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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Comparing Old to New

In this post I'm taking old screenshots of things that i took in 2011/2012 and comparing those things to how they look now. It was slightly fun to write so maybe I'll do more of these types of posts

I'll start of with the daily spin

This was the original look

This is how it looks now

Now it's time to overanalyze this for no reason! The daily spin used to be called Daily Gem Bonus. They probably changed it because everyone called it the daily spin instead. Let's hope they don't use that same logic for spiked collars : )
AJ used to be a lot more greedy with the spin. There are six 25 wedges on the wheel. Now there's only four of them which is a good thing. Two of the 25 wedges were replaced with diamonds. The 500 used to be plain mintyfresh green but now it had stars on it. I thought those were leaves until 3 seconds ago when I actually looked at them closely
There used to be a 250 wedge but they replaced with that inventory-clogging gift wedge. The font used to be slightly more thin. The last change I noticed is there there used to be a grayish blue outline to the wheel which is now gone. I think it looked better with that outline

That area where where the unneeded den shop in Coral Canyons used to be a different shop called Coral Corners. This is how it looked

Now it looks like this

They didn't move that cactus in the background they actually shifted the whole room over a little to make more space to add the unnecessary den shop there... which was a bit of an overkill lol
Seriously though, did they they add the den shop there? It was perfectly fine being a shop you can only access in your den

I have another picture of Coral Corners which was taken after the first one. It shows what it looked like when it was highlighted. They had also added a sale sign in front of it. They might've added that to show the shop was closing but I think it was put there because no one knew it was a shop

When the Sol Arcade was introduced, the bottom left corner looked like this

It only had two machines there (one being Pill Bugs which had two machines in the arcade for some reason) and the other was River Race isn't in the arcade at all anymore. It also had a green crater thing and a blocked off doorway indicating there was soon to be a new room in the arcade

It now looks like this

They shoved a bunch more games in the corner which I can understand - there are a lot more games now than there were back then. What I don't like is how they blocked off that blocked off room even more. It's like they forgot to add something there so they tried to cover it up and make us forget about it. They removed the crater


  1. You can still see the lighting of the crater tho

  2. Something is odd about your shark. It has Snow Leopard colors and some cool red thing on its head.

    1. Second time I got asked about the thing on my shark's head
      It's just a red Skeleton Mask
      As for the snow leopard colors it's part of the pallet swap glitch that my friend Sept showed me

    2. Is it anything like the spring bunny glitch?

    3. Also do you still have your hood? Someone accepted my offer but had to go, and said they'd be on 3 days ago, and they still haven't shown up.

    4. If I do still have it it's probably locked away in some storage
      I really don't know

    5. 2 glitched rings (the one no one can tell is glitched but is) beta tiara (green and blue, not the milky or pearly) and a Reward Plaque for it? (If not I can add some mediocre stuff, I.E founders hat, rare black spice dollar, and white (as some people say, "baetuh") tail armor)

    6. I don't really want to trade it (and I don't know if I still have it lol)

    7. Only a small handful of people will get the "Spice Dollar" thing.

    8. Cute hood buddies ^-^
      And what are you talking about Founder's? Founder's are not mediocre, they are beautiful. The glistening yellow leather shining in the Crystal Sands sun....

    9. They're not really that rare...

  3. Ah yes, the crater in the Sol Arcade, I remember that! R.I.P., cool glowing space crater... :(
    Anyway, I never noticed ANY of that with the Daily Spin! Although, I didn't really EVER check the OLD Daily Spin...
    Oh yeah, and lastly, I agree about the den shop being pointless. Ever notice that Jam Mart Furniture and Jam Mart Clothing do the EXACT SAME THINGS!? WHY can't they just be accessible in dens and Change Your Looks? That would mean more room in Jamaa Township for BETTER stores or rooms! I LIKE Coral Corners! Looks more... wild...ish. You know. But, I must admit, it also looks a bit...sad. ..........

  4. mEL, I did the sprang bunni glitch, YAY, that sekrit method one? I won't tell anyone i promise :))))) i am excited I love those COLORRRS -spiritcloud721

    1. I'm pretty sure someone made a video about it already so it will be fixed soon : (

  5. Everything was better before. Even the Coral Canyons shop looked more Coral Canyonsy, if that makes sense.

  6. I am in love with your Random Post button 030


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