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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Weird Glitchy Rooms!

Well, today was certainly interesting! It all started when my buddy came to my den asking me for a trade. After that was settled they said something like "follow me there's a glitch"
I expected something lame like a den void glitch but my expectations were way off... which was a good thing
I followed them to this room

It looks like the Sol Arcade den but it had no music and the room was just called "Untitled Room"

I followed them again and I was brought to a room called "On An Adventure"

If you can't tell, this room is the same room used for the Spring Festival. It turns out almost every adventure room is called "On An Adventure"

Once again there was no music at all. There weren't any eggs to collect or NPCs to talk to either. It was just an empty room with no music... lol someone better make a terrible creepypasta about this

Then they took me to a really really weird room that I can only compare to TBA
Yeah, see for yourself

This room was basically a testing/unfinished version of The Search For Greely. The nonmember shark hat bunny in the picture was actually the one taking us to these rooms. I followed my friend who followed their friend who followed their friend to these weird rooms. I know it sounds like the whole "my dad's cousin's flea's cat's butler werkz 4 aj" thing but that's what was happening lol

You can't walk in the "Greely Test Room" as I'll call it so you had to fly using an eagle or owl. In that picture, the place where the shark hat bunny is standing was where we all spawned when we entered the room. Like I just said, none of us could move until we switched to a bird

I might as well just get this out of the way now - none of these rooms had any music and I got to them all by following/teleporting to buddies

I took quite a few screenshots of this room since it was so big. Here are the most interesting ones

On a walkway

The portal

Giant blue words! Oh, the horror!

One of the words was cut off but I think it says "Appear after cage key"

And my personal favorite (and by far the creepiest), the caged demon wolf

In the actual adventure this is where Greely would be locked up so it makes sense why a wolf would be there, but look at this thing!

Why is it hot pink? Why is it eyeless? Why does it have a black thin rectangle on its foot? It might be best not to think about it...

Then I lost the group because my internet went down so I probably missed all the cool rooms : (
When I finally got back online I was able to teleport to another friend in one of the rooms
I moused over the teleport button and the room they were in was called "Training"

I thought this would be the tutorial adventure room but it was really the Mira boat from an old New Jammer tutorial!

Amazingly the shop actually still worked! It had the same as the tutorial so it's not that amazing, but still

Then we went to a test version of The Forgotten Desert

It was really empty and just had a lot of lines everywhere
I found the exit portal and a Zios spawn point

Interestingly in the final version of The Forgotten Desert there are no Zios spawn points because it's impossible to lose any health in that adventure. Maybe it was originally going to have phantoms?

I also found a poorly drawn dry pond and a cactus. I have to admit the cactus was pretty cute

The tour ended (at least for me) with a really really strange room. It was another test adventure room but it wasn't for any adventure that we could recognize. It was another room where you had to be an eagle or owl to move around. If you flew over to certain spots the screen would go black

The blue words say "Touch all mushrooms to open door"
There were arrows in this room pointing to poorly drawn mushrooms. There are no adventures where you have to touch mushrooms to open a door that I know of... So I was thinking this room is from an unreleased adventure!

There were other rooms that we got to visit too and I have loads more pictures! But most importantly, I recorded videos of most of the rooms we went to. I'll have to upload them sometime (probably tomorrow, hint hint)

TheOneAndOnlySomething (aka the shark hat bunny), as mentioned earlier, was the one that took us to these rooms. I'm pretty sure they found out about these rooms on their own too. They said they had a video up on their YouTube channel about how to get to these rooms without having to follow someone to them


  1. That's so cool! The little behind the scenes areas looked weird, with the handwriting in the room. Also, what's TheOneAndOnlySomething's youtube channel? I would love to try out the glitch!


  3. And the unreleased adventure looks very... Green.

    Man that pink wolf was creepy lol

  4. That's actually kinda not kinda cool but really cool to see how ajhq makes there adventures! I wish I could see o I is gonna look on the one and only something's channel! LET ME SEEE!!!!! XD Something is actually happening in AJ!:O maybe nextweeksjamaa journal will have the unreleased adventure?

  5. Since when have we been able to vote multiple times?

    1. Every 7 days I make it so you can vote for more than one

  6. am i allowed to tell how he went there o.e lol

  7. If you ever quit [ples don't quit soon ;-;] can I take over the blog?

    idk how to do gifs tho
    or full backgrounds

    ye idk nvm

    1. I don't know maybe
      I was thinking of adding another author...

    2. You should add me as the author!

    3. No mel don't do it! PleAse don't add him or your blog will be forever ruined

    4. I rather you to leave your blog how it was and to leave it in memory and not add any authors

    5. Did someone say... Author???
      Sorry my bayd

  8. could ya send me the youtube link? thanks X3

    1. This should be it

  9. Could ya send me the link? Thanks. X3

  10. WOW thats super cool!! I would love a adventure in which you have to touch the mushrooms in a certain time limit or something!! How did you find this again?!?

    1. It's in the post, I said I followed my buddies to these rooms

  11. That is just.......AWESOME! I bet the writing was notes ajhq took about the adventure. They have messy handwriting lol..though I can't really say much...x3

  12. Can you please put her video link in the comments, I went to her channel and I couldn't find the video of how to get there!

  13. http://picturesthaticanuse.blogspot.com/2015/07/halp-yer-account-isnt-loading-correctly.html

    eek whai

  14. It won't work for me her video won't work for me!! I can't find what she found!!!

  15. You said you followed your friend, though how did your friend get there? I really want to SO bad!

    1. Their friend followed XxNyanClawxX
      I posted Nyan's video in the comments above which shows how to get there yourself

  16. I saw the video and I was wondering, you won't get banned for doing that? It kind of seems like hacking... or no?

    1. I don't know, that's why I'm not trying it and prefer to follow my friends there instead

    2. thats what i thought it kinda does seem like hacking I feel like its not safe

    3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GUNum5NHx_o

      Should I try this or does it seem like hacking..?

    4. I think it's fine as long as you don't use it to say anything bad

    5. I might just try the glitch/hack room thing using a spare.

  17. My dad and sister went with out me:(

  18. I just got suspended for saying What's your you? Wow aj

    1. I got a comment a few days ago saying they got suspended for saying "whats ur u" or something like that. Seriously, wow aj

    2. I was asking what the persons YouTube was. And as soon as I said that the message popped up and it was like your account has been suspended for 1 day! First I have ever got suspended in 2 years

  19. Idk why but that wolf model looks a bit more 3D-ish to me then the regular animals.

  20. This is hecka cool. Reminds me of something that happened to me a long time ago. I had tried to cross the bridge in the Township (this way before Appondale was released, like November 2010) and it took me to a black and white sketch version of Appondale.

    1. That sounds really cool, I wish I saw that too!

  21. Day 14 Poll Results (You were able to vote for multiple animals, 96 voters total)

    Cheetah 29 (30%)
    Crocodile 33 (34%)
    Deer 37 (38%)
    Dolphin 25 (26%)
    Elephant 35 (36%)
    Horse 37 (38%)
    Kangaroo 28 (29%)
    Koala 28 (29%)
    Lion 28 (29%)
    Octopus 35 (36%)
    Otter 30 (31%)
    Owl 31 (32%)
    Panda 30 (31%)
    Penguin 30 (31%)
    Polar Bear 30 (31%)
    Raccoon 22 (22%)
    Rhino 31 (32%)
    Sea Turtle 28 (29%)
    Seal 36 (37%)

    Horses and Deer both tied for 37 votes and have been eliminated!

  22. OMG! That is cool and creeoy at the same time!! But those blue letters... and the demon wolf... the wolf is just...scary.


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