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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Unused Adventure Room

I wanted to give this room its own post because I think it's really interesting. Just like in yesterday's post, this is another one of those strange blueprint adventure rooms. This room shows blueprints of an unused room. I think it's just an early version of an existing adventure but it's possible this is from its own upcoming adventure

The video shows the whole room but I'll include some screenshots of it anyway. After looking at these screenshots again, I get the feeling this was meant to be part of The Great Escape or The Hive. I don't know what adventure this is really from, that's just my guess

This is where you spawn when you enter the room
The words say "Touch all mushrooms to open door"
Like the words suggest, in this room you were supposed to touch all the mushrooms to unlock a door. By "touch" I think they mean walk over but it could also mean click on

A different view of the blue words

A doorway
The light green box with lines possibly indicates that area is, for lack of better words, a"room change spot"
That means the you'd be taken to another room if you walked there (if the adventure room was complete, anyway)

Another doorway

A different view of the doorway above
The words that I'm annoyingly covering up say "stairs up" which probably means there's supposed to be an upwards staircase there. That's one of the main reasons I believe this room is from The Great Escape

Some mushrooms and a spot where a cork would be
I didn't notice any pipes for the cork so maybe there was going to be a pipe in another room

Some rocks and phantoms
The blue arrows coming from the phantom are the phantom's movement path. If this room was complete, that phantom would move back and fourth in the directions of those arrows

A different view of the above picture

More words

Some of the words are cut off and trying to fly down to read the rest of them makes the background go black. I think the reason for that is that area was meant to be a place where you need a torch to see. As far as I can tell, the words say "Lit areas by doors ward phantoms away" There is something else written below but I wasn't able to see it


  1. How do u go there pls tell

  2. Hmm Interesting. What were u doing yesterday when I came by your den to visit?

    1. In the ocean den? I was showing someone the weird ocean den items that I have but don't recall ever buying

    2. Next time I see you on, sure
      None of them are unreleased or anything

  3. ugh whats the point of the animal poll if everyone vote for the diamond shop animals for them to get eliminated...like wow. Someone explain :L
    Im NM btw.

    1. I think people just have hatred towards the diamond shop

  4. i went here once on my own

  5. Replies
    1. I think she is 17 now.

    2. Wow 17?! o.o you're almost an adult

    3. I thought she was like, 13 or 14 o3o

    4. That reminds me I never posted the picture of my "lovely" cake

    5. Omg post it mel!!!! I wanna see how your cake looked :D

  6. Fix the blurb about llamas being unreleased on the Edited Items page.

    1. While I'm at it I should just delete that page

  7. Oh WOW, I want this adventure to come out for real! Although that is sorta creepy how AJ writes giants words on it... and they KINDA need to improve their drawing skills a bit! ( Oh cool, first comment!) Still thou, I wish I could do this glitch!

    1. Its just a blue print so, not much detail is put into it

  8. I was there today! Grapevine brought me there

  9. Day 16 Poll Results

    Cheetah 11 (10%)
    Crocodile 2 (1%)
    Dolphin 1 (0%)
    Elephant 2 (1%)
    Kangaroo 1 (0%)
    Koala 4 (3%)
    Lion 18 (17%)
    Octopus 13 (12%)
    Otter 14 (13%)
    Panda 4 (3%)
    Penguin 8 (7%)
    Polar Bear 3 (2%)
    Raccoon 3 (2%)
    Rhino 5 (4%)
    Sea Turtle 4 (3%)
    Seal 9 (8%)

    Lions have been eliminated with 18 votes!

  10. Hey, meloetta! Whats the weirdest thing that happened to you?!

    1. The experience at that abandoned house I guess


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