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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Unlimited Switch Glitch

Because I love finding glitches, I bring to you yet another glitch in AJ. This is the glitch I talked about in the last post that lets you switch to the same animal over and over again

Huge thank you to my friend Literate for helping me with this tutorial!

For this glitch you need three different AJ accounts. They can all be your accounts or you get can friends to help you with this

For this glitch to work, the first account must only have one animal and it must be a land-only animal! (That means no seals/penguins) I will be referring to this account as A1

The second account must have a land den and an ocean den. I will refer to this account as A2

The third account (A3) doesn't need anything special

For this tutorial, the nonmember bunny will be A1

Step 1
Have all 3 accounts go to A2's den

Step 2
Have A1 play Pairs with A3

Pairs doesn't end if it's your turn and the timer runs out which is helpful for this glitch. It may work with other buddy games but I'm not sure

Step 3
While A1 and A3 are still playing Pairs, have A2 switch their den to an ocean den

A1 doesn't have an ocean animal so they will get kicked from the den

Step 4
The Pairs screen should still be open for A1. A message asking you if you want to buy an ocean animal should come up too. Press OK

Step 5
Have A1 buy a sea turtle

And now you're done! This is what A!'s animals should look like in the switch animals screen

The game thinks you're a sea turtle when you're really a different animal. You can click on your other animal as many times as you want and it will play the switching animation each time but you'll stay the same animal

I have yet to find any useful side-effects of this glitch so for right now it's just a cool little trick to show to your buddies... I guess


  1. That is pretty awesome I love how you find out this stuff man

  2. Also is there anyway I can change the shade of the dark cloud thing that covers the background, you know, the post background thing, cause I feel like I'm copying you with that please tell me

    1. I hardly know anything on html so you'll get a better answer by looking it up
      One of these days I'll learn lol

    2. the html is the most complicated thing ever I will never become a computer person lol

  3. That looks cool! How do u find so many glitches?

    1. The way I find glitches is by thinking "what would happen if I did this while this happens?"
      So for this glitch, I thought "what happens if I get kicked out of a den while playing buddy games?"
      Nothing really happens if you get locked out so I tried it again by switching to an ocean den and got results

      It's mainly trial and error

  4. What happened to Test Post? Ya'know, that empty post with the Jammer Wall icon.

    1. Deleted it because it was a test post

  5. *sobs dramatically*
    Why don't people understand/like hyenas

  6. Woah cool glitch!

    I don't know Vesperia! It's kinda sad that hyenas are forgotten, they are so CUTE! And now they are leaving! AND being voted out on the poll! :(

  7. Thanks Random post button!

    Blossom Berryflower~July 7, 2011 at 9:40 PM
    The floor loves getting hugs from me!
    Or I just fall a lot...

    Remember you???

    1. Let's just say sometimes having the memory of a bag of rocks has its perks

  8. Day 12 Poll Results

    Cheetah 4 (3%)
    Crocodile 4 (3%)
    Deer 9 (8%)
    Dolphin 1 (0%)
    Elephant 3 (2%)
    Giraffe 0 (0%)
    Horse 1 (0%)
    Hyena 32 (28%)
    Kangaroo 3 (2%)
    Koala 6 (5%)
    Lion 4 (3%)
    Octopus 5 (4%)
    Otter 9 (8%)
    Owl 4 (3%)
    Panda 4 (3%)
    Penguin 4 (3%)
    Polar Bear 1 (0%)
    Raccoon 0 (0%)
    Rhino 2 (1%)
    Sea Turtle 6 (5%)
    Seal 9 (8%)

    Hyenas have been voted out with 32 votes!

    1. Yay! I never liked AJ hyenas, they look kinda weird

    2. Noooo!! Hyenas are my favorite animal ;-;

    3. Sadly Hyenas have been voted out with 32 votes :( -spiritcloud721

    4. I can see why most of the other animal would be voted out, but why hyenas?

    5. Hyenas are weird looking


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