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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Battle For The Beacon Glitches

I found two glitches with the new adventure, Battle For The Beacon. The first one might work with other adventures but I haven't tested it. The first glitch is something you probably wouldn't want to replicate because it traps you in the adventure but you're welcome to anyway

Step 1
Go to a storage or alt account's den. Make sure they are not your buddy!
(It doesn't have to be a storage account - it can be any account that's not your buddy. It's easier if you use a storage or alt though)

Step 2
Join Battle For The Beacon

Step 3
Have the storage/other person lock their den

Now you should be stuck in the adventure! If you try to leave it will tell you their den is locked

A map doesn't show up so there's no option to switch rooms. The only way out is to refresh or log off. It's rare for this to happen "naturally" but it can be annoying when it does happen. I would know ¬_¬

Hopefully this gets fixed soon. It's not that big of a deal though. Refreshing isn't that hard

The second glitch doesn't force you to log out and isn't annoying. It's more of a "fun" little thing you can do. Normally you can't walk in toxic water but you can with this glitch

It's pretty simple to do. Just stand in water and wait for the next wave of zombies phantoms. If the phantoms are on the same side as you, the water will turn purple. Since you're already in the water it lets you walk through purple toxic water

You can do just about everything in purple water that you can in normal water

Well, here's your daily AJ background

I don't really know what else to say so I'll leave you with this gif I made at the Spooky Party


  1. Can others join you if your trapped in the Adventure room? I know people can't usually but maybe the glitch allows you to? That would be cool.

  2. My friends just got hacked. They are sweetbery18, lisa1104, and abbypb.btw they got suspended. With restricrted chat!

    1. Ya....... my friend might be quitting, do you mind sending them a message once they are unbanned. It would mean a lot to them.

    2. And the sad thing is abbypb is only 5.

    3. What kind of message? Also make sure they all change their passwords

    4. Jam a Gram, and well they cannot change the password. Why you may ask, parent's parent dashboard. I can change mine though because i used a sekrit method to learn my moms email password. But whatever. Putting it out, they can't change their password.

    5. Can't their parents change their password? They can easily get hacked again if not : (

  3. have you ever watched fruits basket? it's such a good anime


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