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Friday, June 19, 2015

The Old Membership Chart

Sometime in 2010, AJ's membership page had a chart that showed what members get that nonmembers don't

Some things on this chart never happened but were planned to. I'll go over everything on the chart just in case you don't know what some of them mean. If the feature as *s it means I just guessed on their meaning

Two AnimalsEvery player gets to have 2 animals
Nat Geo ContentAccess to things like animal and plant facts
Basic DenThe basic den that all players start out with
Play MinigamesMinigames such as Double Up and Long Shot
Earn GemsEvery player can earn money (gems) that can be spent on furniture and clothing
Earn BadgesAchievements that all players can earn
Eight AnimalsBack then even members could only have a max of 8 animals
Deluxe DensMember dens like Castle and Treehouse
Den SwitchingSwitch between all of your different dens
Member BadgingGet a gold name tag and paw
Exclusive ClothingMembers only clothing like Top Hats and Viking Hats
Exclusive FurnitureMembers only furniture like Fish Bowl and Robot
*VIP Party Zones*Rooms like the Phantom Vortex were possibly meant to be for members only
*Nat Geo Exclusives*Possibly has something to do with the Nat Geo Kids magazine subscription
*Animal Bases*See this post
*Priority Access*Members used to be able to join full servers but nonmembers couldn’t - that might be what Priority Access was
*Gem Bonuses*When you buy membership you are given “free” gems the next time you log in - it’s possible members were meant to get free weekly gems or something
New Animal PreviewsMembers get to use new animals before nonmembers do
*Level Sneak Peeks*Rooms and lands used to be referred to as Levels by the loading screen - maybe new lands were meant to be members only for a few weeks after release
*Members Only Games*All minigames have always been playable by every player - based on this there were plans for games only members can play

~Den switching is no longer a members only feature

~If Priority Access means what I think it means, it's not longer a members only feature either (which kind of defeats the purpose of calling them "full")

~Members can now have nametags and badges other than the original gold with a paw badge

~When seals first came out they were members only and became available for everyone a few weeks later. I think they said this would happen for every animal but that never happened

~When this chart was made there was no Parties feature which is why I think VIP Party Zones is referring to places like the Phantom Vortex. There are members only parties now (Cloud and Horse parties) though


  1. Actually not all games ALWAYS used to be members only, River Race used to be members only due to the fact, that dolphins are member only animals. On this website, you will see proof just scroll down a bit: http://animaljamsoulandspirit.blogspot.com/2012/11/winter-update.html

    1. River Race? Do you mean Splash And Dash?

  2. Am I the only one that noticed ''That they can be SPANT on furniture and clothing''. Sorry I just had to tell you!-spiritcloud721

  3. has http://www.animaljam.com/welcome always existed?!

  4. Wait a minute...! "Gem Bonuses?" Weekly diamonds for members! You know I'm talking 'bout?

  5. Hey, Mel! I think I know what that Nat Geo. Kids could have been!
    I remember at the back of every magazine there was a small puzzle and a code for Animal Jam.
    Wait a sec. Maybe, If al I last said was right, all code redemption was members only, as that never was on the chart for either nonmember and members .
    Well, that's my theory.
    ~petguy94 / TabbedOut

  6. The levels is most likely upcoming adventures


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