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Sunday, November 15, 2015

New unfinished page that I shouldn't have released yet

Click the rhino helmet on the side or click > HERE < to get to the page
It's for old item icons. I uploaded a lot of old item icons to that page (over 600 lol) so if you're interested in boring AJ history junk, there you go
Right now it's really messy and unfinished which you will be able to see clearly if you scroll down enough. I plan on making the page look nicer and cropping all the images but for now you'll have to deal with terrible quality images

The rhino helmet is just a temp icon. I'll find/make a better one eventually. Also added a link to the other sidebar that lets you view all the AJ stories I posted on here. Again, I will replace the icon for it eventually. I plan to add other things like a link to all my AJ History and Item History posts too

mainly making this post to flush out the comments from the last post


  1. newspaper


  2. My personal favorite is "trashi the trashcan."

  3. I changed the page so that the ones I have completed are now in alphabetical order

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    2. also i forgot about "ew trades" which is just pictures of trades

      if anyone wants me to explain the reasons behind these names let me know, it will be fun trying to explain these lol

    3. I have to rename some of them because <#

    4. Widerd Hat (wizard hat)
      Fruits Basket (candy basket)
      Large Bat Giant TOmbstone (bat tombstone)
      Bluedoo carpet (blue shag carpet)
      Cuffs (elf bracelets)
      Creature amsk (creature mask)
      Franky mask (frankenstein mask)
      xJeestr (jester hat)
      Happy illy psoneoms (pumpkin mask)
      Spidooder (spider mask)
      Otrp Hat (top hat)
      Spiked Bracelet (spiked wristband)
      Lesgoddess carpet (clover blanket)
      Vampy stampy (vampire mask)
      Buttermothw ings (butterfly wings)
      Lesgoddess balloon (clover balloon)
      Drago glov (dragon glove)
      Eye66ytht (eyeball hat)
      <# (heart balloon)
      larva (lava glove)
      ;egende (legendary gloves)
      blue toothpaste mat (blue mat)
      mom mask (mummy mask)
      blue carptetdiem (blue vines)
      books are for chumps (pile of books)
      les ribbion (les ribbon)
      wando mask (werewolf mask)
      bun bun refund (bunny hat)
      01 web 1 (ceiling web)
      treezoid rest in peace (cherry tree)
      lezb earmuffs (clover earmuffs)
      overflow clo (lucky clover)
      spiked necklace (spiked collar)
      mesk (mask)
      worn cloth (worn blanket)
      ded icons (the unreleased red and green bows + raspberry reindeer mask icons)
      ranedear raine (reindeer mask)
      demoic lesne (demon mask)
      mucis (music window)
      alf onseo (jolly elf hat)
      danger pumps (sone of the jack o lanterns, dont know which one)
      fire hidrent (firefighter hat)
      firewoks (those fireworks fountain)
      fantome oplush (phantom plushie)
      founders mask (freedom mask)
      demon anfle (freedom helmet)
      freeodm topal (freedom hat)
      fredo cups (freedom bandz)
      dead fzele (gazelle horns)
      gekko gurashi (gecko banner)
      toast (ghosts)
      blow up (giant phantom)
      mom glub (mummy glove)
      glob (gloves)
      upsidedown web mask (ground web)
      sannnnny clawuse (hand and beard)
      lef nek (leaf necklace)
      magicestic royal cape cloth worn beta BLANLET OMG POP WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS (royal cape)
      trashi the trashcan (rare spiked collar)
      love loights (halloween lights)
      gubal (gumball machine)
      halo halo halo hay (halo)
      hover cape cloth (heart cape)
      love nest (heart glasses)
      soteria i love you i know you dont read this blog but please marry me <3 (heart locket)
      Jason dolley (hockey mask)
      0 (0)
      ♀ lady palm (lit palm tree)
      tie is glitch (tie (with member lock))
      walf is glitch (wolf plushie (with member lock))
      neklice is glitch (necklace (with member lock))
      mahawk is in mahouse (mohawk)
      flum ox mask (monkey hat)

    5. Part 2
      MOON SOIL (moon dirt)
      hax blanket (blanket)
      no srsly soteria please marry me (snowman hat)
      pirated illegal activty in sword forme (pirate sword)
      lag (horned leg pads)
      clover hats (leprechaun hat)
      FaZe_Shrekt69 (shark fin)
      faerieguts (faerie wings)
      mecha misha (mech angel wings)
      turn key hat gobble included (turkey hat)
      what gives hat (clover balloon again)
      reane (pilgrim hat)
      phantome shadozw (spooky old bones)
      https: //www. youtube. com/watch?v=pTEQfdym49o (big skull) (the link is the name but i had to space it out int he comments so the video doesnt display)
      subliminal messages sign (open sign)
      orange matthewjerzy (orange mat)
      argyle hots socks (argyle pink)
      alpine wings (airplane wings)
      saturn moon music (planet walls)
      pothole fiahtakl (porthole fishtank)
      lucky pit (pot o' gold)
      trade good more (more pictures of trades)
      piuffer blut (pufferfish plushie)
      plunkleton (flat pumpkin mask (iforgot what these are called))
      drumpler mask (werewolf mask again)
      stone brick couch (red brick walls)
      blingdadada (rocking horse)
      xJeestrXTREME (scary bell hat)
      rose quartz (soteria i will buy you a rose quartz ring pls) (rose bush)
      svcurry acutlertsz (scary antlers)
      scarrrrry balonas (scary balloons)
      spooky mesk (scary mask)
      whatsmess (surprised jack o lantern)
      seeleoa (seal plushie white)
      spoopky pumpskinpol,mn (nonmember jack o lantern whatever that's called)
      tan tantapet (tan carpet)
      cofee mug (tea cup)
      babby http://animaljamflash.blogspot.com/p/old-item-icons.html (baby palm tree)
      tiny swirly aleka tree (tiny tree)
      i know i have vamps up there but i really dont feel like dragging each of these individual 4 (vampire masks again)
      hat (witch hat)
      woooootch (witch mask)
      worldmadaymabenres (world animal day banner)
      wreath i cant use these imahes they are so bad wualoty lol (wreath necklaces)
      monkey mat (monkey hat again)
      zosi mask (zios sculpture)
      yellow loves (yellow sweets (i shouldve named this one after soteria too but i didnt lol))
      yei m (yeti mask)

    6. things that might not be so understandable like fazeshrekt69 plunkleton whatsmess the youtube link eye66ytht soteria faerieguts xjeestr reane blingdadada gekko gurashi blow up lesgoddess haha they r very interesting names

    7. FaZe_Shrekt69 was the username of some guy in eggwars that just hid for 20 minutes wasting our time
      Plunkleton is a combo of Plunkin (which is what I call pumpkins) and Punkleton (which is a monster in My Singing Monsters)
      whatsmess is a misspelling of What-a-Mess which is some dog movie me and my brother used to watch
      The youtube link is for ShangaiYT's only video who did the same thing as FaZe_Shrekt69 but instead of killing 20 minutes he killed 2 hours
      eye66ytht was the name of one of my good friends
      Soteria is amazing in every way <# I didn't think she read this blog but then somehow AJ got into the topic of discussion and somehow she remembers me when I was WitchHatBunny <# also she's pink apple goddess <# (let's hope she doesn't read these comments that would be awkward lol)
      faerieguts is the name of my friend's death journal thing
      xJeestr is a friend's old username
      reane was named after my friend RainnTri
      blingdadada is some quote from a disney show (the wizards one I think)
      gekko gurashi is Gakkou Gurashi (my favorite anime) but I misspelled it so it fits the gecko theme
      blow up because the giant phantom is a giant blow up balloon... I think
      lesgoddess is named after my friend Clovergoddess

    8. I used to call mech angel helmets Misha Helmets because of an anime character

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTEQfdym49o

  6. Awesome! So..... who is bro dude and what did he do?

    1. You said that you might come back due to instances with bro dude. I think that's what you said. I am not talking about the banana bro.

    2. Ohh, dudeman
      The dudeman drama is over with, we're cool now
      It's drama with someone else now

    3. Ohhhhhh okay.

  7. Mom Mask?

    Is that really what your mom looks like!? (I mean, this is coming from a loser who leiks Papehr Pech)

  8. wut abut spiksezzz

    1. uio likez emz becz teir szo rerz ter lke, betr ten foundrz

  9. spkes shld have knew itm icon cuz julian2 hs new icon spke dollar

    1. rply or my frends wrkers gradma dgs dads male dog owner tingys fleas gnna ban u :(

  10. Replies
    1. That means headdresses are coming back in 8 new colors

    2. I wish, their "value" seriously needs to go down

    3. All headresses? Because luckily I never see them anymore. Unluckily
      they're gonna come back :(

    4. Yeah same here :P

    5. It's like what they did for a lot of items that now have a rare tag
      Spiked collars for example - The originals got a rare tag and they made 8 new colors of the item (which went in the diamond shop)

  11. My favorite off this page- blue carpetdiem because of gravity falls


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