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Monday, June 1, 2015

Animal Jam vs Club Penguin

I got a comment in the last post with an idea that I liked so that explains why I'm even making this post (Thanks Lowri Edwards)
Basically I'm just going to list the things that I think AJ does better than Club Penguin and the things that I think Club Penguin does better than AJ
You probably know what Club Penguin is but if you don't, it's another virtual world game that's sort of like AJ
I used to play Club Penguin a lot before I came to AJ but I haven't played much recently so some things I say about Club Penguin might not be completely accurate

Animal Jam

Trading / Gifting
You can send items to people and/or trade items in AJ. In Club Penguin there's no way to give other players items (with the exception of some hat you can send people in December and probably something else I'm forgetting)

Buy Multiple Of The Same Item
You can buy as many of the same item as you want in AJ as long as you have the inventory space for it. In Club Penguin you can only have one of each (clothing) item

Changing Colours Of Items
In AJ, most items in the game have different colours you can choose from. In CP, all items only have 1 different option (sometimes CP sells two of the same items in different colours with different names though)

Numbers/Symbols In Chat
I can't say for sure if AJ has a less strict chat that CP does, but in AJ you can type a few symbols and numbers. You can only type letters in CP

More Playable Animals
I can't remember how many different animals you can be in AJ but I think it's somewhere around 30
In Club Penguin you can only be penguins. That's why it's called Club Penguin

Recycling Items
If you have an item in AJ you don't want anymore, you can give it to someone else or sell it for gems. Club Penguin however has no way of removing items from your inventory. Once you buy an item in CP, you can't get rid of it (that does mean there's less a hacker can do to your account though)

Daily Items
AJ comes out with a new item/re-releases an old item every single day. Club Penguin usually only changes its item selection once every month. However the amount of items that come out every month in CP is probably more than an average month on AJ (but don't take my word for it)

Better Houses
In my opinion AJ's houses (dens) are better designed than CP's houses (igloos)
That could just be because they're bigger, but I feel like they're more detailed

Cheaper Membership
AJ's membership prices are slightly lower than Club Penguin's (at least in some currencies)
That's always a plus
In Club Penguin you can only send simple preset messages to people with postcards. In AJ however you can type your own messages through Jam a Grams

Club Penguin

Unlimited Inventory Space
In Club Penguin your clothing inventory is always big enough to hold one of every item. You'll never get that annoying message saying you need to clear inventory space. As for furniture, you can have up to 99 of each item (unless they changed that)

Better Parties
When Club Penguin has parties, most of the time every single room in the game get changed as well as the music. They also have a party every month or so. In AJ, the only room that changes is the town (the other lands get a few overused decorations) and that only happens for like two events, the Night of the Phantoms and Jamaalidays

Interactive Staff
CP's moderators sometimes set up meeting events. They list times and servers they will be on and you can meet and talk to some of the mods. I went to one of those events once and the mod (Chattabox) even sent me a postcard (which is basically a Jam a Gram) Their blog is also little more "out there" I feel. They sometimes show stuff like concept are and early version of new party rooms they are working on. AJ used to have fun moderators in 2010/2011 known as Guides but they stopped, uh, existing. You can't even search for (most) of AJHQ's usernames, but you can in Club Penguin (I think)

Every two weeks a new pin is hidden someone in Club Penguin. Pins are little picture things that you can put on your player card for decoration. They don't really have much use though. I'm putting them on this list because they give you a reason to check back on the game every once in a while. Most pins will never come back ever making them fun to collect. I think AJ needs something like that

Less Hackers / Better Security
There's a password guess limit in Club Penguin. If you try to guess a password too many times it will stop you from guessing anymore. That being said, there are a lot less people trying to hack accounts (to be fair there's less of a reason to hack players because there's no way to send/sell items)

Useful Pets
There's actually a reason to walk your pets around in Club Penguin. They can sometimes dig up coins or even items for you. In AJ, all they do is sit there and look cute

Bigger Buddy List
You can have up to 500 friends in Club Penguin. Animal Jam is about half as old as Club Penguin yet in AJ we can still only have 100 buddies

No "Premium" Currency
There's only one currency in Club Penguin, coins. That means every new thing that comes out can be bought for coins. AJ used to be the same way with gems but now all the new animals and dens always cost diamonds. If you want a new animal, you have to wait 10 weeks to get enough diamonds or you have to pay real money for them when you're already paying for membership

Meet-able Mascots
Club Penguin has special penguins that come out during certain events that you can meet and get special items from (backgrounds)
Their blog usually lists times and servers you can meet them on
AJ sort of had that feature (Graham used to be meet-able) but there was never any way to know he was arriving and he didn't give any special items

The Club Penguin staff write like actual humans and don't put random words in caps. They also don't spam emotes and punctuation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wear Member Items After Losing Membership
I don't know if this is intended or not, but when your membership runs out in Club Penguin and you had member clothing on, you get to keep wearing it until you take it off (at least that always happened to me)
In AJ they just completely strip all your animals. When memberships given to beta testers after beta ran out, most players got to continue to wear their member items. They stopped doing that though

Free Items
There are some free items any player can just walk over to and pick up in Club Penguin. When CP has parties there are even more free items. In AJ you have to spent gems to get any nonmember items (unless you count adventures but even then you can't just get free items for literally no effort)

Original games
At least from the games I can think of, most of Club Penguin's minigames are actually original and not just ripoffs of popular games. Unfortunately the same can't be said for AJ lol swoopy eagle

More Decorating Options
There are more ways to decorate your house in Club Penguin. You can rotate furniture with the arrow keys and some items even have special variants you can "unlock" with the arrow keys. There are also more clothing categories so you can wear more than 5 clothing items. Not to mention you can change your playercard background and add pins to it

Visible Chat Log
All players have access to the chat log in CP
It used to be like that in AJ too but now only members can for some reason. Of all the features they could have made members only, why the chat log?

No Spiked Collars
This one's a joke but it's true... I think

Maybe I'll make a part 2 for this but I think I covered most of the things I wanted to talk about here


  1. I wish they were combined. Best. Game. Ever.

    1. If they were combined with Neopets and Minecraft............ MOST EPIC GAME EVER.

    2. Neopets is great, but I wish Neopets had less pages to go through and you had to grind for your battleground levels less.

    3. I like animal jam better than club penguin

    4. oh no. THEY FIGURED OUT OUR SECRET. its coming though... you will just have to wait... we are currently working on it.

  2. I have to say something , not meant to be offensive

    Can you change the colour of your blog background to bright colours coz it makes me feel weird I guess but if u like it I too Like it �� nice post btw

    1. The ocean background or the transparent black/gray?

    2. Omg: Combined: AJ, CP, Minecraft, Chicken Smoothie. 😱😱😱😱

  3. I haven't been on club penguin in so long same with webkinz I will visit. Even though aj had stupid AJHQ who I run the game it's still pretty fun hen your with buddies

    1. I used to play webkinz a lot before I joined club penguin
      Webkinz used to be so popular, not I feel like no one knows what webkinz even is

    2. I used to play webkinz all the time. But then I forgot my password and I think all my animals died. :(

    3. Animals don't die on Webkinz, they just get insanely sick as if your inactiveness causes the flu X3

    4. Wait, animals DIE on Webkinz?! It is a KIDS GAME for pete's sake! " Here's your adorable animal with a bunch of cool free items for its house!" ( 5 weeks later) " Your animals are all dead! SURPRISE!" Oh dear... yeah, I forgot my USERNAME too! And password!

    5. Wait...oh. Ehehe, now that I am reading Dew Drop's comment...NEEVER MIIND!

    6. When I was little I absolutely loved Webkinz! I always got new ones for holidays so the 1-year account expiration thing they added wasn't a problem for me. Webkinz was amazing because once you had an animal, you could basically do anything you wanted. Then they added the stupid membership thing and suddenly all of my favorite items were members only and I could no longer use them. For a while it was ok but then they started making the games members only so I couldn't even get the coins to buy anything. They added so many members only features or things you had to buy with real money when you had already bought the stuffed animal that it just wasn't fun anymore. In Animal Jam new things for members and nonmembers are always being added.

    7. Webkinz is laggy now for me but if they had animal jam graphis with no lag and combine that with CP and Webkinz MOST AWESOME GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Webkinz totally tops AJ and CP but a light year. ;P

    1. You can type almost nothing except for something like: Your outfit is fab! on Webkinz. >.<

    2. It still tops it! AJ sucks.

  5. Cp doesn't have spiked collars but the do have a spiked wristband lol(i said wristband with one d because there is only one...

  6. You may or may not know this one, but you should watch magi it's a animal kinda like madoka magica......

  7. Though clothing for no members on CP is very limited only like 5 things

    1. AJ certainly has more nonmember items, especially furniture

    2. Actually I have lots of nonmember items on CP. You just have to use item codes and be on CP for a long time....

  8. I noticed on a National Geographic Weird But True book that words in the fact facts are randomly capitalized. I don't think this is a coincidence o-o.

    1. AJHQ's random CAPS and EXCLAMITON spam are taking OVER books!!!!!!!!!!!! AND me TOO!!!!!!! LOL jk not me i can type normal still.... or CAN i, DUN DUN DUN

    2. I like how the year i died from aj there was another dew drop lol

  9. Cool comparison! I personally think AJ is better than CP, because Non-members get more freedom in AJ. Non-members on AJ get, like, 7 items to buy, while non-members on AJ get to buy more than 20!

  10. wow I used to love club penguin so much. it was my main go-to game before AJ, I joined way back in like 2007 before disney bought it and started ruining it. (I hope AJ doesn't follow that path, but tbh it sort of/really is). There's a lot about CP that I really like, and their old music was the best. I'd play this one spoopy halloween track on repeat. i went on just because about a month ago and it's now completely changed from what it used to be, and basically everything about it that I loved is gone. still a better alternate than the one another one of my favorite games, toontown, had. o well, at least it's still pure in my memories.

    1. I joined in 2008 I think and it also used to be my go-to game before AJ and after webkinz
      Is this the spoopy halloween music? I listen to it a lot still (most recently last night)

    2. octoopus737/lukeila/spoopyJune 3, 2015 at 8:25 PM


      I remember back in 2011 or something I would play this while earning gems from that one level of fruit slinger. good times

  11. I'm really happy that you used my idea, Mel :3 4 months later I am scrolling through old posts and I find this. It just makes me warm up that one of THE most famous AJ bloggers used MY idea! (Sorry if this is bragging to you, I am just so proud, nobody famous has ever noticed me except QTAngel)

  12. Aj is gon' win. You can barely do anything as a nm in coub penguin XD thats why i quit q(^3^)p
    - ||-


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