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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Elephant Glitch + Fix

these titles get worse every day
My friend Anubis who probably doesn't read this blog anymore showed me a glitch with elephants! I don't know how new this glitch is or if it works with similar items, but if you wear one of those Rainbow Moustaches from the Cloud Party, it turns upside down on your playercard!

It's supposed to look like this (and it does outside of your playercard and maybe your inventory screen)

But it looks like this if someone clicks on your nametag

It's not that groundbreaking of a glitch but you can "impress" your friends I guess? I don't know of many people who'd be impressed by upside down 'staches but good luck finding someone...

Speaking of the Cloud Party, an anonymous person told me there's a new item there! I'm only putting this in a post because it's unusual for AJ to add new items to parties that are more than 2 weeks old and it's something you might've missed
Lame excuses to fill up this post, I know : )

At least now we know there's hope that those unreleased Rainbow Archways and Rainbow Pillows still have a slight chance to get released soon
And don't worry this blog won't turn into one of those "Hey Jammers today's new item is in Jam Mart Clothing!!!! :)))))))) This item is so lovely!!!! Definitely one of my favorite items!!! Oh, do I say that about every new item that comes out????? Be sure to buy it!!!!! :))))))))" blogs lol

A week ago I posted about that spelling error thing with the chat
Today I checked to see if it got fixed, and to my surprise, it did!

Wow, this is the first actual news we had in a week! And it really doesn't count as news yay! Actually nevermind there was actual news yesterday (the rare Monday thing)

Maybe AJHQ reads this blog again but I highly doubt it. 5000 other AJ blogs probably posted about it already though. Then again my blog might be the only one that talks about the really pointless uninteresting things like spelling mistakes lol


  1. Ould u ever make about real life animals and AJ unimuls comparizons

  2. Mel I still can't get on b's blog :-( what happened?

    1. I'm just as confused as you are

    2. The blog's gone. That's it

    3. I emailed her about it and everything and she never comments anymore :( I hope she hasn't quit! NUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

    4. I ate her cookie. Thats why. >:3

      -the dude who- nah just forget it

    5. It still exists, b just made it so only invited readers can view it

  3. I don't understand the bottom part with the fixed chat. Explain to me again please?

    1. Click the link above the picture

      If you don't want to do that, there was a spelling error with the word "dashboard" and now it's fixed

  4. I would not be at all surprised if AJ read your blog. Haven't they in the past? And there have been so many "coincidences" that you post about something AND THE NEXT DAY it is fixed. I mean srsly. I know this wasn't a "NEXT DAY" situation but still.

    1. They used to but like someone said in some post about Jammer Wall, loads of other blogs posted it too (so AJ probably saw they accidentally released the add from another source)

  5. AJHQ reads all the popular blogs - and I daresay I few unpopular ones, too. (I phoned them once about something else and they mentioned that.)

  6. Can i haz a cookie now? Pwease? Or else i will ban u frowme animel
    animal toe jam!!! Also hi.

    Jk!! But i want my cookie...

    - that same dude who got suspended for eating ur cookie. :3 (:V) (:V) ( > · w · < )

  7. artic wolves are the best but that's just my opinion so its sad to see them lose to bad animals like monkeys

    1. Ikr! I HATE monkeys on AJ! To be honest, I just like furry animals a lot better, because they are, well, you know, FURRY. If they made them capuchin monkeys, then I prob would have liked them a bit more, but the monkeys they made just seem to be all skin. Plus, they do actions VERY weirdly. I am gonna keep voting for monkeys until they get eliminated. :P

  8. Happy Independence Day Meloetta!!!

  9. Yes, Happy Forth Of July Jammers! Anyways, cool glitch! Although I can't try it for myself because I have none of the two things this glitch requires. Hehehe

  10. Mel, I think you should remove snow leopards from the pole, they're so amazing it's unfair to others.

  11. they brought back topiaries :'( now i cant really collect them

  12. mel I hate to break it to ya but there is already 2 or more videos on how to do the eyeless glitch lol so much for a sekrit lolz

    1. I know there's loads of them already : (

  13. Day 2 poll results

    Bunny 11 (7%)
    Cheetah 4 (2%)
    Crocodile 6 (4%)
    Deer 2 (1%)
    Dolphin 0 (0%)
    Eagle 1 (0%)
    Elephant 4 (2%)
    Fox 3 (2%)
    Giraffe 1 (0%)
    Horse 1 (0%)
    Hyena 8 (5%)
    Kangaroo 3 (2%)
    Koala 0 (0%)
    Lion 2 (1%)
    Llama 13 (9%)
    Monkey 13 (9%)
    Octopus 10 (7%)
    Otter 2 (1%)
    Owl 1 (0%)
    Panda 1 (0%)
    Penguin 0 (0%)
    Polar Bear 2 (1%)
    Raccoon 1 (0%)
    Rhino 5 (3%)
    Sea Turtle 2 (1%)
    Seal 1 (0%)
    Shark 3 (2%)
    Snow Leopard 4 (2%)
    Spring Bunny 7 (4%)
    Tiger 1 (0%)
    Wolf 29 (20%)

    Wolves have been eliminated! I didn't expect both wolves to be the first ones out
    By the looks of it, Monkeys, Llamas, or Bunnies might be the next to go

  14. in jam a grams you can say as a preset message '' lets shop at the den depot '' -spiritcloud721


    - da dood


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