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Friday, July 31, 2015

The AJ Outfitters Scam

This might be something that every other AJ blog out there posted already but I feel like posting this anyway. So, AJ Outfitters sells gift certificates for gems and diamonds that cost real-world money
Normally I would complain that you could be buying membership with that money instead of currency that you'll use in 5 seconds but that's not what this post is about (also compared to the prices of gems and diamonds, the sale on the Play Wild Pack seems like a pretty good deal - still, you could be buying membership with that money or maybe even an amiibo lol)

This post is supposed to be about the gem certificates and why there is no reason to buy gem certificates when the diamond ones exist
I've never bought anything from AJ Outfitters so I don't check it that often, so this has gone unnoticed by me until now - the gem certificates are scams (in more ways than one)

So let's say you have 10 USD (I have to use USD for this because as far as I know there's no currency changer thing on here) to waste and you want to buy gems in AJ. You buy the 10k gem certificate with 10 USD and are slightly satisfied that you don't have to play 5 minutes of Best Dressed. Well guess what? You know what else you can get for 10 USD? Probably a lot of things, but the thing I'm talking about is a gift certificate for 10 diamonds! I know you wanted gems and not diamonds, but the Diamond Shop has a diamond to gem converter!

These are the prices:
1 diamond -1000 gems
4 diamonds - 5000 gems
7 diamonds - 10000 gems
10 diamonds - 15000 gems

To me, that in itself is a scam. You're only guaranteed one diamond a week (and that's only if your a member) so why should you only get 1000 gems for one diamond? Gems are available every day of the week while diamonds are only available on Tuesdays (not counting the daily spin)
under 250 gems or so, maybe 1 diamond for 1000 gems would be worth it. But nowadays when items like Jamaaliday Branch Antlers or basically any Rare Monday/Epic Wonders item exist, spending your "valuable" diamonds on gems seems like more of a waste. On the bright side, the more diamonds you spend on gems the more gems you get. For example, if you buy the huge chest of gems for 10 diamonds you're getting 15k gems but if you spend the same amount of diamonds on the small bags of gems you're only getting 10 gems for the same price

So, like I said, you can get 10 diamonds for the same price as 10000 gems. Since the gem chest in the Diamond Shop gives 15000 gems for 10 diamonds, why buy the gem certificate when you can buy the diamond one can get 5000 extra gems for the same price?
You can also get more gems from buying diamonds than you can with the other certificates. If you have 20 USD to waste spend you can buy 25000 gems or 25 diamonds. With 25 diamonds you can get 36000 gems, which is 11000 gems extra. That's about 30% more for the same price!
The 100000 gem certificate is 60 USD and for that price you could buy 3 of the 25 diamond certificates for a total of 75 diamonds. With 75 diamonds you can get about 111000 gems which is also 11000 extra gems. And that's only if you spend all the diamonds you get on gems. If you buy gem certificates you can get the same amount of gems as the gem certificates and still have a couple of diamonds left over! So what's the point of buying gem certificates? And if AJ changes the gem amounts, what would be the point of this post?

I don't know how to end this post so I'll use a classic "k bye"

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Joke Post - How to make fake AJ leaks

As you can see from the title, this post is meant to be a joke. I guess f you really wanted to you could follow the steps and make a "real" fake leak but that's not the intentions of this post. The real intention of this post was so I can make a nacho cheese joke. You think I'm making that up, but I'm not ◕‿<

By "fake leak" I mean a picture of an unreleased item that isn't a real item, just a poorly made edit that looks sort of real. People make this kind of stuff and post it on sites like instantgrammy and tweeter or whatever you kids are using these days to get famous. It happens with a lot of games, not just AJjam

Step 1
Take a picture of your animal in the inventory screen or a picture of someone's playercard

If you're making a fake item make sure not to share the username of person you're editing for a few reasons -That person will get a ton of "OMG CAN I SEE UR UNREALIZED ITEM!?!?!?!" jam a grams, and since they don't actually have the item no one will believe your picture is real. Just hide the username and if anyone asks just say "I don't remember" But that trick doesn't work if you use your own inventory. If you're using your own inventory just say "the item only shows up on my animal in the inventory screen because it's unfinished" You might also want to say it shows up as a different item when you put it on your trade list. That way when they ask you to put it on trade, just put a 45 gem necklace on or something
That'll make everyone believe you for sure!

Step 2
Open the picture in a program like MS Paint

Any program will do as long as you can draw over the picture

Step 3
Draw your cheesy item on the picture
I chose a bowl of nachos for this terrible tutorial just so I could make the "cheesy" joke

It doesn't have to look like a real AJ item and can be drawn poorly just like the above picture. I drew that in like 15 seconds
You might want to add a little bit of shading to make it look more real

Step 4
Go get the worst camera you can find and take a picture of the computer screen. The main rule for fake leaks is "the blurrier, the better!"

If you can't find a terrible camera try using a DSi lol
Does that look like a bowl of nachos? Nope! That's the idea!
The blur is so no one can see what a terrible job you did with editing/drawing a bowl of nachos. Blur makes everything look totally legit! Just about all those "leaked" photos on instagram like the goat picture and the one of the very simplistic hoodie. If they weren't so blurry no one would've believed them LOL

I hope you found this video post helpful! Don't forget to leave a thumbs up, subscribe to me on FaceTube, stalk me on InstantGrammy, feed the chickens, and overuse jokes! And most importantly, refresh the page 90 times so I get famous because of the view counter!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pictures from viewers (2012)

Since I admittedly ran out of stuff to post about again, I decided to go through my old emails that AJJammers sent me for my blog in 2012 (I really need to set up a site email again...)
This is a collection of images that viewers sent in hoping they'd get added to my old Glitch Pictures page. I mysteriously stopped reading emails (I say "mysteriously" because I don't even know why) so I had a ton of unread ones. That being said this is the first time I'm seeing any of these pictures too lol
Most of the things people used to sned me were pictures of glitches so that's what most of these pictures are of. I didn't see any usernames when I read the emails so I don't know who to credit for these

1. Another image of the "emotes in chat" glitch/removed feature

From looking at this picture I just realised that the size of the emotes from the "emotes in chat" thing are about the same size as the emotes in Jammer Wall. Coincidence? Probably

2. These next five images were sent in by the same person. The first one shows a glitch with the server select screen

3. On their screen, parts of someone's underground den showed up in Coral Canyons
The least interesting image is just a mailbox by the bridge

4. But then it gets pretty cool, at least in my opinion
The wallpaper and flooring appeared by Epic Wonders

5. The flooring showed up in the water with the x2 gems banner

6. And my favourite, the flooring collides with the Art Studio!

I wish glitches like this were still possible. Maybe they are but I haven't heard about this this happening for years : (

7. I think this was part of the (original) Insanity Glitch
Their seal turned pure white and there's a wolf in the ocean

8. This one's not a glitch, it's just something someone made that creepy frogfish say that I found slightly funny

Remember when we could type the "-.-" face? Good times... It was way less annoying than the "=.=" one that all the Aldan traders and tinydog98 used to use. I still don't understand why that emote was so popular, it doesn't even look like a face to me lol

9. A picture from a party that I forget existed, the Bunnies Only Party. There was somehow a sea turtle at the party. I love the sea turtle's reaction to what Leaping Happyrhino is saying

10. A glitch where ocean pets show up in a land den. I remember someone showed me how to do the glitch but I can't remember how. I doubt it still works anymore anyway

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Adventure/Animal Soon?

TheOneAndOnlySomething shared another batch of images of things that aren't currently used. You can find Nyan/TheOneAndOnlySomething's video > here <
Nyan also happens to be the one that showed us those weird AJ rooms

Nyan thinks these pictures are items from an upcoming adventure where you need to collect materials. That's a pretty good guess, and since Battle For The Beacon is ending soon it would make sense that a new adventure would come out soon. These could also have something to do with a Journey Book update but I think a new adventure is more likely


Some kind of silvery metal thing

A branch


Diamondlike crystal

A minecraft stone block

A bundle of wheat or asparagus

I have some more evidence that supports the theory that these are from a new adventure. It's not exactly evidence, but here it is

In Jamaaliday Rescue, the gift counter at the top looked like this

Notice anything similar between that picture from Jamaaliday Rescue and the images above? Both have a picture and then a rounded bar on the right. Of course it could just be a coincidence but- wait I'm going on about this way too much

Here's another picture that Nyan found

It's a window with a game icon on the top. The scroll bar on the side actually looks nice IMO
Based on the clues (and what Nyan said lol) this is almost certainly going to be used as a new game interface. But the question is, for what games? Will they make all of AJ's minigames available to be played by the click of a button? I never thought they'd find a way to make the Sol Arcade obsolete, but this may just be it

And finally, there's this box with the words "New avatar coming soon"
Apparently the last time Nyan found this or something like it in the files, it was a month before llamas came out. That might mean a new animal is coming "soon"! That doesn't necessarily mean it's true though. However, AJHQ does refer to playable animals as "avatars" occasionally (at least from what I remember. Plus, Nyan said it fits the dimensions of the animal icons in the "Choose an animal" screen. I edited the above image onto that screen to see for myself. It does in fact fit... sort of

Even if it doesn't fit exactly, it's pretty darn close. If we are getting a new animal soon, I wonder what it would be. There aren't any other animals I can think of that feel "animal jammy" other than maybe hippos. Maybe we're getting squids that can go on land as kids!

Monday, July 27, 2015

AJ Ideas Part 4

Here are some more of my terrible AJ ideas. I can almost guarantee none of these will ever happen but I can still dream right? No? : (

Old Crystal Sands Party
I think it's safe to assume by now that the old Crystal Sands is never coming back. I thought the remodel in 2011 was just for the summer... but it's been like 4 years so I guess I was wrong lol

While Crystal Sands will never revert itself back to its original look, I think they could still bring it back in the form of a party. You know, like how they brought back the beta dens in the form of the Beta Party. It would give newer players a change to see how the room used to look and would bring back memories to the older players. I don't see any downside to adding this, so why not?

Cactus Hats

Remember how I never stopped talking about Shark Hats and then they finally got released? Maybe if I never shut up about Cactus Hats they'll add those too... in 4 years

Buddy Notifications
Idea from a glitch I had where it notified me when by buddy logged off
What if they added a feature where it tells you when specific friends logged in/out? You would've have to open your buddy list when it flashes anymore (because one click is so much work lol)

Vanish Mode
What I mean by "vanish mode" is an option to be completely invisible, even to your own buddies. You could log in without anyone knowing, just like a ninja or something. This feature would probably do more harm than good (because spying and stuff) but I can think of some thing this would be really useful for. Maybe to "balance" it, with vanish mode you're only allowed ot go to your own den. That way you can't really spy on people. Yes I know it's a terrible idea but I still want it

Flooring Preview Mode
Before you buy a new den you can preview it by click the giant button that says "Preview"
I think when you're in one of those preview rooms, an inventory screen should come up with all the floorings and wallpapers that you can put in the preview den. That way you can see how they all look in that den without having to buy the den! At the very least it should let you put the walls/floorings that you own in the preview den Plus it would save me a lot of work on the page that I probably won't be able to finish!

Beta Server
This idea will go in the "this will never happen in a million years" pile
The Beta Server would be a server you can log into that changes all the looks of rooms/lands to how they were in beta as well as make all the shops sell what they did in beta. They'd have to make it so you can't bring items from the beta server to a normal server and vice versa (or bring new animals to the beta servers)
Yes I know beta was a testing phase and it has no reason to come back but it would make people stop saying "OMG GUYZ TEH BETTA DAYZ R COMIN BAK!!!!"

Ultra Rare Items In Leap Year Party

The Leap Year Party was, as the name suggests, a party to celebrate the leap year (more info > here <)
It was in 2012 and I think I remember AJ saying it would return every 4 years. The next one should be in 2016. The original Leap Year Party sold rare versions of items even before Rare Mondays existed. Because of eagle quest, the Leap Year items aren't special anymore (unless they aren't in eagle quest I really don't know)
I think the next Leap Year party should sell AJ's ultra rare items such as the "beta" eye, "beta" elf helmet, "beta" creature mask, and milky tiaras. It would hopefully make hacking less common and give players a chance to have an item that they will otherwise never be able to get because of how rare they are. Of course the like 5 people who have "special" items would complain but I still think they should do this! Oh, and they should also put cactus hats in the party too

Den Lands

I think I mentioned this idea in another post but I can't find it. I think they should make den versions of AJ lands like how they made the Bounce Party room into a den! It would be really cool to decorate Jamaa Township without having to use fancy precise glitches that I still can't get to work

If I could only have one of these features I'd pick the Leap Year Party one. I want cactus hats too so I put that at the end of what I wrote for that idea lol

The end

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jamaalidays in July

Texas Lilian informed me that Earth Crystals, or as I called them, Dirt Shards, are no longer visible if you mouse over the gem icon

> Click here < for a screenshot of when Dirt Shards did appear in the gems menu thing
Since Battle For The Beacon is a limited time adventure it makes sense why they'd remove them from the menu. I wonder if once the Summer Carnival's over they'll remove tickets from the menu too. They didn't in previous years but maybe they will this time?

Also, AJ updated the icon for pet games. It looks like the new purpleblue icons but these ones are green

I'm not gonna lie I forgot pet games even existed. They should really make more of them so more people remember them. Anyway, it is now the 26th in AJ which means the Jamaaliday Jam parties are back!

I was really hoping they would change something but unfortunately it's exactly the same as last year...

There are two shops - a furniture shop and a music shop

The furniture shop is at the bottom right corner of the room

This is what it sells

The music shop is in the main room of the gingerbread house

You can buy some Jamaaliday music for your den here

By "some" I meant just one music track

You can also but Pet Reindeers at the top left corner of the room

I don't think that sleigh was there last year, so maybe they did change something... maybe?
Like I said, I wish there were new items here since this update was really lacking but oh well

Saturday, July 25, 2015

What shops were selling in 2011

My SD card never fails to amaze me - every time I look at it there are always more fancy images from 2011 AJ. I found pictures of what some shops had for sale

I'll start with the pictures of what Jam Mart Clothing used to sell. They were all taken on May 31st 2011
There weren't a lot of clothing items back then so most of the items for sale were from beta. Cat Hats, Leis, and Fox Hats has just returned to stores after being rare since around beta times. A few weeks before these were taken, Headdresses, Royal Capes, and Tiki Masks has just left the stores. These pictures also show how member items had a blue background and nonmember items had a beige background. Honestly I liked that a lot better than the current "everything must be aquaturquoise" rule. It was a lot easier to tell what items were nonmember items

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Another thing AJHQ used to do that I think was really cool was every once in a while change the default colours of items. As you can see from these pictures, many items had different default colours. For example, Necklaces defaulted to black and Leis defaulted to white. It gave nonmembers different options since they couldn't change item colours anymore. They also changed member item defaults just because. Hopefully they'll start doing that again but I doubt it : (

Next up I have pictures of what the Appondale Museum Den Shop used to sell
It's not as interesting as Jam Mart Clothing but here are the pictures

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

As I said in another post, this shop also sold topiaries and Jamaaliday trees at some point

And finally, pictures from the Mystery Emporium, when it still sold game machines. Back then we had a shaman statue for every animal. All eight playable animals. We have like 32 animals now... yeah

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

These pictures made me think about another idea for a new page on this blog. It probably won't ever happen but I'd like to make a page where I post pictures of complete shops like this. Every time an item gets added to a shop or an item starts its leaving countdown, I'll update the page. That would be a lot of work and I doubt anyone would look at it but the idea's out there. Eventually I'd have a lot of old shop pictures saved up and I think it'd be fun to look back at them a couple years from now to see how things have changed (kind of like this post)
I don't even know what I'm saying lol