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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Coral Canyons glitch

Two anonymous commenters told me about another weird graphical glitch that the new update brought. It involves the "breakable" bridge in Coral Canyons
I don't actively jump on bridges that aren't programmed to break so I never would've found this myself
If enough people jump on the bridge, the cracks that usually appear on the bridge will appear in this sky

The rock chunks from the bridge will just fall out of the sky because logic

If you look closely, the branches from the tree in the background overlap the rocks
I took the picture below to show the overlapping branches a little better as well as give you a better idea as to where the rocks fall from

Something else I noticed myself is that the bird flying back and fourth in the background has some graphical errors too
Now it flies past the rock that the eagle shop sits on and just disappears out of thin air

When it flies past the rock it makes it look like it's not in the background at all and is just a tiny bird

I wonder what's up with all these graphical things. I still think Sarepia is getting redone, and if that's actually true, maybe Coral Canyons is too? Probably not but I'll take 5000 pictures of Sarepia and Coral Canyons the way they are now just in case lol

To keep the tradition that I started yesterday alive, here's another AJ background

I bet that picture's already posted on like 32 thousands sites (and probably been reposted on here a few times) but it's still pretty cool to see how the town used to look. I believe this was made a little after beta


  1. Hi Meloetta! :D Okie so i was just doing the spring bunny glitch again and all of a sudden this REALLY strange glitch happened after i had switched to a land den on my friend's screen o.o.. Haha its pretty strange! I thought you might be interested in using this for your blog so feel free to use it if you would like! ;) Oh btw my friend took the picture of it and she posted it on her instagram so here is the link to it c; https://instagram.com/lightningrod.mlp/
    I Love your blog btw! ;D Keep up the amazing work ;)!

  2. You know how everyone wants a new land? Maybe aj is redoing lands so it be like a new land. I don't want them to redo the lands especially sarepia because I like them the way they are right now. Why can't they just make a new land? Ooh maybe there trying to make the lands more like on play wild?

  3. I would like to report another glitch that may still work. If you go to the Best Guess Game/Party from underwater, you spawn as a raspberry tiger with raspberry eyes... So many glitches! But that glitch may not work anymore.

  4. I wanna report yet another awesome glitch I found out! You can still make that glitch raspberry color a fur color that was available in the beta in Best Dressed!!!
    Since the Best Dressed color pallet is missing the latest color pallet update colors, make your animal have one of the colors on the bottom row of the color selection screen OUTSIDE of the game Best Dressed. Notice how the bottom row color that you selected outside of the game is a color that is a blank color below the pallet. Now, enter best dressed and keep pressing the very edge of each color on the bottom row until you get to the light purple/lavenderish color at the right bottom edge. Press the very edge of it like you do to get the secret light blue color out of the Best Dressed game and TADA! You have that secret glitch raspberry color!!! Notice how it is different from the other raspberry color that is on the Best Dressed color selection pallet thingy!!! I know this sounds complicated the way I worded it but when you try it, you will see it's not!!! Thank you for reading, if you did lol bye

  5. http://ajriseofpeace.blogspot.com/
    i found a glitch
    it moved cotton candy colors to tophat woo

    1. used the "inventory" glitch
      which lets you wear more than one item
      pretty rare to get the color switch tho

  6. You know what I love about that background
    No diamond shop :)

  7. How do you do the inventory glitch?


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