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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Glitch with the new item

I don't normally put new items in posts unless they're from a new update but this is a special case. Two items are at a party so you might miss them and one is glitched... sort of

The first two are at the Freedom Party

Freedom Hula Skirt
Firework Stand

But here's the glitched one. It's not glitched in the same way Yeti Faces and Furry Hats are, but it's a gem item for sale at the carnival

It's 600 gems while everything else is for tickets

I bought something that cost tickets (Pineapple Hat) and it charged me 4000 gems

Anyway, here's a gif of the Parasol which I'm already in love with


  1. Meloetta can you buy me one and trade it to me please? I want the purple one and black one

  2. The colours seem so nice on the umbrella

  3. Im in live with that parasol lol its just to cute

  4. The Parasol Wont Appear On My Wolf In Game, On The Player Card It Shows Up, But It Doesn't When Your Walking, Or Playing The Game.

  5. i leik the pink and white parasol

  6. I was like why is the parasol not tickets?


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