorations into den items. Especially the beta gong and the green post-beta gongs that were in Jamaa Township. Those might be a little too big for den items but I can still hope


  1. My posting schedule should be fixed on Thursday but I don't know yet...
    What do you mean by that message? Like the late posts you've been dong?

    All the ideas that jammers suggest ajhq should add every time they suggest it it would probably make animal jam funner! WE need more inventory space for den items, clothing items, animals and dens cause some people like me like collecting all the animals and dens in jamaa. Those ideas would totally make jamaa awesome if i worked for aj I would totally add them especially the collectables ones

    1. I haven't been posting at the time I usually post at

  2. These ideas are really good. AJ's robots cannot handle the awesomeness of these ideas 030
    My fave is the collectables one

  3. I love these ideas, especially the Tougher Phantoms one. I think that some of the adventures aren't really good, so AJHQ should spice it up a bit. Plus, they should make more adventures. Everyone keeps going on the same ones all the time..

    1. The tougher phantoms one is awesome but I would probably die straight away because I suck at adventures anyway lol

  4. Wouldn't it be cool if AJHQ read this blog? XD


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