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Friday, October 30, 2015

Animal Jam Q & A

Doing this just in time for Halloween even though this has no relevance to Halloween whatsoever!

I consider myself one of the biggest AJ nerds out there. Maybe not so much anymore, but I still have all my nerd-knowledge from old AJ (well, most of it at least)
So if you have any questions about the game I'd be happy to answer! I won't be answering questions about trading advice (for example "is this item worth this item") since those are based on preference
(however I will answer questions likes that if they are about 2011/2012's "economy" the best I can)

This Q & A is mainly about the game itself but I guess you can ask me questions too but who would want to know anything about me lol

Sunday, October 25, 2015



I meant to post this a few days ago but memory lol

Apparently all the AJ youtbers and bloggers are freaking out over this "big news" that really isn't big news at all. Probably for click bait lol

I don't know who originally found this and don't know where I would find that information so just know I didn't find this

The Daily Explorer currently has these banners on the side

Doesn't the red one look like it's missing something? It originally had something there and AJHQ removed it because "spoilers"

Go to the red one's image URL and you can see what it's missing for yourself


The 02 at the end of the URL suggests that it's version 2 of the image. Change the 2 to a 1 to get to the original version of the image


The original version looks like this

It says there's a news crew assignment on Arctic Foxes! This is where all the clickbaiters are going nuts with titles like "OMG ARTIC FOXES CONFIRMED FOR NEXT ANIMAL!??!?!?!?!?!?" "PREPARE YOUR 20K SPIKED COLLARS I  BET THEY WON'T LOOK LIKE TRASH ON ARTIC FOXES LOL" I'm 90% sure that most people already knew arctic foxes were going to be the next animal because of the ruined seal cave
They added silhouette of an animal that's a mix between the demonic AJ lynxes and overused foxes

 It's also in a different style than the original seal artwork and therefore it's RUINED (lol just using that as a cover up for my inability to let go of the past)

Looks like all the new animals will have that non-AJ-like creepy 3d style and not the original style. Kinda like how they changed the shamans : (

Monday, October 19, 2015

Still not ded

(EG is currently boring so I decided to make a new post lol)

I wanted to post this a long time ago but you know, lack of motivation or whatever excuses I used last time. Back in August  July I posted the leaked images from Graham's Workshop before it was released that TheOneAndOnlySomething found in the files. I noticed something about the pictures. I'll repost the ones I'm talking about here

These were the images that were going to be used in the adventure. However, AJHQ made new versions and used those instead

I like the new ones better than the unused ones but that's just me. The unused ones are much bigger so I wonder if items menu thing in the adventure was going to take up half the screen or not

Also I'd like to make a correction from one of my other posts. In > this post < I showed more images that Nyan found, including this one of an "unused" chair icon

I said I think it might be a replacement for the Edit Den button

But as it turns out it was the other way around. The current edit den button was the replacement for the chair icon! Take a look at the beta screenshot I had in that post

Yeah, the chair icon is in that picture. I noticed that a few days after I made that post. I would've fixed the post or something but I kinda have the memory of a back of rocks, so... yeah

And for anyone interested I made a few more posts on Breadstick The Croc

Saturday, October 10, 2015

My thoughts on "modern" trading

Apparently, me quitting translates to "never leaving and only posting boring "rants""

Anyway, today I feel like talking about my thoughts on trading and how it used to be/how it is now as well as rares and how they work. Chances are there won't be many people that see it the same way I do but I felt like typing this all out anyway

I'll start with how trading was before they added a trade system
In 2010 and early 2011, 99% of the time trading ended up as a scam. The only way to trade items with someone was through Jam a Grams. The other person always made you send your item first, and instead of being a half decent person, they would either send you back a 45 gem necklace instead of the item they promised, or you'd just get nothing at all. There were some honest traders out there (sometimes they would offer to send first) but the honest traders ended up getting scammed most of the time too. I was able to have like one successful trade but some people wouldn't consider it a real trade. Someone in the town was saying "send me a gift and i will send you one back!" and they actually did send stuff back. I don't remember what I sent them but they gave me an orange heart balloon back... I think. Even though heart balloons had just left stores they were decently rare at the time. Then they added the trade system near the end of March 2011 because of all the people getting scammed. The trade system didn't really help with scamming since people found new ways to scam such as  > The Pillow Scam <

You probably knew that already but I wanted to include that part because... I don't know it makes the post longer lol

This post isn't about scamming so I'm just going to exclude anything else about it. After the trading system came out, me and lots of other people got into trading. The town was the main place people went for trading but occasionally people would have trading parties in their dens and people would actually go to them. More people would come if you put the word "rare" in front of your message. Me or my friend would go to the town yelling "RARE TRADING IN MY DEN!" and our dens would fill up pretty quickly. Nowadays if you tried to host a den trading party, everyone would ignore you. You might get some attention if you have a black spiked collar on, byt if you don't, good luck getting anyone to come to your den. You didn't need to have any rare items on for people to come to your trading parties. Everyone just went anyway. As you know by now I'm really bad at organizing my posts. That being said I'm just going to hold that thought and talk about something else lol

Back then, all items in existence/in circulation came from a shop. If anything left a shop it pretty much instantly became rare. For example, Heart Balloons. I already mention this in this post but even though at the time they just recently left Jam Mart Clothing, not very many of them were in existence. Sure they were still semi common but it wasn't like now where everyone and their cat has 27 of every clearance item and 89 spiked collars. There weren't that many people interested in item collecting so not many people bought everything that went on clearance. There was no other way of getting items other than by trading or buying them, unlike now where most items in circulation came from adventures. Rarity was pretty much based on how many people bought the item. Most of the good traders knew exactly (or had a close estimate) how many of each of the "good" items there were in existence (for example it was common knowledge between "hardcore traders" that there were only 2 orange beards in the game) and had a pretty good idea about the amount of semi rare items such as Heart Balloons

About 2/3 of the game's items were ones that were not for sale meaning that 2/3 of the game's items were rare. There weren't as many different items in the game as there are now but there were still a lot of items. That kept trading interesting and fun for me as I never knew what I was going to get offered. When I first started trading there was a really cool feeling you would get if you got traded a rare item that you never owned before. I remember the joy I felt when I got my first Wreath Necklace and Fox Hat. There were so many rare items and it was really fun trying to collect them. I would sit at the town sometimes just waiting for offers and/or waiting for someone to host a trading party. I loved getting to see what people offered for my items. It was really cool when someone traded you an item that had much greater value. Back then it was very possible to get "ultra rare items" like freedom wings (which used to be 15 of a kind or something like that)
You just had to trade often and keep trading for items with better value. Unfortunately it's much different now
The way I see it, there's only one thing people trade for in the present day - black spiked collars. Black spiked collars are treated like greatest and rarest thing in the game, however in reality they are one of the most common items. If you go to Aldan just click on just about anyone's trade list. There's a 73% chance they will have at least 5 black spiked collars on their list. Yeah, so "rare"
Everything that isn't a black spiked collar (except for a few items) is treated like complete trash

I don't know how to write stuff so I'm once again going to hold that thought and come back to it later (unless I forget to lol)

As mentioned before, the town and people's dens were the only places people usually went to trade. Occasionally Coral Canyons would have a few traders. Now, every room besides dens are always full with people demanding people trade then a spiked collar, at least in Aldan. I guess that's just because AJ has like x20 the players now as it used to have, but why doesn't anyone go to dens to trade? Other than WootMoo's den of course (for whatever reason)

Now back to one of the topics I abandoned for no reason. I was talking about how (pretty much) the only things people ask for are (black) spiked collars. In the past, the people who asked for items in the "anything on my list for ____" manner would ask for almost any item in the game. "Anything on my list for a yellow rhino helmet" "Anything on my list for a green and pink wreath necklace!" But now I can't recall seeing anything other than "plz trad me spiked cloler so i can b cool and unoriginal"

Another thing that killed trading for me is how there are very few items in the game now that are actually rare. The Forgotten Desert made nearly every item in the game available at any time. Plus if I really want an item it will be near impossible to find someone that has that item that doesn't want a spiked collar for it. What's the point in trading for something that's still available? What's the point of trading at all if everyone wants the same exact thing? Most of the items I want are ones that aren't in The Forgotten Desert. For example, a light green old blanket and a "beta" eye since mine got hacked (if anyone is reading this that has a beta eye I will trade a beta elf helmet and some other junk lol)
All the people that have those items either want other super rare items or they just aren't for trade. That being said it's pretty much impossible to get any super rare items now. In the past it wasn't as hard getting super rares. Items have different "levels" of value and you could keep trading up or them. Now, all items that aren't spiked collars are complete trash in terms of value. There are a few that aren't considered worthless, such as headdresses and tiki masks. The only thing people ever want for those are... you guessed it, spiked collars. I'm terrible at getting my point across so I'll just say this - I think the "rarity scale" is all messed up now that eagle quests exists. Almost all items have the same value now. It's impossible to get ultra rare items like beta eyes or beta creature masks now, unless you have other ultra rare items to trade for them

If AJHQ is going to put most items in the game available as adventure prizes, why couldn't they have put all of them in? 
AJHQ doesn't seem to ever bring back special items. Most of AJHQ doesn't even acknowledge they exist, at least in my experience. These items will always be extremely rare so it's basically impossible for newer players to get them without hacking or scamming

This post probably made me sound more like an idiot than usual, I know. I just felt like typing my thoughts on trading. I used t enjoy it but now it's just boring for me. It's not fun to keep trading for the same thing over and over. If you still enjoy trading then great! If it makes you happy and isn't hurting anyone then you should keep going and never stop. I just don't get enjoyment out of it anymore

I wrote this post in small parts over the course of a few days so chances are I forgot most of the things I wanted to say in this post. Maybe I'll edit it later but eh

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lost Account Rant

(No I'm not back... and I couldn't come back if I wanted to ¬_¬)

First some background info. A long time ago (2011) I used to make a crud ton of AJ storage accounts. I had at least 50 and half of them were for Halloween. Back then AJHQ didn't seem to care that much that people used storage accounts. Now they hate them (you can't have the word "storage" in your name anymore because "it's inappropriate", and they tend to delete storages now) but that's a topic for another day. I had this one account called IBuyRares. I used it to buy clearance items since they would become rare soon (hence the name)
Semi recently I got locked out of my main account, Meloetta385. That being said, I couldn't make gifs of new items because I had no member account. I decided to get membership on a new account so I could check for items and work on breadstick or whatever the heck I do when I'm logged into AJ. I wanted the new account to have free chat so I looked through my old accounts with free chat and decided on making IBuyRares my new main account
Recently AJHQ changed that name to Jammer8359y2395829 or something random like that without telling me why. The account has existed for almost 5 years so why is it now that they find the name to be "inappropriate"? I asked them that myself, as well as asked exactly what rules the name broke and they pretty much ignored the question. They gave me some long speech about "when we find a username that breaks the Animal Jam Rules we change it" I already knew that, and that wasn't what I asked. They offered to let me change the name again, despite having said that "If a username breaks the Animal Jam Rules, AJHQ will change it, and it can’t be changed again"
(They said that > here < if you don't believe me)
So not only did they ignore my question but they also made what they said before a lie. Although I still don't believe the name broke any rules so maybe it's not a lie after all lol
The thing is, I don't want a new name, I want IBuyRares! They wouldn't let me use caps in the middle of my name even though my old name that they changed that wasn't inappropriate has caps
The first time they asked for all my account info or whatever to confirm that it's my account, and 4 suggestions for a new name. I replied with that info and I asked the question again. When they replied they completely ignored my question and asked for my info AGAIN. The next reply I got was almost identical to the previous one - ignored the question and asked for my info AGAIN AGAIN
I didn't ask the question this time because I knew it would be no use - I get the feeling that when AJ replies to emails they look for keywords and give automated responses based on those keywords. This time they replied telling me none of my name suggestions were "acceptable" because they were either too short or had caps in the name. I don't see why I can't have caps in my name again since the old name (that I still don't believe broke any rules) was changed
Not to mention they spelled "than" wrong lol
I gave them my "fixed" name suggestions and tried the question again (and talked about the caps thing)
I also added "I hope what I said above was actually read"
And guess what? It wasn't. They completely ignored my questions once again
All they told me was the name change was successful. They said something like "if I have any further question we'd love to hear from you again"

I figured that if my email ONLY has the question, they will for sure actually read it! Well, nope! Instead I got another "the name was found to be inappropriate"
Seriously!? We already established that I know they found it "inappropriate" 
I asked why it was found to be inappropriate and which rules the name broke! Is it really going to take me like 6 times for them to actually read the 12 words I wrote?
Turns out the 6th time's the charm. They gave me an actual answer this time. I don't agree completely agree with what they said, but still, at least they finally decided to pay attention to my words. They claimed the username is "misleading because it is against the rules to purchase in game items with actual money"
Alright, I understand that. But I highly doubt any player who has seen my username thought "hey I bet this girl wants to buy my overrated spikey garbage for real money!"
Never once have I asked to buy something from someone (I'm crazy but not THAT crazy) and I've never gotten any offers whatsoever. As I said in the beginning, I chose that name because I bought clearance items from Jam Mart Clothing as they would become rare soon. It's also worth mentioning that they let me keep another one of my accounts' name, IBuyRares2. I guess it's not inappropriate if you put a 2 at the end. I replied with something cheesy like "thanks for finally letting me know"
Their final reply was "Thank you so much for your kind words!"
That's cute, but I never "gave them kind words", I just sarcastically thanked them for finally letting me know what was wrong with the name after asking SIX TIMES (or 5 or something i don't know)
So yeah, another case of being ignored

Alright, that part is finally done with. A day after the recent update when I tried to log in, it said there was no account matching that name. When I saw that I was hoping maybe they decided to give me my old name back. I tried logging in as IBuyRares. Nope, still says that account doesn't exist. I tried logging in as Jammer204v 3n57v3528vn4v25vn23vnnv and that didn't work either. I figured AJ changed my name AGAIN to Jammer with some other combination of random ugly letters and numbers. I checked my dashboard to see what ugly name they replaced my new name with. Unfortunately they didn't change it again, instead they made the account completely unusable. Nothing happens if I click on the name in the dashboard, but clicking on all the other names works like it should. I payed for the membership on the account and now my membership timer is ticking and I can't even play! Waste of money if you ask me... I decided to email them yet again about this. I know they were going to give me the typical "just empty your cache or something idk" message so I specifically said I know that won't fix it. It said "please allow up to 72 hours for a response"
Well guess what, it's been more than 72 hours and I haven't gotten a response! It could be that the time on my mailbox was incorrect and that I have a terrible sense of time, but I don't think that's the case... at least not this time. So I'm basically screwed here. I'm paying for membership that I can't even use and have to deal with what is possibly the worst support system ever. Nice

Now before anyone tells me "but muloeayetatta487!!!! ajq is super busy and cant reply right away ivhs9 gdoig they try their best!!!! fhvtwhw8tg 0oetheohgebpe"
Yes, I know that. But that's not an excuse to completely ignore everything I said 6 times in a row. They shouldn't tell me to "allow up to 72 hours" if they aren't going to reply within 72 hours. I better get compensation for this

Now back to the first thing I said in this post, "I couldn't come back if I wanted to"
I say that because Meloetta385's membership ran out, and based on what just happened I don't think I'll ever be buying membership again (it's not the first time this has happened either)
So even though I payed for membership, I don't have an account with membership anymore. I think the main reason people checked this site every day was to see the new item, and I can't make gifs of new items without membership
Not that I was updating the item thing anyway lol