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Friday, June 19, 2015

Animal Bases

The original chart that said what members get that nonmembers don't listed a few things that weren't actually a feature in the game (or at least weren't explained very well)

The one I find the most interesting is "Animal Bases"
Animal Bases were listed as a members only feature. What exactly are these animal bases though? Well, I don't know, but I have a pretty good guess

I think Animal Bases were going to be special rooms exclusive to specific animals. For example, a building that only member bunnies can access

If this is what they were really meant to be, here are my ideas on where they were planned to be located

In beta, the Lost Temple of Zios had this building
The room went unused and blocked off until March 2011 when it was turned into Brady Barr's Lab. It's still there today, it just looks a little different. Some details on the outside never changed though. The roof has a picture of a monkey as well as the window. I believe this room was originally meant to be a members only and monkeys only room, aka an Animal Base. Of course I have nothing to back that up, this is all just speculation. There are herons on the corners too, but I think those are just decorations to make the building look fancier. There is another reason why I believe that this building, or maybe even the entire land of Zios

In early beta, the big Zios pit used to be a monkey statue

It's the same monkey statue that was for sale at the Beta Party last year (but that's not relevant to this post)
However I have my doubts that the whole land was meant to be the monkey base. For one thing, animal bases were supposed to be members only. They wouldn't have made a members only land that's specific to one animal. That's the main reason I think that one building was meant to be the monkey base. The monkey statue has to mean something though. As far as I know, Zios's true animal species is unknown. I think he's really a monkey because of that statue. It would also explain why there are heron decorations on the building, because Zios is a monkey and Mira is a heron

The Lost Temple of Zios also has a giant elephant statue on top of a building

That building has always been used for the Temple of Trivia but it actually has a door behind the game icon that's hard to see. I think this building was planned to be the elephant base! Yes, I know elephants weren't there in beta. But maybe they were in development or planned in beta

Crystal Sands used to have a Sir Gilbert rock

It might've been intended to be the tiger base!

Mt. Shiveer came out in 2011 with this seal cave

If this seal cave was meant to be the animal base for seals, it means AJ didn't forget about thier plans to add animal bases even in 2011

It's not 2015 and we still don't have these mysterious animal bases.. or do we?

Assuming animal bases were meant to be rooms exclusively for specific animals, the idea wasn't scrapped completely. Now we have parties, like the Horses Only Party, Penguins Only Party, and Monkeys Only Party! As their names suggest, only those respective animals can go to those parties. The Horses Only Party is a members only room (unless you use a glitch and get a nonmember horse) like animal bases were originally intended to be. We'll never know for sure what animal bases were supposed to be (mainly because if you ask AJHQ about it now they'll have no idea what you're talking about and assume you're talking about dens or something)

EDIT: Here is a picture of the possible wolf base location in Coral Canyons. This is where Best Dressed is now


  1. Animal Bases may have just gone unused
    The sir Gilbert rock scares me 030

    1. I know this ones maybe.. because in beta party are released in 2015 umm there was a monkey statue and it was a monkey statue in beta land that called temple of zios right ok so.. this time i saw a picture of Snowyclaw that graham was released in beta days and also Graham says yes monkey do rules is that means monkeys are donig the rules and in beta days other jammers don't like monkeys i don't know why but i like monkeys because they are eating bananas submit your report!

    2. Who wanna here some two clues i fouND?
      i was play animal jam in 2014 and not beta because you know i am 6 years old 2014 some clues are here that i found so here the first clue i saw in Coral canyons when i saw Greely was at in it's the wolf base and it probably got removed but.. just look at it and you will see Greely.
      now for the second clue:
      as you know that AJHQ started to make this game in 2010
      AJHQ were realeased some lands that can be found in world map but i don't know if the Mt. shiveer were realeased ok so the second clue is.. I saw a video and i saw a in crystal sands or i mean in the video that the cave looks like sir gilbert but it's totally removed in 2014 or 2013 maybe and it was changed it has a waterfall now so i gonna find more clues.

    3. Actually guys umm there is something don't you know i saw a green path thing behind club geoz and i saw a sign outside you can just see it

    4. Hey guys we should contact AJHQ that add Animal bases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'd rather have bases than parties. Like, they should make it so the animal bases can have specific items only limited to like an hour on sale in the base, and double gem games for that specific animal.
    I am the voice of a generation :D

    1. Yeah, bases sound better o3o

    2. Dear owner of this blog,

      I would like if you made a post dedicated to have people contact Animal Jam about Animal Bases, because I would like one.
      Are Animal Bases REALLY in Play Wild, or just the beta version?

      Also, If Animal Jam does NOT make bases, we can make our OWN. Like use the Volcano Den ( or the Greely Hideout ) to make a Wolf Base, the Ol' Barn for horses or deer, or both, the Gingerbread House or the Snow Fort den for arctic animals, penguins, seals, polar bears, foxes if you make them arctic foxes, etc, We would use items that are dedicated to a certain animal, statues, the old flags and plushies, the topiaries, etc. If an animal has a party, you can use the party as an Animal Base as well, to create your own buy the items there for decoration. ETC.

      Wanna make an Animal Base? I'd like to know! please add me, d66864 is my username. If we are both on we can make an Animal Base at my den. I think I'll make one now! HEHEHEHE.

      I will be signing my signature which is -d66864 on AJ or -D6

      THANK YOU! Please consider! -D6

    3. Animal Bases are in AJ Play Wild. I was a beta tester, but, I don't remember any bases in PLay Wild at that time..

  3. That's would be cool for the animal bases. I wish there would be secret rooms in jamaa that are hard to find,

    1. Me too, although they would eventually be known to all because of blogs and videos and "WHOEVER WANT TO C SEKRIT ROOM FOLLOW ME"
      I agree it would be a great idea if they changed the rooms location daily

    2. OMG! What about under the llama picture in Canyons Pathway? Did anyone notice it looks a bit like a cave...?

    3. Now that you mention it, there is a faint cave outline in the background! Cool!

  4. I don't think Zios is any specific kind of animal just a shapeshifter. After all, Mira IS a shapeshifter too. Just her true form is a heron.


  5. And the Sir Gilbert rock IS kinda creepy. I agree with you on that.


  6. Oh WOW! I never thought about Brady Barrs Lab being an Animal Base! Although I wondered if the seal cave would one day be something like that...
    Oh, and one more thing. I don't know where exactly that tiger cave led to, but it might have just been there for decoration, because Sir Gilbert created Crystral Sands. Who knows though...

  7. I just noticed that in Coral Canyons, behind the Best Dressed game icon, the door looks like it has a wolf on it. Just sayin'.

  8. I remember Snowyclaw saying how she told some jammers a story about how phantoms came to Jamaa in the lost temple of zios. Then Graham came... and there was a monkey statue before the Zios pit... and Graham is a monkey? Idk, Is this anything?

  9. Wow, I wish that the Animal Bases where real in the game! It would be so cool! But I might only be like the Wolf Only Party, Bunnies Only Party ect. Or it could come out as members only. Don't you think? Oh and I had an idea for your blog! You could possibly do old Jamaa legdands! Please reply to me. I would really aprechite it if you do! Well bye :D


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