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Thursday, July 23, 2015

AJ Update July 23 2015 - The Bounce House Update

Looks like the update is once again late. Well, I wouldn't say late, I think they just have a new update time which happens to be very inconvenient for me lol
But it seems like these "late" updates are always the most lacking ones
Just a (fake) warning, I really let my so called "sassy sense of humor" flow in this post...

Page 1

They made the Bounce House Party into a den! No really, they just took the party room, removed the shop, and put a price on it. The shadow for the shop is still there in the bottom corner!

Maybe that's why it's "ONLY" 5 diamonds. As far as I can tell, removing the shop was the only change they made...

They updated the den section of the Diamond Shop so the "new" den is on display

Here it is in the store

And this is the preview. It doesn't look like there's any difference from the party room to me at all

Even though it is literally just a party room converted into a den, I like it! It's not super giant like the recent dens we've been getting, it's slightly cheaper than the giant dens, and now I can find glitches with the autobounce function a little better. Unfortunately, this is the only thing the update adds... The rest of the newspaper pages are just fillers pretty much. There aren't even any new items other than the usual daily item. It's the pony update that I never shut up about and the beach house update all over again!

Page 2

The Jamaaliday Jam might be coming back on the 24th to the 26th! I'm not counting this as part of the update because it's only for 3 days and it's not even out yet! I really hope they have some new items at that party

Page 3

They dedicated a whole page just to say Battle For The Beacon is leaving! There's not even a dirt shard discount or anything... I still never got all the prizes but I don't think it's worth doing the same thing over and over again for 2 just to get 12 dirt shards which can't even buy you anything... all while Greely, who is apparently really powerful and all that, just sits there watching you waste your time lol

Page 4

Ok, those new balloons look really cool! It's too bad they aren't even out yet
The way they worded it looks like it means new items are already there, but nothing new is there. Also hyenas are gone for no reason

Page 5

Wow, I certainly didn't expect to see an ad here ¬_¬

There are two other small things that got changed. The old game icons got replaced with new ones that now match the pet icons better

I also made a gif of it for the -12 people that care

The other thing that got changed is the look of start window of minigames

Now there's a huge Play! button

Even though I'm typically really annoying about changes AJHQ makes to things that have been a certain way for years, I can't say I really mind these new looks. After all the old game icons are still visible on den game machines! The only complain I have is the Sol Arcade looks a little weird now
...but maybe that's just me

I give this update a... 1 / 10   0.12 / 10


  1. I give this update a .5. Not the best update, but basically the worst.

  2. I'd rate it a -2/10.
    First off the bouncy house. They ripped out the shop and made the party diamonds pretty much. And the auto bounce don't get me started on how much I hate that. The den really should been gems and if us ask me it's kinda tiny but then again I like the huge dens witch can fit like 6 small houses in them.

    Next pages 2-3. Dear AJ as a person who never liked BFTB (seriously repetitive) or going to every party I honestly don't care.

    As for 4 idc about the 1st part but how dare they take away one of my favorite animals?!

    For the ad idc but it's the games that yah the update into the negatives. There a bit clucky if you ask me.
    Why can't AJHQ make a good update again. I'd love to see a new adventure.

    1. I feel like I was too nice, I'm lowering my rating

    2. Even that's pretty generous. And after reading over my comment I now hate autocorrect.

  3. Ugh what about the elephants and armadillos? Is ajhq not adding them?!?! Well I doubt they are coming 2 weeks later though.... Nothing new except for the bouncy house den which is basically a rip off though I may get it oh wait I don't have any den slots left!!!! Or do I I don't think I do. Cause ajhq never adds more slots for inventory. New items there's no new items. ERM this is the like pony update. I don't like the new game icon looks they seem not to fit in the square diamond thing. 3 weeks in a row a late update wow.....

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I deleted your comment because I know someone will complain lol

    2. You should delete your reply too so no one asks what my comment said.

  5. 1 - it would be nice if AJHQ brought out another non-member den. But as it is, I don't care. I've never actually been to the Bounce Party o.o and that den looks hideous.
    2 - Okaaay...why?
    3 - I don't care.
    4 - Those balloons look scary. And there doesn't seem much point in making the hyenas leave...
    5 - I don't care, either.

    Bad update, and, as you said, at a very weird time...

  6. ERMERGERD *slaps aj in da face* Spin(Indianfeather12345) NUUU NOT IN DA FACE Me(Starwolves101) YES IN DA FACE!!!! Spin: LLAMACORN POWER GO! *turns me back to a normal llamacorn* dat was better... Did I almost gill aj again? Spin: Yes...

  7. I give this update a 0.5 just becuz of the bouncy house :I

  8. I rate this a zero, because the only new thing is just the bounce house party without a shop. And they removed hyenas, one of my favorite animals from store... Now that I think about it this update is a -10/10

    1. That, ^ that right there is the truth.

  9. In the parent dashboard, there is an option on a nonmember account for the jammer wall to be disabled/enabled. I checked this before the jamaa journal so it may or may not be there anymore.

  10. Id give this update 6 stars lol price isn't bad :3

  11. They also removed the red crystal from your gem slot (whenever you move your mouse over your gems)

  12. what if ur a rhino in the bouncy house n rip it?

    u would ruin the fun 4 evry1. :(

    donate to rhinos that can't participate in a bouncy house today

    1. wat baout thh elafants? their hevey so can pop boncey hoise

  13. Day 21 Poll Results (You could vote for more than one animal, 97 voters total)

    Cheetah 39 (40%)
    Crocodile 41 (42%)
    Dolphin 34 (35%)
    Elephant 59 (60%)
    Koala 40 (41%)
    Otter 37 (38%)
    Panda 33 (34%)
    Penguin 34 (35%)
    Raccoon 25 (25%)
    Rhino 45 (46%)
    Seal 37 (38%)

    Elephants have been eliminated with 59 votes! We're now down to the final 10

  14. 10/10 for this update because it's so cool with the jamaaliday jam!

  15. Don't tell me I'll be the only one wearing winter clothes at the Jamaaliday Jam in the summer

  16. 4got to mention, you should make a wallpaper and flooring data base page.. I would love to see all the different ones.. but, how do you plan on getting the beta ones?

    1. You mean in the beta den? I won't be able to do that but I think all the wallpapers and floorings in that den looked the same as in the first four dens

  17. This is worse than the pony update


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