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Saturday, December 12, 2015

A lot of unreleased/unused achievements

First of all, huge thanks to Qwerts Aj for telling me about this. I have no idea where or how you found this but it was a good find
I also have no idea if this is already known to a lot of people lol

Qwerts told me about a player with a bunch of weird achievements. Usually when I get comments about achievements, they are like "OMG MALUATTE I HAVE THE HERBOLOGY EXPERERT ANCHOVIEMENT" even though I specifically said it's impossible to have that achievement but people in the comments like to lie to sound cool lol
But for once, this wasn't one of those comments. There was actually someone with unreleased achievements and they provided a username so you can look them up for yourselves
The person with these achievements is beemabel

They only have 2 animals and they have pretty much the same outfit but they have plenty of achievements that only members can get, as well as a lot of members only pets. The pets they have seem to be the earliest released ones and the ones that were given out as monthly gifts if that means anything

A lot of the achievements they have aren't in order (for example they have higher Spider Zapper achievements before they had the lower ones) which is odd because if you click on someone's achievements, it puts them in order that the player received them. jammerjamis and sizzlerat also had this "error" and they both turned out to be AJHQ accounts. Maybe beemabel is too but I'm thinking they might be a hacker

Most of these achievements seem to be for features that have been in the game for a while which makes me think they have been in the game unused for a long time (from beta - early 2011)

I'll shut up and start listing all the unreleased achievements they have and what I think they're for
I probably missed a few so feel free to look for yourself

Possibly for activating free chat

The next 4 achievements are related

Fact Finder!
This one is presumably for clicking on 5 fact bubbles around the lands. The fact bubbles don't exist anymore so maybe they are coming back. It's also similar to what I think the Herbology Expert achievement would've been for. It could also be used for clicking on Journey Book things

For clicking on 20 facts

Know It All!
For clicking on 50 facts

Ultimate Explorer!
For clicking on 100 facts

These next 5 (and possibly 6) are for doing the room-specific activities like breaking the ice in Mt. Shiveer or the bridge in Coral Canyons

Dance Commander!
This one is for getting enough players to dance in Club Geoz

Fire Starter!
For getting enough people to dance next to the fire pit in Sarepia
(They should really rename this one - it's like telling kids they get rewarded for starting fires lol)

Falling Rocks!
For getting enough players to jump on the bridge in Coral Canyons

Phantom Dream!
For getting enough players to sleep by the Zios pit in the Temple Of Zios

Thin Ice!
For getting enough people to jump on the ice in Mt. Shiveer

Can You Keep A Secret?
I'm not really sure about this one. The door on the picture seems to resemble > this one in the Chamber of Knowledge < but that door never had a function. Maybe it was originally going to be a secret room that would only open if enough players jumped on it? The Chamber of Knowledge was originally called Chamber of Mysteries which kinda of goes with the achievement name

5 Hour Jammer!
Play for 5 hours

10 Hour Jammer!
Play for 10 hours

20 Hour Jammer!
Play for 20 hours

50 Hour Jammer!
Play for 50 hours

100 Hour Jammer!
Play for 100 hours
(also known as the No Life! achievement) (lol like I have any right to talk about people having no life)

The next 5 achievements are also related. Again, I'm not really sure what these are supposed to be used for. I'm assuming they're meant for watching movies in Brady Barr's Lab/Sarepia Theatre/Wherever but the names suggest they're for making movies. Last I checked, you can watch as many movies as you want but that won't make you an executive producer
Production Assistant!
 The first one is for either watching 5 movies or making 5 movies

Key Grip!
Watch(?) 10 movies

Watch(?) 25 movies

Watch(?) 50 movies

Executive Producer!
Watch(?) 100 movies

Second Animal!
For having 2 animals

For having 6 animals
beemabel had this achievement even though he/she only had 2 animals which is another reason why I think they hacked in these achievements. Yes, it's possible that they deleted all of their other animals after getting this achievement, but I find it odd that they would do that
It's also worth mentioning that they didn't have an animal achievement for having over 6 animals. That supports my theory that these achievements have been in the game for a long time as the original animal limit was 8

I have no idea what these next 8 achievements are meant for. Possibly for playing through adventures. The picture on the achievements looks the same as the triple star emote
This achievement is for finishing your first quest, but it's unknown what "quests" are

First Quest!
Finish 1 quest

10 Quests!
Finish 10 quests

25 Quests!
Finish 25 quests

50 Quests!
Finish 50 quests

100 Quests!
Finish 100 quests

Whatever these quests were/are supposed to be, there would've been harder version of them... I guess. The next 3 achievements are for the harder quests
These could also be for hard mode adventures

Epic Quest!
Finish one superquest

Questmaster 5!
Finish 5 superquests

Questmaster 10!
Finish 10 superquests

Possibly for visiting each land but that sounds a little too easy. It could also be for visiting each room in Jamaa

World Traveler!
This one might be for visiting a certain number of different servers

The next 6 seem to be for the unused Animal Base feature. They use the old animal artwork and are only for the original 6 animals which again supports my theory that these achievements were in the game for a long time but never used. They could also be given to you if you got 10 of a certain type of animal at once to visit your den

10 Base Visits - Rabbit!
Get 10 bunnies to visit your base/den

10 Base Visits - Wolf!
Get 10 wolves to visit your base/den

10 Base Visits - Tiger!
Get 10 tigers to visit your base/den

10 Base Visits - Panda!
Get 10 pandas to visit your base/den

10 Base Visits - Koala!
Get 10 koalas to visit your base/den

10 Base Visits - Monkey!
Get 10 monkeys to visit your base/den

Perfect Host!
Possibly for getting on the Epic Dens list or for getting a certain amount of players in your den at once

Den Design 50!
For editing your den 50 times. That probably means placing 50 den items

Den Design 100!
Place 100 den items

Den Design 200!
Place 200 den items

1 Month Member!
Be a member for 1 month. In other words, give AJHQ money and get digital achievements

3 Month Member!
Be a member for 3 months

6 Month Member!
Be a member for 6 months

9 Month Member!
Be a member for 9 months

Member - 1 Year!
Be a member for a year

And that's all that I noticed. If I missed one, feel free to make me feel bad about myself in the comments

While on the topic of achievements, I opened my achievement list and saw this for a split second

Look at the text in the bottom right corner. That's not how it normally looks and seems to be like a template they used for writing achievement descriptions. The achievement it showed was called Mantle! which is a Falling Phantoms achievement you get for playing the game 25 times. I've never played Falling Phantoms on the account I used but the progress bar was already at 21 if that means anything


  1. Not that anyone cares but a while ago I had every intentions to come back to AJJAM (which is why I started putting hard work into that item icons page) but then plottwist2015 happened so I drifted away from AJJAM again. But since Soteria is away today I have nothing better to do so I put actual effort into a post instead of just putting one letter in a post like the other day lol
    ok bye

    1. What's plottwist2015?

    2. What is soteria?
      -gigi1099, a big fan :)

    3. Also, the party system is out. It costs 1 diamond to host a party though and I have no diamonds so I can't know what it's like to host a party. On top of that, XxNyanClawxX buddied me (Not to brag DX) And on top of THAT, AJ had a glitch with the buddy list that I'm to lazy to type out details so I'll just copypaste the comment I left to AJ when I thought it was a hack.
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      AJHQ, I’m REALLY scared. When I logged on and saw the updates I was exited. But then I look at my buddy list like I always do to see who’s on. I see this creepy New Jammer and I’m like WHAT!? The Animal doesn’t load when I click the player card. Neither does the Animal Name. And one of the most creepy parts is, I looked at animals and achievements. First they had a wolf and a few achievements. Then the person comes back into my buddy list after I remove them! And on top of that, they had different animals and less achievements when they came back! Also, a lot of my buddies were deleted. When I search them, it says I’m not there buddy. If I buddy them, it buddies them to me instantly and says they’re on. But it doesn’t let me follow them and they aren’t on. Please tell me what’s happening.
      Second comment:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      It’s getting worse! Now I have a blank buddy at the top of my buddy list. It doesn’t have a user or Animal Name! All that’s there is the green spot that shows you that your buddy is on. Sometimes it’s a party icon that shows if your buddy is hosting a party. If I click on it sometimes it shows a Player Card for a split second, but it’s too fast for me to see anything!
      -Gigi1099, fan forever <3

    4. AJ's robotic Daily Explorer replies:
      Hi there! Thank you so much for the report! We know it can be pretty concerning when things start changing when you are trying to PARTY! This is a bug that has surfaced since last night’s update. Our dev team is hard at work getting a fix put in place. Thank you and let us know if you have any more questions! (SS)

      Hi! Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know! Rest assured you are not being “hacked”. This is actually a bug that has been discovered since last night’s new update. Our dev team is working on a fix and hopes to push the fix very late tonight. Hang in there and thank you! (SS)
      P.S. Sorry if I'm bothering you with so many comments
      -Gigi1099, fan as always.

    5. That second reply actually sounds like they read your comment, that's a first lol

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    7. I don't know, I probably will be because of reasons

    8. actually nevermind, my "account is under maintenance"

  2. She's making movies on location
    She don't know what it means

    Bally the DS fan has to do that reference.

  3. Wow, I never seen these achievements before! I'm looking at the achievement list now.

  4. That. Is. Amazing.
    On another note, when I opened my Achievement List, it also did that, but not the second time I tried.
    'Falling Rocks' and 'Thin Ice' hint that, maybe, breaking the ice and the bridge can be possible! I know it's a bit weird, but I've always believed that, somehow, jammers could break the bridge and the ice. Everyone just seems to give up and leave instead of putting in the extra work to break them.

  5. Mel
    I think Animal Jam stalks you sometimes and
    They're going to find out about this
    And remove it
    Hopefully not

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I know I will regret that comment so I will delete it

    3. I don't know if that was an insult to me
      Now I feel like my life is a mystery

    4. nah I was rambling about snowyclaw stealing all my info lol

  6. Replies
    1. Maybe Adventures were origionally (I can't spell) going to be called quests and hard mode called superquests?
      -gigi1099, still a fan :)

    2. Yeah, I'm thinking that as well.

  7. I have some Sky High tips:
    1. Phantoms start popping up when you can't see the crow on he left anymore in the background
    2. The more clouds with triple gems you land on, the better your prize will be.
    3. The higher up you get, the smaller the clouds begin to get, so watch your step!
    Just some little advice if your playing the game. :)


  8. OMG MELOETTA I JUST HAD A REALLY WEIRD GLITCH! So I was at the Jamaaliday Party and I tried to buy a green paw candy, and my inventory was full, so I was going to recycle my Bumber Car thing from Summer Carnival, and then it said would you like to recycle this for 0 gems? It said 0! So, I said yes and it recycled and I tried buying the paw candy and it said "This item is no longer available." So, I backed out of the shop and went back in and I tried buying the candy and it worked this time like normal. I didn't get a screennshot of it, though. It was really weird and I don't know why it happened.


  9. Julian3's den is a different language.


  10. 67.8% of ppl in the united states of australia agree that AJ chat is the languge used in 95.255% in developing countries

    1. Imagine going to a store and asking someone "how much does this cost?" and getting the reply "any of spice dollar"

    2. no itd be more like "wat for this" "any of spice dollar" "prpl?" "nu it is worth a blck won"

  11. Wow! There were definitely some I didn't see.

  12. may you should join the server I play on, im #5 on BT and #1 on VT on it

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    1. well that's terrable
      i doubt it will make you feel better but i've been using that masuda picture as my desktop wallpaper

    2. aww, lol im glad to hear you liked it

    3. So I was getting my uniform on for Boy Scouts
      I pick up my uniform
      Of course my pokemon games are under my Boy Scout uniform, makes perfect sense...

    4. hows it cute
      i feel offended since here http://animaljamflash.blogspot.com/2013/12/questions-and-answers-with-meloetta.html is the only time I recall you ever saying thats cute

    5. i was going to say des but i don't think you know what des means

    6. cri
      snapcraft is about to restart

    7. i would cri too but i am pretending to be afk

    8. what game r u in
      ive been looking for u

  14. o ok
    im gonna go play earthgames on the top row battleground map

    1. i am on the ajjams so i probably wont be playng anytime soon

  15. Hey Meloetta how do you get the daily item on the sidebar?

    1. I used the Image gadget and edited it every day

  16. I finally succeeded in making my computer lag.

  17. To make my computer lag, I had to open 3 servers on minecraft all running sonic ethers ultra shaders, go into my laggy den on AJ, and open my screen recorders. I feel cool to finally know what lag is like.

  18. headfeathers are rare now.....
    AJ adding rare to headdress's and founders was good but this?
    1 step foward, 2 steps back AJHQ....

  19. Here is the server address for the server I play on

  20. Why would you play on AJ for 5 plus hours?! I mean, ya, if you're a child and you have no concept of time it's crazy! It's like AJ is trying to make kids play to the limit XD
    P.S. I don't wanna offend anybody btw sorry

  21. i cant find u on dirtwars/earthgames
    which map/game r u in rn

  22. i know this isnt a lot to ask but could i have a small loan of a million dollars? my loserville taxes r due and i need to pay them!

    1. sorry i only loan money to people that buy my elephant plushies
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    2. Do you accept orders on the plushies to be bought by me and sent to others? If so, id like to order enough to kill the average person, addresses to RandomnumbersJackyboy road

    3. All this time you knew where jacky lives?

    4. Can you give me a megaman plush for no reason whatsoever

      I mean I did raise 24 dollars for charity and all but metal toe created son

    5. To summarize for u:

    6. Silly child ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦
      I have watched this already I just have the memory of a bag of rocks

    7. Just those clips of Seinfeld in general?

    8. Where to buy white lelepant plashies from metal toe

      Oh, so this isn't Google. Just gimme that plushie and I'll give you anything and everything you want. Like a cactus hat and stuff

    9. buyelephantplushiesfrommayoorelse.buyelephants.com

    10. That website doesn't exist, Mel. You're just trolling me :(

      I demand you write me an apology post and give me the plushie I wanted. Or else you will become a diamond...

    11. Being a diamond doesn't sound so bad

    12. Have you seen the episode with the beached whale

  23. MEL I HAVE SOMETHING *breaths heavily* SO *breaths heavily* GOOD TO TELL *breaths heavily* YOU!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Uhh... maybe? ANYWAYYYYYYYYY
      *omg so cool*
      So, the new adition of hosted parties. Theres a hosted party that sells rare items which means, no more overated spikeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssss *checks shop* oh, spikes aren't there. Meanwhile, how about you join my site that isn't a virus
      Yes, you've been talking to a robot all this ti *malfunction*
      Sorry I was gonna tell you that people won't over react about four beta items that are now in stores.

      Meanwhile, how about you join my site that isn't a virus?

    2. I meant two sorry

      Meanwhile how about you join my site that isn't a virus

    3. This virus depends on people going to the website.
      oops blew me cover
      And what does it depend on?
      Meanwhile, how about you join my site which isn't a virus

  24. Wow, apparently some beta items have returned to stores in AJ's new little party system.
    A great day indeed.

    1. IIRC only 2 (fire pot and fish fountain)
      I can't remember if bongo drums were from beta orif they came out in coral corners

  25. I don't know if you've been told this yet, and I don't wanna read through all the comments, but the "10 base visit (animal)" thing may have something to do with the animal base things that never really came out.

  26. maluetta betas came back

    1. only 2 and a half tho
      they were in eagle quest anyway lol

  27. Two betas come back and comments on the Daily Explorer go wild.

  28. Im making a joke creepy pasta based on the update

    On a day where I got dismissed at 12:00... I logged on AJ to see what was going on. Not that anything was going on, just the daily gift. I looked at the update.. There was a new party system! I almost went.
    But when I almost went, I noticed something on my buddy list. Not like I have any buddies, I am a lowlife who plays animal jam for a living. I noticed someone.. Strange. It was a new jammer. It had 0 under it's username. I went to it's den and people screamed: COME 2 MY DEN IF U WANNA NO Y UR BUDDIE LIST IS GLINTING OWT!!!!!11! And also: OMG I GOT ACT!!!11! It was an obvious lie, because they had rares on. '' Pathetic jammers'' I thought. But wait.. I was a pathetic jammer too. Then I just left and it glitches out. Then I had to log off of animal jam to see the new star wars. It was a life experience and I swore to never EVER play animal jam again. I hope you liked my totally unique story that probably happened to 7,975 other people goodbye. -spiritcloud721


  30. People are just going ''AJ RUINED BETAZ AHHH AJ NEEDZ RARESESZZ NOW ALL MY HARD WORKI IZ RUIN!!!11!!1!ONE!!ELEVEN!!'' and also the new update makes me lag. I think people in AJ are becoming more rude.. Today was a horrible day for me :T

    1. Haha, same... and the next 3 weeks will be no different for me...yay

  31. omfg
    i just found out that regular parties are still here....
    I thought they removed the regular ones, LOL! Ok, now I dont hate this update...

  32. Um


    1. we all saw it coming

      some stealing drama garbage
      mainly the stealer is garbage
      i hate famous jammers that steal information
      hey look a garbage truck their ride is here

    2. it wasn't my info in the first place

    3. oh
      okay then
      but you got permission to speak the info
      and you also gave credit

  33. This:
    I've had billions of AJ home screens that don't look.. right?
    But never one that looks like this?

  34. I really thought some of these would be fun to earn!


    1. I only like making item history posts on items that had unique or interesting histories. MEch angel wings have a pretty simple history

  36. I wish AJHQ was more open about their beta testers and moderators accounts.

  37. I think that the trap door is the door to the Basement of Secrets (I actually KNOW that XD) and that the Basement of Secrets was from the Beta Days,and it was only known to public now. Thanks for reading what I think!


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