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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Rare Items of the Past - Furniture Editon (2011)

This is a list of den items that were considered to be the rarest in 2011 AJ's "economy"
None of these are anywhere near as rare now as the used to be thanks to The Forgotten Desert (and most of them have come back to stores since)
As this post is based off my terrible memory and some old pictures, some of the info might be inaccurate. Surprisingly, not many beta items were that rare


These were released sometime in December 2010. It was one of those items that's really rare but not many people knew how rare it was

Rainbow Pot

Despite being released in March 2011, it was pretty rare in 2011. For whatever reason not a lot of people bought them. Like the Snowman, not many people knew it was rare
(lol did I even get the name right for this item?)

Dust Striped Walls

Dust Striped Walls, along with Argyle Pink Walls, used to be some of the rarest wallpapers and maybe even some of the rarest items in the game. They weren't that known and ended up coming back in 2011. Even today they are still pretty forgotten

Argyle Pink Walls

Like I said above, these used to be extremely rare but not very known, then returned in 2011, and still aren't very known. Not that anyone cares, but it was one of my dream items when I was still in my "everything must be really stereotypical girly and pink" phase

Lit Jamaaliday Trees

First released in December 2010. I believe the Snowman and Pot O' Gems were released with them. They stayed rare until the end of 2011 and are now in the "pile of forgotten den items" like spiral lamps

Pot O' Gems

I like to think these are still pretty rare. As far as I know they haven't even come back to stores. After all the Halloween and Jamaaliday den items came back, these gem pots became one of the rarest den items. They might've been the second rarest furniture item (not counting any wallpapers or floorings) being only beaten by the Open Sign


Every Halloween item from 2010 became really rare in 2011, at least before most of them came back in 2011. Ghosts weren't nearly as rare as some of the clothing items from that time, but were still one of the rarest den items in the game

Giant Phantom

Another Halloween den item. I remember Giant Phantoms being the rarest of the Halloween den items. Back then this was one of my many dream items

Rose Bouquet

These came out around when I first joined, in February 2011. Not a lot of people were interested in them and they eventually became like the Snowman and Rainbow Pot - very rare, but not many people know it's rare

Spaceship Gray

One of the few wallpapers/floorings that didn't come back in 2011. It used to be the rarest wallpaper in the game (and probably still is even tho eagle quest exists)

Open Sign

The rarest non-clothing and non-wallpaper/flooring item in the game at one point (at least from what I remember) Even today I don't see many of them. I admit I forgot these existed until I made this post

Tan Carpet

Tan Carpet was one of the rarest items in the game. There were only around 8 of them in existence. They stayed rare until they were put into adventures are possible prizes

Honourable mentions

Basket Of Candy

These were given to players who completed the egg hunt in April 2011. Even though they were free, not a lot of people had them. They weren't considered to be rare by many people but there was certainly a lot less of them than most den items

Fruit Basket

From November 2010. They were a little more rare than the candy baskets. They used to be considered "small rares" like Heart Lockets were. People used to use these as substitutes for pillow in The Pillow Scam

Member Pumpkins

The surprised jack o lantern was arguably more rare than Ghosts were. All three of the member pumpkins were really rare, and people knew they were rare, but barely anyone wanted them


  1. I have like 20 fruit bowls bc I spammed them in my inventory at thanksgiving when they came back to stores.

  2. Omgomg u steeled me taco agin. It was a chocolate teco with kitty poo as chokolt. Shjhh dats ansu9er su9erdu9er seckrit secrkit. Dont tell the kitties wat I said
    -joe da dood

    1. I can safely say I've never stolen a single taco my whole life

    2. I forgot what taco means in Japanese so I'll let it pass

    3. It's weird. Were Pot O Gold's rare even though they could be bought once a year?

    4. Y'all stop talkn' bout' me behind me back

  3. Baskets of Candy are not in Eagle Quest, Mel, which makes them pretty rur. Not really founders rare, but rarer then robot killers

    1. Are they not? I assumed they were because I've gotten a scarecrow from eagle quest

    2. Pretty sure I got mine in the eagle adventure? At least I'm pretty sure I did. It was months ago so I can't remember entirely.

    3. I'm pretty sure they aren't, but they're still rarer then spikes.

    4. What ISN'T rarer than spiked stuff?

    5. How about we try to rid AJ of spiked stuff so that robots like me can live a happy and peaceful... life.

      (Robots aren't actually alive per say, but a lot of robots in pop culture are capable of feeling emotions.)

    6. O,O

      Meloetta, you're a robot...?

      That's a bit of a shock to me, but it's always great to have other robots to interact with!

    7. This:
      - Spiked Wristband
      No one cares about dem.
      (And I don't see anyone talking about them either)

    8. Umm fammy, i got a basket of candy from eagle quest today. YOUR WRONG I AM RIGHT. no no no lovie

    9. If you can type ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿<。)╱✿・゚ then you're a robot

    10. ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿<。)╱✿・゚

    11. Not rarer than Spiked Garbaje:
      - Arctic Wolves
      - Scammers
      - Jam'rs that sit on the Bridge
      - People that want Spiked Garbaje

    12. It's true, Mel! You are a robot!


  4. I remember porch swing being rare at a certain point and pillows when they were first found......

  5. whers the guest book and the chat mel

  6. its hard to believe those items were even rare. Zzzzzzzzzzz....

  7. Omg I just had the best idea ever, I could be a white animal and do the eyeless glitch and buy a suit and then I could finally be Slenderman!!! LOL

  8. LOL the pile of forgotten items. Maybe the forgotten desert consisted of forgotten items they gave to you...

  9. Mel do you have a black tuxedo? I need one for something

  10. mel, I cannot search you....

    1. ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿<。)╱✿・゚

    2. What the bleep? Any real explaination?

    3. Btw the anon was me being lazy.

    4. So was your acccout deleted? Suspended? SPILL!

    5. My account is perfectly fine

    6. K Ur fine now sned me a speik no a pink beta tail. Jk lol

  11. Plez sonebody halp me.
    How do you comment and post using a name that is only 1 word and can have numbers? For exumplez:
    - KuroKuroTako
    - Violet86271AJ
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    So how do you do it?

    1. Omg i was playing best dressed on aj cuz im broke and i was apparently 5 different ppl. Weird.
      - joe da dood

    2. How sid you comment using the name KuroKurotako?

    3. How do you switch to your Blogger name? Instead of your Google name?

    4. I went to my blogger profile settings

  12. Cool! I have the Ghosts, the Pot O' Gems, and the Open Sign! But AWW, I wish I was there in 2011 to complete the egg hunt, because I love those little baskets!

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    Cheetah 1 (0%)
    Crocodile 0 (0%)
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    1. Yay bunnies r out

    2. Why does everyone hate hyenas (they should be voting for polar bears )


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