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Friday, July 10, 2015

Jammer Wall Guide + BUGS

Here is a guide for the newest feature in AJ, Jammer Wall! This is a pretty unneeded guide since that Cami video explains everything pretty well, but this is here in case you want an in-depth tutorial (even though I don't really go in-depth)
And since this is just the testing mode, so the layout or whatever of Jammer Wall is subject to change. That being said it's good to have pictures of how things looked when they first came out so people can steal my images later lol

You can get to your Jammer Wall by clicking the icon between the buddies tab and the newspaper at the top

If someone posts on your wall, a number will appear telling you how many new posts there are

You can find someone's Jammer Wall by searching for their username and clicking the Jammer Wall icon on their playercard

If their wall is locked it will appear grayed out

The way Jammer Wall works is similar to sites like Twitter or the comment section of this blog. Each person has a wall that people can comment/leave messages on. This is what my wall screen looks like

Each wall looks pretty much the same, just with different backgrounds

At the bottom of every wall is this bar

You can type your messages there (which is made obvious by the words "Type your message here...")
Unlike in Jam a Grams you can only use up to 70 characters. The chat filter works pretty similar to that of Jam a Gram typing. Just like in Jam a Grams, you can type the word "poop" but not "sorry" because logic

The four icons on the bottom do pretty much what I thought they'd do in > this post < but I'll explain them again here anyway

The first icon (the green one) open up this window which lets you change the color of your comment/post

The second one (the zebra pattern) lets you change the background design of your comment/post

The third one (smile) opens a window that lets you choose an emote
(Currently not all AJ emotes are usable, only those 21 are)

And the 4th one (the 3 lines) open up a list of preset messages you can use

The purple ? icon lets you submit a word that you'd like the be added to AJ's chat dictionary

You can change your wall's background by clicking on this icon in the top left corner

Here are all the available wallpapers

You can change your settings for your wall by clicking the lock icon in the top right corner

You can make it so only buddies can use your wall, make it so only you can use your wall, or let everyone use your wall

People who are your buddies have a buddy icon overlapping their animal picture

Mousing over any post on your wall will show two icons - one that lets you report that post and one that lets your delete it. If it's your post there will be no option to report it. On other walls, you can only delete your own posts and and report others

There's a new option on the report screen specifically for Jammer Wall posts

As Spirit "kindly" demonstrated here, there's a huge problem with spamming

Yeah, that's why my new name for this feature is "Spammer Wall" : )

If you're not a member and try to use Jammer Wall you'll get this message

And now for the bugs! Since this feature's basically in beta mode there's bound to be quite a few glitches. Most of the ones I found were very minor but I think I should report them anyway

Sometimes when I close my wall, the icon for it stays big (as if I'm mousing over it, but I'm not)

Animal pictures in posts have no on clothes at all, even though the previews show animals with clothing on

Also, it's worth pointing out the time on my computer is off by about 42 minutes. When I took a picture of the post above, I had just sent it, yet it said it was posted 42 minutes ago. I'm not sure if it was intended that it uses you computer's time but I personally think it's a bug

During the first hours of the update's release, new posts said they were posted "Just now ago" (thanks to an anonymous person for telling me) I did manage to take a picture of that before it got fixed but that picture's on a different computer so I can't post it right now : (

If you change your background wallpaper, the previous background you used stays selected

I switched from the green and gray background to the blue confetti one. The green one should've went back to its original icon with the folded corner but instead it stayed unfolded with a white border, as if it was still selected

That same thing happened to me with the chat icon. It stayed selected even after I closed it
(the 4th icon has a darker blue border which it should only have if it's opened)

A few other bugs that I don't have pictures of include emotes not working (If I click and emote it doesn't show up) and sometimes when I click on a player that commented on my wall to comment on their wall, their wall never shows up

So far I'm really liking this new feature, which is really weird coming from someone who strongly dislikes sites like Twitter and Facebook (for no particular reason)
I can't wait to see how Spammer Walls turns out in the future!

There may or may not be a post tomorrow, it all depends on some things. The next post will be fun to make but I'm supposed to be taking a break lol
Oh yeah, and thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!


  1. If your a nonmember you can comment on someone else's wall

  2. Remember when you posted a picture or something of the jammer wall and you could title your jammer wall as something? I dint think they have that feature added

    1. Yes, I plan on making a post about features of Jammer Wall that aren't out yet

  3. Hey, did anyone notice that the Rare Item Monday is still in the Ocean Shop?

  4. Uh, you in that video for Jammer Wall? There was no gems,and it was in front of the parties button..

  5. There is a new animation for when you recycle an item. When you recycle something, some of the items switch to the opposite side of the menu thing.

    ~Anonymous That Has Been Talking Too Much Already So Bye

  6. The person in the tutorial video: ajfangirl, was a member for the video, but before and after that video, she was always a non member.. ?!!?!?!?

    1. I saw that too. I searched for the other accounts used in the video but only ajfangirl existed (at least when I tried)
      I think AJ deleted the original accounts after the video was man and someone made a new ajfangirl that looks like the old one

  7. spammers
    spammer wall
    animal spam
    (add to da comment)

    1. hey spammers! Here's todays new item and a guide to trust trading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Won't that be FFFFFUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  8. lol why did balaur say "I know where she got those from. She has no respect for robots!" XD

    1. It's a weird Neopets joke regarding a character that gives you an item as a reward for doing a quest for her. The name of the items sounds very familiar to an ability in another famous video game.

  9. Oh hey, that's my comment on that Wall thingy. Yay :3

  10. hi hi!

    I just saw your old comment on my blog about the adventure item boost things. You can totally make a list if you want, and even copy and paste mine. It would be more useful on your blog since mine doesn't get much traffic. I can test out more items for you in my free time if you'd like.

    bye byee

    1. too bad the present has already been given

      in exchange you can refresh my blog 10 times for pageviews lol :))

    2. or i could just like
      advertise it

    3. what a strange idea. ludicrous. my blog is too


      different than what aj users are used to to advertise. im pretty sure peeps will just think im crazy (...they're not wrong.) but I still remember this one time I called you ambitious for hoarding like 300 phantom goops or something and a person thought ambitious meant crazy and would kill for power. (looking @ you warriors)

      anyway back to the subject-- I'm giving you permission to use the list. If you want to you can just say something like 'Made with the help of Lukeila', but I don't mind at all if you don't. my blog is more or less a reference and place of ranting for myself.

      it's up to you, but I recommend that you make the list. :)

    4. That's why mine was supposed to be when I came back

    5. yes but you're popular and well-liked

  11. I like the Jammer Walls too! Although you are right they still have some things to fix!

  12. Day 8 Poll Results

    Cheetah 3 (3%)
    Crocodile 4 (4%)
    Deer 3 (3%)
    Dolphin 0 (0%)
    Elephant 4 (4%)
    Fox 8 (8%)
    Giraffe 2 (2%)
    Horse 1 (1%)
    Hyena 9 (9%)
    Kangaroo 1 (1%)
    Koala 2 (2%)
    Lion 2 (2%)
    Llama 17 (18%)
    Monkey 4 (4%)
    Octopus 4 (4%)
    Otter 1 (1%)
    Owl 1 (1%)
    Panda 0 (0%)
    Penguin 2 (2%)
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    Raccoon 0 (0%)
    Rhino 0 (0%)
    Sea Turtle 1 (1%)
    Seal 4 (4%)
    Snow Leopard 19 (20%)

    Snow Leopards have been eliminated with 19 votes!

    1. (sadly) -spiritcloud721

    2. llamas always have a lot of votes but still aren't out yet, wow

  13. It's lame, but consider it a prezzie

  14. Have you guys heard (not that anyone cares anymore) that lilacpetal15 scammed this guy of a rare spiked collar or something like wow
    I don't like her vids very much
    Information in link http://animaljamnewspaper.blogspot.com.au/2015/07/ajns-first-week-plants-graphics.html


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