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Monday, July 20, 2015

Unreleased Item + Page Updates

April 30th's AJ update let us vote for three den sets. The ones with the most votes would get released 
first. Mechanical Future won and got released first, then it was the Sand Castle set's turn. Excavation Site lost and came out last which was recently. The first two sets brought 12 new items each, and the Excavation Site set reached 12 new items on the 15th. There hasn't been a new item from the set since then. I noticed something when looking back at Jamaa Journals - there are 13 different items in the set! One item still hasn't gotten released and it might stay that way for a long time

This picture is form the newest Jamaa Journal. In the bottom corner of page 4 there's an item that looks like a dig site with a pot. Next to it is a shovel with a hat(?) on it which I assume is part of the item

Here's another picture, this time from April 30th's Jamaa Journal

This first one was about half filled with sand but this one is completely dug out, revealing dinosaur bones. It also has the same hat thing on a shovel

It's in a similar style to the most recent Excavation Site item, the Buried Statue

I guess it's a bit too early to say what I was going to say (which was "I wonder why they decided not to release it) but still, I think it would've been released by now. All the other items in the set were released day after day, and it's been like 5 days since Buried Statue came out. Maybe I'm looking wayyy too deeply into this, but I just love unreleased items for some reason lol

TL;DR version: AJHQ is (probably) done putting Excavation Site items in Jam Mart Clothing but there was one shown in Jamaa Journals that never got released

Well I certainly dragged that out longer than I should have

Anyway, if you haven't noticed by now, the Unreleased Features page or whatever I called it on the sidebar is back up again! > Click here < to go to it
It's still a work in progress so I'll be adding more things to the page when I find the time

I also updated the Deleted Items page with the two deleted Halloween masks and red butterfly wings

I might've updated another page but I don't remember because I'm half asleep lol bye


  1. A few weeks ago or something you said you had a fun post in mind. What was that post?

    1. The unused features of Jammer Wall was that post
      I said it would be fun to make, which it was (probably really boring to read tho)

  2. You spelt from as form.
    You said Jam Mart Clothing instead of da furnature shop.
    Sned me a buddy request when you get free slots (mebe)

    1. And now if I change it people will think you're lying lol

  3. Lol I could have sworwn that said Bird Statue. Happy late birthday lol

  4. hey meloetta! (sorry if I spelt that wrong DX)
    I found another unrelased item! if you go to the bottom right corner of sarpiea forest (again sorry if I spelt it wrong) there's a topiary shop right now. if you look at the outside there is an. owl and an otter topiary on the outside, when you open the shop there isn't

    -Gravityfallsdipper98 (my aj user)

    1. I noticed that too! In Spring Festival there were lots of unreleased topiaries too which I took pictures of but forgot about until you reminded me now, so thanks

  5. Day 18 Poll Results

    Cheetah 8 (9%)
    Crocodile 3 (3%)
    Dolphin 1 (1%)
    Elephant 2 (2%)
    Kangaroo 2 (2%)
    Koala 5 (5%)
    Octopus 26 (30%)
    Otter 12 (14%)
    Panda 0 (0%)
    Penguin 3 (3%)
    Polar Bear 8 (9%)
    Raccoon 0 (0%)
    Rhino 4 (4%)
    Seal 10 (11%)

    Octopuses have been eliminated with 26 votes! Sad, I really wanted them to get win

    1. "I really wanted them to get win"
      nice english there

  6. Hey Mel guess what! We can't say "you" on aj anymore! I went to hangout with one of my buddies and I said, "How are you?" and it said it was inappropriate ono

  7. Hey Mel, I noticed a strange glitch with the doctor bag on Arctic Wolves!
    Im not sure if it only works on them, but im too lazy to find out lol

  8. If only i had an arctic wolf to test it out

  9. Happy late Birthday, Meloetta!



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