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Monday, June 22, 2015

Animal Base Extra

The main part of this post is a follow up from my post about Animal Bases
when123 AJ reminded me in the comments about the possible wolf base in Coral Canyons
Behind the game icon for Best Dressed is artwork of a wolf

The shape of the wolf rock makes it look like it was meant to be a cave. This was probably going to be the wolf base! The way they shoved the game icon over the wolf rock makes me believe animal bases truly are a canceled feature. I think they would've been cool I'm sure they had their reasons to never release them

This post would be too short with just that, so I threw in 4 more pictures

A long time ago I did the eagle in land adventures glitch (which I don't think works anymore) in The Great Escape. When I got to the part with the Lunas mirrors... they looked like this

They still functioned properly but it was hard to tell which way the light was actually shining

This picture was going to be in my post about Battle For The Beacon glitches but I couldn't find it
In the adventure, after a chomper plant eats a phantom, it becomes withered. For some reason this chomper didn't get withered but instead looked like a "closed chomper" from other adventures

It became normal again after I watered it

Here's a picture from TBA. It's nothing new but I just love how the giant pumpkin looked

Did the giant pumpkin even have a face in the final version (aka Bitter Sweets)? I don't remember

The last one is a picture of the conversation I had in the Diamond Shop with one of my friends. I'm Magical Snowycroc and Mighty Largerabbit is my friend. Mighty Spiritclaws is someone neither of us knew that was apparently stalking our conversation (it's also worth noting that the stalker had at least one spiked collar)

Neither of us knew what they meant by "it is emotional black maid" but we later realized black maid translates to blackmail. They thought we were trying to use emotional blackmail so they'd send us their spiked collar. The thing is, we were talking about black spiked collars which they didn't have. We weren't even talking to them. Yeah, I don't know


  1. People these days *tsk tsk*
    Always eavesdropping
    lol how does that work on the internet idk
    "You young whipper snappers give me back my teef guet guet"

  2. Hmm interesting convo. The wolf cave also looks like greely

  3. That wolf base doesn't really look like a wolf to me.. It looks more like a hyena or a boar, or just aj's crazy animations...

    1. It looks like the old style of Greely

  4. Has your background of the whole blog always been the beta Crystal Sands?

  5. I noticed that the beta raspberry color is the fox's pattern color when you first buy it THOUGH ENTER o.o sorry

  6. On the lion, if you switch the pattern to the moon pattern, you will notice that, fi you look closely, on the front right (your right not the lion's) leg, there is a faint star, but only in the animal customization menu. If you do the same while walking, the faint star is gone...

  7. I said emotional black maid and a person went on at me for being racist though I meant blackmail :I

  8. That doesn't look like a wolf it looks like Greely...

  9. And the pumpkin doesn't have a face in Bitter Sweets it's just a pumpkin

  10. Can u post about the new tutorial when u first create an animal? Also my name is rueave.

    1. I did that when the new tutorial came out months ago


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