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Monday, July 13, 2015

CupcakesRCool is awesome

27 people told me that there's a new animation when you recyle something. For whatever reason it never worked for me (probably because I was using an ancient computer that surprisingly can run minecraft at a good framerate) but today I was able to get it to show the new animation. That means I could record a gif of it and post it on here to fill up this post lol

As you can see, I was serious when I said I'd fill my inventory with that Freedom Spiked Hair
It looks a lot smoother ingame which is to be expected because gifs are laggy

In other news I found a new glitch that lets you endlessly switch to the same animal over and over again. On one of my nonmember accounts I managed to make the game think I was a sea turtle one land and a wolf at the same time. Since it's a nonmember account I only have two animals

I could keep clicking my wolf in the switch animals screen and it made the switching animation every time

I can make a tutorial for it if it's requested more than 800 times (or like 2) but it may or may not be a very confusing tutorial

I made a high quality giant version of the Jammer Wall icon because I can

Feel free to use it for whatever! I have no idea what anyone would use a giant knockoff facebook icon for but... yeah I don't know I'm just trying to be funny (and failing at it)

I also want to point out that since the update, last week's rare is STILL in Bahari Bargains!

This may be the first time in AJ history that two rares have been available at once. Sooo... yeah

If someone has a better title for this post I'll change the title for you lol
Original title was "Recyle Animation + Glitch"


  1. Um. Here is a title:
    Me Trying to be Funny But Fayling (Fayling means Failing but worse)

  2. You said in a previous post last week you had a fun post in mind. Please please please post how to do the glitch even though I always forget to do the glitches you post:( Also yesterday I was with my buddy and I said YES ADVENTURE PLEASE XD. And an inapropiate chat warning popped up:/

  3. What type of computer do you use?

  4. You can name the post CupcakesRCool is awesome. (First)

  5. I found a graphic error in dat eagle adventure thing.


    Posted it on meh picture blog.

  6. Hey, very small detail I noticed, but when you scroll over the different icons in the corner of your screen (buddies, jam-a-grams, etc.) it will pop up with a label for each one. I noticed that all have a label except for the jammer wall.

    Just pointing this out.

    1. Yes, someone told me this yesterday

    2. Thanks so much. Lso do u hv3 spiek give mye rars my dog wrks 4 aj so he can ban u!!!! Great title btw!!!

    3. no sp13kz will ta1nt ur invintery

    4. How daer u my dog sai u weill get banneded tomarroaw

    5. yea rite b4 my fleaz got fyred dey gav me a anti ban sheeld

  7. Hiii mel I now wer nt in cruspycrigi univese anemor butt weee cn stil tlk l!ke dis!!!! i now da bestist wayyyyy 2 mak a mc skinnnn so lisen! 1st doo nut mak a originl bas orrr skinn! its baddddd ad nobdy l!kes originlaliti! nut evin in aj!!!! if u gooooooo wit a ep!c dragin boi nobodi wil downlod it!!! mak a tenag gurllll cas day r faboooo!! nxt, make everyding brite and colerfill!!!! use da hat to mak har cause at = har seerrrr yaaa mak it a diagnul line fom the top to da buttom nowww mak the clothing stripd an brite!!!! it wil be amazeballs! nowww use da apply nise to the skin!! if u don us aplloy nise ur skin will be ugly lik da hd ppl! nowww make da shortssss (dere usually tree bi tree and brite blue!) oh and da shoes... do a white strip an den a neon green 4 2 pixls then a topp in da middle an beloww dat putt a barf green colorr. Den vola! u has da prettiest mc girl in da sentury! also tri makin a speik! it's impossible butt neva give up!
    -Ster (these tips are not meant to be takin seriously)

  8. Lol, you DID get a lot of those Mohawks!

  9. Day 11 Poll Results

    Cheetah 3 (3%)
    Crocodile 4 (4%)
    Deer 4 (4%)
    Dolphin 1 (1%)
    Elephant 3 (3%)
    Giraffe 2 (2%)
    Horse 3 (3%)
    Hyena 9 (9%)
    Kangaroo 1 (1%)
    Koala 3 (3%)
    Lion 3 (3%)
    Monkey 30 (32%)
    Octopus 3 (3%)
    Otter 8 (8%)
    Owl 3 (3%)
    Panda 3 (3%)
    Penguin 0 (0%)
    Polar Bear 3 (3%)
    Raccoon 0 (0%)
    Rhino 2 (2%)
    Sea Turtle 1 (1%)
    Seal 4 (4%)

    Monkeys have been eliminated with 30 votes!

    1. No one relly leikes monkeyes. SERIOUSLY. NO BODY. ALSO my dog ran away ;-;

      ° ~ °

    2. Aww, I hope you find your dog : (

    3. Oh yea?!
      My cousin's dog who didn't even stay with us for a year, DIED from some mean car driving over him.

    4. That's not good to hear, I don't know how else to respond : (

  10. Can u answer my questions above please Mel?


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