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Friday, June 12, 2015

Gem Pets

Since the post I made about Sarepia yesterday, AJHQ fixed the all graphical errors. At least they thought they did...
This one still remains

I wonder why they fixed the other two things but not the bridge. It probably doesn't matter at all though so I'm going to stop talking about it now

Speaking of things that aren't fixed yet, there's a new glitch when you try to buy a new pet from your inventory. All the pets previously available at the Diamond Shop but are no longer there are now in the pet selection screen

You can now buy pet Rhinos, Raccoons, Arctic Wolves, Tigers, Tarantulas, as well as Bunnies and Polar Bears which (as far as I know) were never in the Diamond Shop but were both limited edition. What's even cooler is all of them can be bought for 400 gems rather than 3 diamonds! I recommend buying the ones you want now before they fix this
Who know it could've been intentional but I really doubt it since they made such a big deal about Polar Bear pets being so special that you can only get them from gift cards. Plus AJHQ wouldn't purposely make things that previously cost diamonds now cost gems

I leave you with this picture that AJHQ used as a background or something a long time ago
(click to enlarge)

What I find cool about it is the seal cave is open in the picture. That seal cave's been blocked off ingame since the release of Mt. Shiveer but it's clearly open in the picture. It's not the first time they did this either. The original Crystal Sands background had 2 open caves that weren't there ingame


  1. first11!!!!!
    amg i suh speshul

    Anyway, I wish they brought the old Crystal Sands back---Or something alike it, since it looks so cool.

    1. I hope it at least come back as a party like they did with beta dens

    2. or make the den from beta days come back
      i'm fine if they put that in the diamond shop
      it looks awesome
      just not a party

    3. I like Crystal Sands the way it is, but a rocky Crystal Sand party would be nice.

    4. I'd pay 100 diamonds for that den
      (it's not like that's even a lot lol)

    5. What would u pay for The Baetuh den

    6. 100 diamonds

      I thought I made that clear lol

    7. better do the diamond glitch so i don't have to wait weeks for the deeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  2. I'm gonna get a polar bear and arctic wolf! I like collecting all animals, dens and pets but wait! AJHQ NEEDS TO ADDLIKE 10 inventory spaces to each:( And I'm full for pets I have to keep deleting my pets:(

    1. Everyone gets 600 items slots for ocean items (200 clothing and 400 den items) and 99% of the game only uses like 10 of those slots. They should take away some of those slots and add them to other inventories

  3. Actually, it was intentional. If you go to create a new animal, you'll see that all the Diamond Shop animals are available to buy, with diamonds instead of gems. I sense this feature is for those who can't wait for certain seasons and holidays to adopt new pets.

  4. i think ajhq hired robots that cant use caps to do their work

  5. Ok the arctic wolves are so cute THE ACCSERIES ARE SO CUTE
    | |


  6. I honestly think that the seal cave in Mt. Shiveer is the seals only village (from Dawn of the Alphas-Episode 2) and the cave shaped like a tiger's head is the separated village for the tigers. This is just a theory. :3

    1. AJ originally had plans for "animal bases"
      I don't know exactly what that means but in the first year of AJ, most lands had a specific animal associated with it. Crystal Sands had a stone sculpture in the shape of Sir Gilbert's head so it was probably the tiger "base"
      I believe Zios was supposed to be the monkey base as there used to be a monkey statue where the zios pit is and there's a monkey picture on one of the windows
      Mt. Shiveer was meant to be the seal base as it came out when seals came out and has that seal cave

  7. They did not fix the glitch in coral canyons, though. If you jump on the bridge and the rocks fall, they fall out of the sky to the upper left corner of the bridge. If you look closely, there are branch outlines, too! I think that their layers are off..
    That pet glitch is cool, too! I already bought a polar bear, tiger, and tarantula! :)


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