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Monday, August 31, 2015

DIscussion: Good things AJHQ has done

EDIT: No, this isn't sarcasm. I wanted to discuss the good things AJHQ has done for you or for the game in general

"Back in the day" when I was popular I had a lot of impostors. People tried to make their usernames really similar to mine (my old usernames were Mayksufi, WItchHatBunny, and LoveLost for anyone who didn't know) There was Maysufi, Mayksuf1, Witchatbunny, WitchHatBunni, WltchHatBunny, Iovelost, L0veLost, and many others. People even went as far as making accounts called "LoveLostIsCrap" and "WitchHatBunnyIsCrap" and yes, that got past AJHQ's name censor. They would go around scamming people trying to get me blamed, and people actually believed it was me for some reason. So the point of this story is AJHQ eventually deleted all of these usernames. I'm not sure if they did that because they knew they were impostors or if they just randomly deleted them like they deleted my storage FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER I'd like to think they knew and they were trying to help me out (even though that probably isn't the case)

The end

Sunday, August 30, 2015

TOOLS (New AJ Leaks)

Just like last time, Nyan/TheOneAndOnlySomething showed us some more images of upcoming AJ features!

Most of these are likely related to that mysterious new feature that was accidentally teased in the membership ads

I'll start with the pictures of a new name selector thing
I don't really know what to say about this. I think what the new feature will be is the ability to create your own party like you can have your own Jammer Wall. Maybe all parties will be on a list like the epic dens list?
If that's true I think this is a name selector for your party. However it's set up like an animal name, meaning there's a "main" name and two other names put together (example: Blossom Berryflower)

In the corner there's a (sigh) diamond icon... So not only will this feature will be members only, but it will also cost diamonds! Yay! We're already paying for membership, why should we have to pay for extra diamonds?

Here is the same image but with a green popup

An icon of a monkey with a party hat

I think this will be what we have to click to access the new feature. Of course it won't be that big when it's actually in game

Icons with a fence, jukebox, and a butterfly picture

I don't know what these are for either. The first two are in the same style as the "decorating your den" tabs. No idea what the fence cou;d be used for but maybe they are giving den music its own tab. That would make it slightly more convenient to change your den music... I guess

The butterfly one is more round and in a slightly different style so I don't think it will be related to dens

Chair Icon

I have a pretty good idea as to what this is for. I think it's going to be the new Edit Den button. It's in the same style and colours as the old one

Weapons Menu
For whatever reason there are two versions of this - one with a blue (and possibly transparent) background and one with a brown background. My guess on what this will be used for is a damage guide for adventures. Right now if you wear certain items in an adventure and try to attack a phantom gate it will do more damage. Items that do this are types of swords, gloves, gauntlets, and nunchucks. There might be other items that work too, I don't remember. I think they are adding a menu or something that tells you how much extra damage your items are doing. So for example, if you're wearing a sword, the number next to the sword icon will change to the amount of extra damage your sword will do

If my theory is correct, this means bows will now do extra damage in adventures (if they don't already, I never tried)
I believe the paw icon is for leg items like the gloves and gauntlets. But what about the last two icons? There is one of a staff and one of a shield. This could mean those unreleased Healing Staffs are coming out soon! As for the shield, maybe AJ is taking my suggestion of "wearing armour in adventures actually does something"
In other words, maybe if you have armour from the diamond shop on, attacks will do less damage to you

Here are the icons without the background


This is the one I'm most excited for, and for a nerdy reason. This is an icon at that goes at the top like the parties menu and jam a gram button. It was first (and only) seen in beta. He's a beta screenshot so you can see. The tools icon is in the top left corner

It was always shaded out and now we finally get to see what it looks like in colour!
The only problem is, it might not be coming out any time soon. Nyan said "I'm not exactly sure when it was uploaded to Animal Jam's files" so for all I know it could've been added in beta, just never used. Still, it's cool to see it not shaded out

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Some (Terrible) Tips For AJ Bloggers

Note: This post is like 75% serious and 25% joke post

This isn't a post I every thought I'd be making, I just felt like doing something like this. I am by no means a good blogger so I probably don't have any right to give tips but I will anyway. Some of these could apply to blogging in general I guess. Since I'm me these "tips" may or may not be really unhelpful or inaccurate lol

These are in no order or anything, not that it really matters

Keep your URL simple
In case you don't know what a URL is it's basically the thing you type in to get to the site (so for example this site's URL is http://animaljamflash.blogspot.com/)
Don't make it super long like http://supermegaawesomeanimaljamcheatsandglitchesandhacksandjunk.blogspot.com/
If your URL is really long less people will remember it and have a hard time going back to your site (even though the fancy computers nowadays save URLS)

If you use images/info from another site, give credit/link the source!
No one likes having their stuff stolen. Taking things from other sites and not giving credit sort will make people think it's yours. That's (more or less) plagiarism. You could argue and say "well all ur images really belong 2 ajhq" which I guess is right, but think about this. If I took a picture of some grass on your lawn, it's still my picture even though it's not my lawn. That logic can be applied here... I think. I don't know where I'm going with this. My point is don't steal

Be original
Basically every AJ blog out there is the same these days. They all just have posts like this:

Those types of posts were original at some point but it gets old after like the 2nd post. Even I'm guilty of being unoriginal - I used to shove 4 random AJ images into one post and call it a day
Plus I would make a post like that 3 times a week LOL
Try coming up with original topics instead of doing the same thing every day. It will make it more interesting for the viewers

Reply to commenters
This one is harder to do depending on how popular your blog is. If you reply to a lot of the comments you get people may feel more welcome to your blog and comment more often. Or I could just be making that up, I don't know

Don't have too many commenting rules
If you have like 27 rules on what not to comment you'll get a lot less "good" commenters and a lot more "OMG U ST1NK KWIT BLOGGING 4 LYFE PLS DO US ALL A FLAVOR AND KWIT NEVER PSOT AGAIN H3XT3YCRTQCEXGXEYCT!!!! also go 2 my site: http://animaljambuttdust.blogspot.com/ itz better then urz"
I think the reason for this is people will try their best to break every rule possible just because. Also, your viewers might be smart, it should be pretty obvious to them they shouldn't spam with their site virus "click dis 4 spike" links and every bad word in the book lol
I'm not saying you shouldn't have rules, I'm just trying to say you shouldn't go overboard with the rules

If you're not enjoying blogging, take a break/quit
This one should be obvious - if you don't feel like blogging anymore, no one's forcing you to stay. I took a year or so break from blogging because it wasn't fun anymore and I wasn't enjoying it. Just keep in mind that if you take a break, you will lose like 90% (or probably more) of your viewers
I feel like this one is terrible advice but seriously, if you're not enjoying it, don't do it! For your own sanity! In other words, post because you want to, not because you have to

Don't overuse words
I should really follow my own advice sometimes... I don't think I've made a post that didn't say "probably" at least 7 times

Those are all the so called "tips" I could think of. Actually, here's another tip - figure out a way to end your posts instead of just saying "I don't really know how to end this post so bye" like I tend to do

I don't really know how to end this post so bye

Hey guys I'm alive again


Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Hotel internet is basically unusable so I haven't been able to log into AJ at all which means I can't update the daily item on the sidebar. I can't read comments either so it's a wonder that I even got this post up lol

I'll be "back" in a few days I guess

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Jam Mart Furniture Items (2011)

These are pictures I found on my SD card taken on May 31 2011 of everything that was for sale in Jam Mart Furniture. Back then there weren't 12 billion items in the game like there are now so the majority of things that were for sale were from beta. If I remember correctly everything from the last 6 pages were. Furniture items all used to have black outlines in the shops

These pictures are in the same order as the items appeared in the shop - so the newest items are in the first picture

I also have old pictures from the flag shop that I didn't post because as far as I know, only like 0.0903421% of AJJammers care about the flag shop or even know it exists lol

Thursday, August 20, 2015

AJ Update August 20 2015 - The Lots-Of-Stuff Update

 I didn't know what else to call this update. As you can tell from the title, this update has lots of stuff
Here's the Jamaa Journal even though 73% of us already know what's in it lol

Page 1

Graham's Workshop is finally out! It's in the Parties menu which means it's a limited time adventure

I barely played any of the adventure and it's already one of my favourites! Hopefully when I play it more later I won't have to take that back ¬_¬
It has tons of items you can buy too! I'll get to those at the end

Page 2

: (

Page 3

Snow Leopards are once again in the Overpriced Shop!

And the new party is called Back To School Party

 It's a pretty small room for a party so I can see them making it into a den. I would actually like that since it's a pretty small room and not bigger than all AJ lands combined like almost every diamond shop den ever. Why should my house be bigger than the world?
The party has some really funky (but unfitting) music and a shop. I'll put the items at the end of the post

Page 4

We were right, Lynxes are the next animal! I wonder if they'll be out next update or in 2 updates. Knowing AJ it will be 2 updates but since they already got the reveal over with, maybe it will be next update
Either way they're incredibly stubby

Page 5

Something I'm really happy for, the achievement system got redone! I'm still slightly upset that they moved the achievement button to the inventory screen but oh well
They now show you a list of all 99% of the achievements in the game! It shows you which ones you have and how close you are to getting another one

Interestingly the River Race achievements are listed there. I can tell some newer players will be confused as to where you can player River Race to get those achievements. When they finally find out you can only play it with a game machine they might go to Aldan and try to trade for one. Some Aldaners will probably say "no skrub u hav nuttin good stop playing teh game kid" :\
The two removed achievements aren't on the list and i haven't tested to see if they show up on here if you have them. If they don't then you can't see those achievements yourself but your buddies can

Page 6

There's a new Wild Explorers episode with Cami and pet bees are leaving soon. They'll be rare until they inevitably come back next year so be sure to buy like 20 even though having rare pets means literally nothing these days

 It turns out there was no ferret ad after all! But that's it for the Jamaa Journal, here are the new items

Graham Workshop has two shops - a den item shop and a clothing shop

 All the items here cost materials which can be gathered from playing the adventure. I'll start with the den items

 And the clothing shop

I can tell the tail armor will be popular with the wolves lol
I really like those straw wings too. Like I said I didn't really play much of the adventure so I don't know, but hopefully this adventure isn't as grindy and repetitive as Battle For The Beacon. I don't think anyone managed to get all the items from that adventure without trading. If they did it must've taken like 12 days. You got like 5 dirt shards every 10 minutes from that...
Something I noticed is when you don't have enough materials and try to buy something it tells you how many of each material you need like it does for gems

Anyway here are the items at the school party

 This update isn't as good as the Rainbow Update in my opinion, but I still think it's a really good update!
I'll give this update a...

8.6 / 10

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SPOILERS - AJ Update August 20

Nyan strikes again with the fancy AJ leaks! This isn't all that was leaked but you can check out Nyan's YouTube for other videos

This is what's going to be in the next update which is in a few days. Since some people don't like spoilers I hid the images and stuff in this post. If you want to see the pictures and info, click the "Read more" thing below or click on the comments

Monday, August 17, 2015


In my last post I said "Now let's wait and see if the next rare is one of those 3 colours and is in Jam Mart Clothing"
Well, it IS 2 of the 3 colours I talked about in the last post, blue and purple. Seriously, why do all rare have to be blue purple or green?
On the bright side this one isn't in Jam Mart Clothing for once! It's in the museum shop on its own page

If they follow the same pattern that the medical items followed, the next rare will be in the same exact place and probably the same colours too

In other "news" I was told by an anonymous person that the Walk-In Closet from a few days ago has an error or glitch or something with its name. In stores it's called Walk-In Closet

But in your inventory the word Wardrobe gets added. It doesn't even fit in the name bubble thing

I guess they decided to change its name right before it released and forgot to change its mouseover name? And unrelated to the name thing katie7 pointed out that it's not even a walk in closet. It's pretty much just a wardrobe. It should be renamed to "Wooden Wardrobe" or something. Or they could just keep adding words to it and call it "Walk-In Closet Wardrobe Cabinet Cupboard Locker Contain Vault"

And here's a question that I need an answer to:
Why does my wedding gown scent?