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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Minecraft Items in AJ

10 months ago I made a post with this exact title. That post however only listed like 3 items and didn't have any pictures other than of Stone Swords. This time I'll add a ridiculous amount of pictures : )

AJ's 4th Birthday Cake (which you can still get with the code ajbday4 by the way) looks suspiciously like Grass Blocks in Minecraft
See for yourself

Grass Block

4th Birthday Cake

If any of the items on this list are blatant ripoff of Minecraft, this one takes the cake

Minecraft has Gold Ingots while AJ has Gold Bricks. This one's probably more of a coincidence but considering most of AJ's minigames are knockoffs, we can't be sure

Gold Ingot

Gold Brick

Gold is slightly rare in Minecraft but is pretty useless. Gold in AJ is the most expensive item and is even more useless. Seriously, why would anyone buy gold bricks?

Minecraft has various weapons you can use to kill monsters. By "various" I mean 6, and only 2 of them are worth using lol. AJ has even more weapons and you can't even use them for anything other than pretending to torture innocent bunnies in clans (which is probably a good thing - it's a game for kids after all) I still think weapons should have some use in adventures. I don't know what use they'd have because phantoms already die from a single exploding durian though. I should really stop talking, this post is supposed to be about Minecraft items, not terrible AJ ideas
Minecraft has Stone Swords, and semi-recently AJ made another item called Stone Sword

Remember when AJ did monthly limited time adventures? The most recent one (with arguably the least creative name) Spring Festival added an item called Square Hedge. as you can probably guess, Minecraft is basically a bunch of cubes. Square Hedges are also cubes. Therefore they automatically have to be associated with Minecraft : )
There are a few Minecraft blocks that the hedges could represent but I went with Oak Leaves (on fast graphics)
Square Hedge

Oak Leaves

The torches from both games look pretty similar but there aren't a whole lot of ways a torch can look so I'll let it slide


Wall Torch

And finally, the stone walls. Minecraft's Cobblestone Wall is a lot darker (and is actually released) while AJ's is lighter and probably got deleted by now. Again, the similarity between these two items might jsut be a coincidence, but who knows? (AJHQ does)

Cobblestone Wall

Stone Wall

There are still a lot more similar items that I didn't talk about in this post. Maybe another time I'll make another one of these posts (but probably not)


  1. I was waiting for a post. I woke up and checked my blogger dashboard and I was like hmm where's Mel's post? And now it's here!! Mwhahahahahahahaha now I can take over! ............ Zzzzzzz

  2. This is a cool post
    Gold bricks are so expensive but really small
    How do you get the AJBDAY cake #4 change forms? Mine still looks like a sad little mud cake lol
    And why does it have grass on it? That wouldn't make it much more, uh, edible.

    1. Click random parts on the paws

    2. This is what I was talking about two days ago

    3. if u click different parts after that it transforms even bigger! (plz look it up because i dont know how to explain it)

  3. What's a wooden floor worth (before forgotten desert)

    1. That's okay. I am so bad at trading people yell at me they're like SO NOT A FAIR TRADE

  4. pls have a parteh soon

  5. Replies
    1. I had a list of other items, bows were on there


  6. Look at this video Mel... http://youtu.be/uosd0_xG9AY

    1. I expected the "leaked llama picture" to be the one I edited lol
      Looks like we're finally getting a flying animal room in the form of a party

  7. I think AJ has fixed the no eye glitch. I can't do it.

  8. Cool! I never noticed this stuff!

  9. i play a game called star stable and the snow fort den looks like the fort pinta castle and the castle den looks like jalaheim and silverglade castle

  10. What's up with aj?
    They used to post like bormal people, then robots trying to learn caps, then normally and now, they use lots of bold letters. 0.0


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