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Monday, July 6, 2015

Invisibility Glitch

Because I'm a nerd, I like finding pointless glitches. That's exactly what I did today. It turns you invisible, but everyone else can still see you

For this to work, you need two accounts. You can use a storage or get a friend to help you with the glitch

Account #1 must have the following:
• Membership
• An ocean-only animal
• A land-only animal
• An ocean-only pet

 I haven't tested it with animals that can go on both land and in oceans but feel free to try it

Account #2 needs to have:
• An animal that can go on land and in oceans (or a land-only and an ocean-only animal, it doesn't matter)
• A land den
• An ocean den

Note: A1 refers to Account #1 and A2 refers to Account #2

Step 1
Have A1 go to A2's den

Step 2
Switch A2's den to the ocean den if it isn't already

Step 3
Have A1 click on an ocean pet and open the Pet Stop

Step 4
Get A2 to switch to a land den while A1's Pet Stop window is still open

Step 5
Leave the Pet Stop on A1

Now you're done! If you did it right, you should be invisible!

In this picture, the penguin is my storage and I'm the floating :P face

A few things to keep in mind when doing this glitch:

• You won't be able to type in the chat until you refresh or log out. You can still use emotes and preset messages though
 • You won't be invisible to other players. In other words, everyone other than you can still see you
• Sometimes other people in the room will be invisible too
• You'll still be able to see any messages or emotes you send. You can see any invisible friend's messages as well

These are some pictures I took of the glitch (I am Pioneer Sportyfox in the pictures)
The first picture is form my main account's perspective

But this is what my storage (and everyone else) saw

Here's another set of two pictures I took of this glitch. The first one shows the room from my perspective

And the second one shows my storage's perspective

I was hoping this glitch would make it so you can have ocean pets on land but unfortunately it didn't work like that : (

I originally tried this glitch with a seahorse but I tried it again with a pet polar bear (since they are ocean and land pets)
I didn't turn invisible that time but I did find something else that's definitely not worthy of being in this post. The polar bear started out with its ocean animation, but when I put a clothing item on it, it went back to using its land animation. Nothing I put on it showed up


  1. Today's rare got a name change - it was originally called Freedom Fruit Basket but now it's called Rare Freedom Fruit Hat

    1. Yet another new item at the Cloud Party

  2. Nice glitch! Do you like randomly try to find glitches?

  3. Wow AJHQ. btw melota u asked meh wat a bita tale is u nub
    I just got a Hey Scammers! Messages. It said to wear your freedom fruit hat to the freedom party when it is CLEARLY an ocean item. Poor little kids who bother to try......

  4. Ahhh, the magenta lasso. Remember when those were popular?

  5. Someone said beta means sold once. When I told them they were first year of AJ, they said I do not know my betas and i was stupid. I AM THE STUPID ONe?!?!

    1. There's hardly anyone that still plays AJ that knows what beta actually is

      Obviously it means items not for sale ¬_¬ (lol please don't take that seriously)

    2. People who read this blog know what betas are.

    3. I has a beta well from when adventures first came out ans was fur members only. Som peeps think its fa

    4. So tuday i was playing animal jam at a freedom party. I had a legendary glove on my list. Sum arctic wolf tryied trading me an art canvas thing and a necklace. I declined. They said wut for it a den beta? I said nu. They said plz. I said nu. They said its nut relly worth anything relly. So i was thinking "if its not worth anything y du u want tu trade betas for it then. Su it must be worth sumthing." then i left. This kids is how ppl try tu scam u out of ur items by saying it not wurth nothing. The lierss. And im a.nun member

    5. Anonymous with scammer story-
      That reminds me of this story
      back when I still had bait helmet to make that sizzleknockoff outfit : (

  6. Once i was playing with my friend in my den and when i went to switch it to my ocean den it switched but was doing the endless loading thing while land but she was moving in a swimming pose and on my screen she was swimming on land but on her screen she was swimming in the ocean. Weird.
    - joe da dood

    1. Once I went to my ocean den and it automatically switched back to a land den

  7. Have you ever been on GPX+?

    1. It's just like a Pokemon website where you can do most regular stuff but the main objective is to get to a high ranking by getting lots of interactions and shinies :)

  8. I discovered that if you are a non member underwater and you try to switch to a land pet, it brings up a member's only ad instead of a notice saying that you cannot bring land pets underwater :P
    My new sign off name:
    ~Anonymous that was been talking too much already so bye

  9. Also I know I am a noob but how do you do those extra symbols like the TM symbol? They're not on my keyboard, but I have a laptop so that may be why, I don't know for sure...

    ~Anonymous that has been talking too much already so bye

    Okay now that's getting old

    1. Anonymous that has been talking too much already so bye never gets old

      It depends on what kind of computer it is (Mac, Windows, etc)

  10. Day 4 Poll Results

    Cheetah 3 (2%)
    Crocodile 5 (4%)
    Deer 3 (2%)
    Dolphin 0 (0%)
    Eagle 1 (0%)
    Elephant 3 (2%)
    Fox 6 (5%)
    Giraffe 2 (1%)
    Horse 1 (0%)
    Hyena 3 (2%)
    Kangaroo 1 (0%)
    Koala 7 (6%)
    Lion 4 (3%)
    Llama 6 (5%)
    Monkey 5 (4%)
    Octopus 6 (5%)
    Otter 1 (0%)
    Owl 1 (0%)
    Panda 1 (0%)
    Penguin 1 (0%)
    Polar Bear 4 (3%)
    Raccoon 0 (0%)
    Rhino 3 (2%)
    Sea Turtle 0 (0%)
    Seal 2 (1%)
    Shark 2 (1%)
    Snow Leopard 4 (3%)
    Spring Bunny 10 (9%)
    Tiger 21 (19%)

    Tigers have been eliminated with 21 votes!

    1. I forgot what this poll is about lol
      Are we trying to eliminate our least favourite animal lol i'm so sorry the shame

    2. You just vote out an animal you want to get voted out
      There's no real reason


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