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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Jammer Wall?

Note: I made two posts today - Scroll down or click here for the other one

Someone anonymous told me about something strange on one of the pages in the membership ad. AJ will probably delete this soon, but as of right now, you can find this by using a non member account. Try to buy a member items to get the membership ad thing. Keep clicking the arrows to change the page and you'll eventually find this

It's about a new feature called Jammer Wall that's apparently "currently being tested by members only"
First of all, this feature isn't out yet. That makes me feel like this ad wasn't supposed to be released yet. Plus the ad doesn't describe what Jammer Wall even is which makes me feel the ad wasn't finished and that is just placeholder text. When Jam a Gram typing came out, they also said it was "currently being tested by members only" and 3 years later it's still a members only feature. Based on that, Jammer Wall might not ever be available for nonmembers : (

What exactly is Jammer Wall though? I enhanced one of the windows in the picture making it slightly readable (By the way, all of them said the exact same thing)
(click to enlarge)

In case you can't read it, this is what it says


ElectroSquid 15 min ago
I'm going to open a restaurant in my den! Anybody want to be a waiter later tonight at 6 pm? I'm going to open a restaurant in my den! Anybody want to be a waiter later tonight at 6 pm?

Do you need a cook? I could do that.

Precious Happyflower 15 min ago
Can I be the hostess?

ElectroSquid 15 min ago
I want to be the waiter!

Type your message here..."

It looks like this Jammer Wall thing will be the AJ version of social networking sites like TwitFace or whatever kids these days are using

You post something on your wall and people can comment on it!

Here are some things I noticed from the picture that give us an idea of how it works

These icons are at the bottom of the "Type your message here" box

I'm assuming the 2nd one lets you change the colour of your post, the 3rd one lets you use emotes, and the third one lets you use preset messages. The first one is the one I'm not so sure about. That picture is used for patterns in the inventory screen so it probably has something to do with the style of your post. All the ones in the picture have no pattern and are plain, but maybe you can make it fancy by giving it a different border or something?

On the top of the Jammer Wall window, there's a picture of a lock

This might mean we can lock our wall so no one can comment on it

On the top right corner of the window there's a button with squares on it. I think this will be used to change the background of your wall!

If you look at the original ad again, you can see all the windows have different backgrounds. All of these are either den wallpapers, flooring, or default flooring/wallpapers. That could mean you have to have those wallpapers or floorings to use them as your background but probably not

The Jammer Wall in the picture belongs to someone named "ElectroSquid"
I figured it was an AJHQ account that's hidden from normal players, but it lets me make a new account with that name. Two of the commenters are also named ElectroSquid. They probably just did that to make it look like more people are commenting to show it off or something. The other person's name is Precious Happyflower which makes me believe you can choose to have it display your username or animal name. It could also mean that it only shows you and your buddies' usernames but people not on your show up as their animal's name

The title is The-Pink-Princess
Based on this I think you can give your wall a custom name. The dashes make me think you have to choose from preset words for your title, just like you do for animal names

Mldriver reminded me of the mysterious stickynotes that I bring up a lot on here. In the off chance you never heard of them, a long time ago on AJHQ's blog they posted a picture that showed an extra icon at the top next to the gem icon

I should really stop calling them stickynotes because they aren't stickynotes but too bad
Could the stickynotes be related to Jammer Wall? If so it means Jammer Wall's been in development for a while now

This feature may or may not come out for members in the next update. There's no way to know other than by waiting it out


  1. I was gonna say something buy now I forgot.... Do you think the hammer wall will be featured soon? Also maybe that's why they moved gems so they would have room for the jammer wall?

    1. "Do you think the Hammer wall will be featured soon?"

      "Think the Hammer wall will be"

      "The hammer wall will"


    2. It auto correct to hammer it was suppose to be jammer wall

  2. I went on to my Non-member account that may or may not be my sister's.
    The strange feature was still there, and I had to ruin it by shouting it everywhere

    No one believed me tbh

    1. I would be like, omg rlly

  3. It also says you can get. Up to 300 den items if you are a member but in reality it is 400

  4. I can't find it anymore :(
    Well AJ is updating but I found a way to get in, and now I cannot find it anymore :(

  5. Mel, how long does it take to make sure that a comment is appropriate and post it? Mine seems to take like 3 hours!
    Anyway, when will the Unused/Unreleased Features page be up again? I really want to look at it, but it says that the page is being worked on..

    1. Comments get approved after I read them
      It all depends on how busy I am

  6. BTW I was the one who discovered this like a day or two ago on fluffyponyy.WordPress.com
    not to brag

  7. BTW I was the one who discovered this like a day or two ago on fluffyponyy.WordPress.com
    not to brag

  8. it's not there anymore

  9. please oh please make a chat room for the blog!

    1. I had one but I got rid of it because no one used it

    2. you should try it out for a week, and see how many people use it

  10. New lands revealed via Play Wild

  11. If they bring back the stickynotes, that would be cooooool


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