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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jamaalidays in July

Texas Lilian informed me that Earth Crystals, or as I called them, Dirt Shards, are no longer visible if you mouse over the gem icon

> Click here < for a screenshot of when Dirt Shards did appear in the gems menu thing
Since Battle For The Beacon is a limited time adventure it makes sense why they'd remove them from the menu. I wonder if once the Summer Carnival's over they'll remove tickets from the menu too. They didn't in previous years but maybe they will this time?

Also, AJ updated the icon for pet games. It looks like the new purpleblue icons but these ones are green

I'm not gonna lie I forgot pet games even existed. They should really make more of them so more people remember them. Anyway, it is now the 26th in AJ which means the Jamaaliday Jam parties are back!

I was really hoping they would change something but unfortunately it's exactly the same as last year...

There are two shops - a furniture shop and a music shop

The furniture shop is at the bottom right corner of the room

This is what it sells

The music shop is in the main room of the gingerbread house

You can buy some Jamaaliday music for your den here

By "some" I meant just one music track

You can also but Pet Reindeers at the top left corner of the room

I don't think that sleigh was there last year, so maybe they did change something... maybe?
Like I said, I wish there were new items here since this update was really lacking but oh well


  1. I like the little trees in the shop I always buy like 30 of them

  2. Barely anything changed from last year :(

    Can you believe they made a den out of a party that no one really liked?

  3. I haven't even gotten a chance to go there and today is the last day:o I better remember to go then

  4. I went to the party, and i saw someone say "GET ALL THE BETAS WHILE YOU CAN!!!!1"

  5. I thought this was kinda cool...
    In playwild I got a pool table but in order for it to do an animation you have to hop instead click the table. I thought this was cool and hopefully that happens on AJ. I have an idea for you to play play wild. On your computer since you have a mac. Depending what type you have(what type of Mac do you have) well if you go to your AppStore on it then search playwild you should be able to get it there cause I know my brother searched it on there idknwhy he did tho and it popped up

    1. Macs suckkkkkkk. Windows is amazing.

    2. h8r u baned from comenting 4evr

    3. Haha then my Aunts Uncles daughters sons grandfathers grandsons fishes dogs fleas named Clark Stacey will ban you forever!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!1!

    4. It's only released in Canada and Australia right now I believe

    5. In my family, Dell is the best tech company of them all.


    7. I think it might be in New Zeland also but don't quote me on it.

  6. Day 24 Poll Results

    Crocodile 24 (28%)
    Dolphin 4 (4%)
    Koala 7 (8%)
    Otter 30 (35%)
    Panda 5 (5%)
    Penguin 4 (4%)
    Raccoon 4 (4%)
    Seal 6 (7%)

    Otters have been eliminated with 30 votes!

    1. wow crocodiles almost lost

      shame on you for voting out breadstick's animal

    2. Alright whi voted for crocs?!?!? �� meanies whoever voted fo. Crocs r meenies. Also please do.t vote for penguins and do Vote for dphins or raccoons please if penguins win ill will gift all members Who no vote for penguins penguins. I haz a spot on mai hart fur penguins. I wuv then


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