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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Early Appondale

This is another one of those posts where I over-analyze something, I could've made this post really short by saying "this picture is pretty much confirmed to be the early version of Appondale" but I wanted to show all kinds of needless proof... so yeah

You may remember this picture that used to be on my page about unused features

It's from animaljam.com and was used in 2010. There were banners of AJ lands at the top of the page that changed depending on what page you were on. All the other showed lands that are actually in the game, like the Temple of Zios, but one page had that picture as its banner. I assumed this was an early version of Appondale when I first found it but I was never completely sure

I noticed little details while looking at that Jamaa Township background I posted a few days ago that almost confirm this possible unused land was in fact an early version of Appondale and not just random artwork they made for some random page on the site

Here's a picture I just took of the township the way it is now. It's pretty much the same as it is in the background I posted
(this is the sign that points to Appondale)
The signpost has a picture of a tree with yellow and blue flags. If you go to Appondale right now and look at the big tree, there are no flags on it at all. However there are flags on the big tree on the original banner at the top of this post

Comparison of the tree on the sign and the tree on the current map

Don't the two trees look pretty similar though?

For even more evidence that the tree with flags is an early version of the current Appondale tree, look back to the original banner again. Notice how the big tree on the banner has chimes
It's a little hard to tell because of the quality of the old banner but he current tree in Appondale has those same chimes

Chimes at Appondale

Chimes on the banner

I have one more thing to point out. This is a picture from a different Jamaa Township background

Instead of a sign board, there are strange redish orange crystal-like roses and some other kind of plant. The same plants can be seen in Jamaa Township right by the Appondale sign right now
The roses seem to also be wrapped around the sign holding it together

If you look at the original banner again, you might notice these same plants are there! None of them appear in the current Appondale though

As I said before, I wasn't originally sure if that picture was really the old Appondale or if it was something else. But now, I'm almost 100% sure that it was in fact and early version of that land that starts with A that I don't feel like typing again (if you count the title I already wrote it 12 times in this post)

Maybe in the next post I'll show a picture of a land that really is unreleased that I don't think anyone else has found yet (but I'm probably way wrong lol)


  1. 2011 me on the blogger description of myself: Appondale's my favourite room! Visit me there on the Aldan server!1

    and why does Cosmo look so scary

    1. completely unrelated to your comment but KiwiPoison is cool

    2. What's Kiwi Poison?

  2. What's with the koala with the tongue out
    Is she/he/it/that thing on something

    1. she/he/it/that thing wants to be miley cyrus

    2. That is the most logical thing anyone has said all day

  3. I wanna see the unreleased land! Post it tomorrow please does puppy eyes...
    Has jackyboy returned yet?

    1. jackyboy9917835219 iss bac

  4. The tree on the sign looks like it has a metal bar across it. Like it's closed or locked. Am I the only one who like JT the way it was in the signless picture?

  5. I think in your next post you're doing that weird rocky thing at the top left of the map near mt shiveer...

    1. I already did that years ago

    2. oh kewl i've not seen it! where is it on ur blog?

    3. http://animaljamflash.blogspot.com/2011/07/new-land.html
      All I really did was post a picture of the empty space on the map though

      Now that I look at that spot on the map again it does sort of look like the picture of the unreleased land I found

  6. woh fis poset suks it jus uh etit woh meoetta suks

  7. bye da wa tomrow doo uh jackboy qtip and ansers

  8. u no aready bu im bac

    i kep fogot mah sig

  9. Yup, that's Appondale.
    over-analyzing is fun

  10. AJ is biased maybe

  11. Wow! the koala looks kinda scary!

  12. I need to see that unreleased land pic:)


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