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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Maps of AJ Rooms

Last year I used some glitch that probably doesn't work anymore to make the adventure map thing show up in normal AJ rooms. I took pictures of all the maps I found and wanted to use them for a contest. When I came back to this blog a year ago after abandoning it for a while I posted some contest thing with a cheesy title of "Meloetta's Maps" where you had to guess the room the map was from. It never really kicked off so I never made another one. That being said I have all these pictures of maps from AJ rooms that I never bothered to post. I probably could've just used all of these for one big guessing contest but I don't think anyone really cares lol

All of them are pretty weird shapes



Art Studio

Brady's Theater

Brady Barr's Lab

Castle Den

Chamber Of Knowledge 1st Floor

Chamber Of Knowledge 2nd Floor

Chamber Of Knowledge 3rd Floor

Club Geoz

Coral Cantons

Summer Carnival (before the remodel)

Crystal Sands

Basic Den

Diamond Shop

Epic Wonders

Flag Shop

Sarepia Forest

Jam Mart Furniture

Jamma Township

Jam Mart Clothing

Pet Shop

Pillow Room

Canyons Pathway

Sarepia Theater (Lobby)

Sarepia Theater

Sol Arcade

Aquarium Theater

Found Temple Of Zios
Jam Mart Furniture looks a bit like a Tyranitar
Remember, tomorrow is update day! Hopefully it's not late this time


  1. The aquarium kind of looks like a fat crab scorpion?

  2. Jam mart furniture looks more like a Charizard to me lol

  3. I'm expecting a good early update tomorrow! I doubt I though. Some of those maps are easy to tell but the others not so much

  4. Tyranitar is awesome.

  5. Those are really hard maps 0,0
    I would fail. Though I never woulda thunk about tyranitar. That's a cool connection.

    1. Thunk isn't a word. You're looking for 'thought' in that sentence ^ ^

  6. Hey Meloetta, I don't think you remember me (AJ - Kiniro), but could you possibly check your Deviant Art? (I apologize if I have the wrong person i'm just so overcome with emotion that you (If you are who I think you are) is still online)

  7. I think it looks like Salamance :D

  8. it doesnt really look like tyranitar it just looks like a demented dino XD

  9. It's called "The lost temple of Zios" not "The found temple of Zios"

  10. Aquarium THAERTER looks like a PAHHHRASITE.
    aquarius theaterus
    causes nausea from annoying movies


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