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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

More AJHQ Pictures

Same deal as last time. These pictures are from old deleted AJHQ blogs. Half of them show the old timer thing if that matters to you (it probably doesn't lol)

This is what Jamaa Township looked like during the first Jamaalidays celebration in 2010

You can sort of see the old gong at the top. Ah, memories

Here are some pictures they took of random players' dens. If they took these pictures now they'd edit out the usernames and write "This EPIC DEN belongs to FUZZY THECAT!!!!!!" ignoring the possibility of there being 2710 different people with an animal named Fuzzy Thecat. These pictures also show some old AJHQ usernames. I remember GuideKit being the only AJ Guide that you could search for. AJ made them hidden after I talked about it on some old post
These pictures also give you a look at how people used to decorate their dens when there were only like 100 different den items in the game

I remember my old den... it was a treehouse with a princess throne, lots of plushies, and lots purple pillows >Here's a screenshot of my old den from my first party<

I posted this picture before but it's from the same blog as the other pictures in this post, so here

It's one of the pictures that shows the unreleased dark red Jamaaliday Bow. I still wonder why it was never part of that new wave of item colors (I bet no one knows what that means lol)

And then there's the poorly edited one. I can't remember if it was me or Fuzzy Shyivy that put the pinkish red oval on the picture to point out the problem
(click it to make it bigger)

Look closely under each animal. It's most noticeable under the seal and koala. They tried to edit out the nametags of the animals and their way of doing that was drawing over the picture in a program that was probably MS Paint. I still find it pretty funny


  1. I'm beginning to really hate the Daily Explorer

  2. Haha I see I see. They did a pretty good job! I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't point it out lol
    Name tags

  3. The old dens had so much creativity, because they had to do more with what little items they had. It's the same with non members too, I think.

  4. My oh my me.ly changed the posting rules :O

    1. I was also going to add "no saying "spike collar" instead of "spiked collar"

  5. Hey Mel, idea! If u like it, no need for credit unless u wanna. A random post icon! For newer readers to read some random post! -Loviegirl13

  6. May, maybe you should make a fanart page. No need to credit me, but it's a good idea.

    ~Pikapika29794/AJF Fan/Lover

  7. Haha! Wow, AJ needs to edit a little better! :P

    Oh and I think you have A TON of fans Mel! Like meh! :P


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