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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Unused Jammer Wall Features

I'm finally back! Most people probably didn't even know I left because I continued to post and update the sidebar item. I guess you can say I never did take that break I planned on taking... but no one cares, so yeah
This post is about some unused Jammer Wall features as well as some small changes I noticed between updates. Some pictures in this post were taken from AJHQ's tutorial video which can be found > HERE

In the original video the Jammer Wall icon was to the right of the Parties icon where the gems are now

When the update was released publicly, Jammer Wall was moved to be in between Buddies and the Newspaper

The video showed 28 usable emotes while the release only has 21 usable emotes. Here is how the emote window looked in the video

This is how it looks now

The confused, lovesick, queasy, rainy, hearts, broken heart, and sword emotes were taken away as options. Since those emotes aren't all on the same row it's likely that AJHQ specifically chose to remove those emotes. They probably didn't want people to use Jammer Wall like a dating site and didn't want people being mean by spamming the queasy emote all over your wall (which means they are calling you gross)
I'm assuming they left out the sword emote so people don't take it the wrong way and start fighting or something, but if that's the case I think they should've removed the angry emote and brought back confused or rainy. Maybe I'm just looking into this too much and they were just random emotes

In the video, newly posted messages showed "0 minutes ago" as their post time

When Jammer Wall was officially released, the post time for new posts was "Just now ago"

That got fixed shortly after. It currently says "Just now" for new posts

It's not really much of a change but I think I prefer "0 minutes ago" for no particular reason or "just now ago" because of how stupid it sounds lol

There was another slight change from the early version in the video and the final release. In the options window that lets you choose who can post on your wall, the top option said "No One"

Now it says "Nobody"

Like I said, it's just a slight change. I'm probably the only one who noticed that because I watched that video like 90 times for this post lol

The preview wall in the membership ad showed that adding a custom name to your wall was originally going to be possible

If you can't read the title on the picture, their wall is named "The-Pink-Princess"

The preview in the newspaper is a bit different than the one on the original membership ad. For the most part the text is exactly the same, but the title is different. This preview wall's title is "awesomejammer2015" which was one of the people who commented in the AJHQ video

Unfortunately this could mean that custom names for your wall was a scrapped idea : (

Another feature that was shown in the preview but we never got is the option to display your animal's name instead of your username. Precious Happyflower is using their animal name while ElectroSquid is using their username. It's unknown if this was intended to be an option or if everyone's name other than yours was going to have their name displayed as their animal name. Either way, it's still an unused feature. It was probably removed due to the fact that if you click on someone who commented on your wall, it takes you right to their playercard. That being said, there's no point in hiding the other players' usernames

Yet another unused feature shown in that preview is clothing on the animal pictures. Right now, your animal shows up with no clothes no matter what you have on. In the preview, ElectroSquid's polar bear has a clover tie, shamrock glasses, and presumably a clover balloon. Clothing will most likely be added to the animal pictures in the next update

The newspaper version of the preview showed off another unused feature! Take a look at the bottom of the image above. There's a bubble that says "New Message" with an arrow next to it. I'm assuming this was meant to appear when someone comments on your wall when you're already viewing your wall. If that feature is already in the game I haven't been able to see it yet, but I'm pretty sure it's unused
It's also worth pointing out that in the preview, the time stamps are abbreviated. They all say "15 min ago" while in the released version "min" isn't abbreviated

That's all I found from looking at both previews and the video. If you noticed something I didn't, please tell me in the comments

While not changed or unused features, here are a couple more things I noticed in the video
The account being used to record the video was ajfangirl. You might notice that she's a member

However if you search the username, the account is a nonmember. She doesn't have the membership achievement but instead has two random achievements (which probably doesn't mean anything)

The lack of membership/ and membership achievement makes me believe AJHQ deleted the original account after the video was made and someone else made a new account copying the outfit
The other usernames shown in the video don't show up in search results which supports my guess that the accounts were deleted

I would think someone would've made new accounts with those usernames by now too but maybe they're unavailable. If that's really the case though, why was the name ajfangirl available? Perhaps that really is the account used in the video but we'll never know because I highly doubt AJHQ would answer such a question lol


  1. Hey Mel I added fishies to my blog...do you think I should add a Poll or Survey too?

  2. Should I make another blog just for life stuff, me and my friends art (if I could import them), GIFs, polls, surveys and whatnot?

    1. Since my blog is strictly about AJ (except for the occasional comparason posts and cakes) I would make a separate blog for life stuff but it depends on what you want to do

  3. Ya so many unused features hopefully they will come in the next update with nonemembers being able to have there own since nonmembers can type on someone elses

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  5. What's the 2nd trophy? The one closer to the right?

    1. I think it was a trophy from the dolphin game

  6. I found out that non members can post on other people's jammer walls, even though they can't have there own c:

  7. Maybe ajfangirl is a nm and has a membership because she works for aj?

  8. cami's main account is nouse20. or was it nouse10? well one of those XD

    1. According to TIgerlypaws it's nouse20

    2. I was with my buddy once and Cami buddied her and then Cami buddied me and deleted me then buddied me then deleted me THEN SAID I WAS MEAN :(

    3. Hmm, I thought it used to be TheSafari07...

  9. Ajfangirl is wearing a necklace in her player Card but it doesn't show up on her

    1. It's not a necklace, it's just the moon pattern. I thought it was a necklace at first too

  10. You forgot about the unused notes/notepad thing from a long time ago that you thought they were gonna use

    1. I didn't forgot, I just don't know if it actually is related to Jammer Wall or not

  11. Meloetta, Andrew the Gecko is up again after a very long hiatus!

    1. Yay! Reminds me I need to revive Breadstick again

    2. I revived Belle the rhino the other day 8 months since I posted on it:)?:(?

  12. The mysterious voices are coming for you....

  13. Let's go on an Adventure!

  14. Hey! I found something else different from the tutorial. In the tutorial, she types and it is in the middle. For us, it is on the top.

  15. Mel you should create an Instagram account a lot of people are taking credit for things you've found

    1. Here's an example of someone taking credit for your finding:


  16. Our conversation earlier
    Me: oops i spilt water on my keyboard
    please dont zap me
    yay it did not zap me
    You: Now I have something to post about
    Me: . eats ice .

    1. I said I didn't have anything to post about

  17. Day 10 Poll Results

    Cheetah 5 (5%)
    Crocodile 3 (3%)
    Deer 3 (3%)
    Dolphin 0 (0%)
    Elephant 2 (2%)
    Giraffe 1 (1%)
    Horse 1 (1%)
    Hyena 11 (12%)
    Kangaroo 2 (2%)
    Koala 1 (1%)
    Lion 2 (2%)
    Llama 31 (36%)
    Monkey 6 (6%)
    Octopus 3 (3%)
    Otter 5 (5%)
    Owl 1 (1%)
    Panda 1 (1%)
    Penguin 1 (1%)
    Polar Bear 3 (3%)
    Raccoon 0 (0%)
    Rhino 1 (1%)
    Sea Turtle 0 (0%)
    Seal 3 (3%)

    Llamas have been eliminated with 31 votes! I'm surprised they made it this far, everyday it seems like they had the second highest vote

  18. Did you notice how on the unreleased picture, Electrosquid advertised the restaurant at her den, and the person under saying they wanna be a cook is ALSO ElectroSquid? So... ElectroSquid wants to work at her own restaurant.....

  19. Hey Mel, did you know that in Play Wild there's an option where you can change the name tahs so they show your username instead of the animal name?

    1. I don't know anything about Play Wild lol

    2. You do.
      You know that thing I told you and the fact that you will never be able to play it. There are no Memberships in PW. And no scammers (that I have seen) Also, NO DIAMOONDZ! When you log into PW you have an option to make a new account or use your AJ acount. Anyway bie.

  20. Notice that ElectroSquid is acting like their 3 different people. Fail ajhq

  21. No, Ajfangirl has no membership achievement because she's an account made by AJHQ. Once an account is made, the username can never be used again. Even If it's deleted.

    1. Then why was she a member in the video?

  22. In the video, ajfangirl's eyes are black. On the nonmember account, they are purple.

    I could also be going colorblind idk


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