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Sunday, January 31, 2016

More Unreleased Items From AJHQ

As you probably know by now, there's a special den that always appears on the Epic Dens list. Every update it gets changed and adds new decorations. a lot of the decorations used in these dens are unreleased!
Here are all of the unreleased items I found. Some of them might've been released already and I just forgot about them

Frozen Barrel

Frozen Cosmo Statue

Frozen Sir Gilbert Statue
Frozen Greely Statue

Frozen Peck Statue

Snow Lamp (I really want this lol)

Golden Horseshoe Pile

Square Lantern (I also really want this lol)

Plant That's Probably Not Unreleased

Another Plant That's Probably Not Unreleased

Melted Snowman

Log Bench (without snow/lights)

Ice Dresser

Friday, January 29, 2016

Item Info - Rare Clouds & Rare Giant Lion Plushies

I knew about this for quite a while but never mentioned it on here until now for some reason. As far as I know there aren't a whole lot of people who know about these and not many that are actually interested in these. Sometime after the Diamond Shop came out, a bunch of Monthly Member Gifts that AJHQ said would never come back made a return and costed diamonds. Among those items were weather clouds. These were originally given out to members in September of 2011

However, even though they came back, the old original ones are still different than the re-released ones. The ones that were given to members for "free" still have the rare tag!

The ones from the Diamond Shop have a diamond icon instead

Also, the original ones all have member locks while some of the diamond ones are for nonmembers
(diamond rain and snow clouds are for nonmembers and the rainbow and thunder clouds are members)

Apart from the member locks and rare signs, they are exactly the same as the diamond shop clouds

The clouds with rare signs are all almost 5 years old! They also aren't in eagle quest... probably
So what does this mean? Not much, really. Despite them being hard to come by, not many people are interested in them

Weather clouds aren't the only items like this. The Giant Lion Plushies from February 2011 have a rare sign too! These also made a return in the Diamond Shop but the old ones are still "rare"

And like the clouds, not very many people care about these either. I might add these to Special Items page when I finally get around to updating all of my pages

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Friendship Party 2016 + Unreleased Items

It's finally here! The Friendship Party has been added back to the Parties list
(dang that near perfect loop)

As with almost every AJ party these days, it's almost exactly the same as all the previous years

The main difference is the shop, but there are new decorations

The shop is at the top
Here's what's selling

Because my Item Archive page is inactive I'll put all the item gifs here. Enjoy the lag lol

I think the fireplace is very cute !
I went around and took pictures of all the unreleased stuff. Most of it will probably hit the stores within the week but as of now, it hasn't come out yet

Broken Heart Rug </3

Incredibly Cool Heart Hologram

Multi-Heart Rug

Heart Chair & Pink Friendship Party Banner

Red Friendship Party Banner

Weird Heart Cake Thing

Heart Banner (also visible in Ajhq's den)

Heart Balloons (also visible in Ajhq's den)

Those heart balloons have been around for a few years and still haven't been available. I sure hope 2016 is the year for those precious lovelies to be released !!

Let's hope they used my idea for the next Leap Year Party and release uber rares like Bait Eye and Bait Elf : )

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Comparing Pets to Animals

(This was a post request from Violet86271 - sorry it took so long, violet)

Warning: This is one of those posts where I tried way too hard to be funny

For whatever reason, the pets in AJ are in a completely different art style than the playable animals. It's probbaly better that way now that I think of it. If the pets were in the same style as the animals it would look like this

And that would just be squiddin' weird !
Not that it's not weird that pets of the same species as the animals look completely different...
It's like if you were born with the wrong art style you're forced to be tiny and destined to a pet for a "normal" animal. It's kinda sad if you think about it. I'm looking into this way too deeply. It's a game

That intro had nothing to do with the post itself. This post is about comparing the normal animals to pets, not whatever the cheesecrocs I was talking about. Let's do that now

I used the default animal looks and tried to make pets that look the most like them

Animal version:

Pet version:

The playable ones have longer and pointier ears as well as that weird cut thing in one of their ears. The pets have a more "gumdroppy" shaped head. The pets have little claws unlike the playable ones. No wonder no one uses bunnies in clan wars. The playable ones have cute little stub tails but the pets have a floating cotton ball for a tail. If I was a bunny I'd definitely want a floating tail instead of a cottonstub
(I wonder if pet bunnies use the same logic as this guy's hat)

Animal version:

Pet version:

The biggest problem I have with the animal version of eagles is their beaks are so stinkin' huge! I couldn't find a single picture of a real eagle on the googles where their beak takes up at least 40% of its head. The other problem I have with AJ eagles is no clothing items look good on them their beak and feet colors. Real eagles have yellow beaks and feet (at least according to the googles), not faded orangey peach beaks. The pet version sort of fixes those problems... but at a cost. Their heads are oversized and they look incredibly stubby. They are pretty cute though. Their eyes don't look as "dead" as the animal versions, so that's something. It's either have the correct beak/feet colors and beak size or looking realistic but having a humongous beak. I'm not sure which one I'd choose. Luckily I will never have to decide

Animal version:

Pet version:
It's pretty obvious that pets are a lot smaller than the playable animals. However, the playable owls are almost the same size as the pets!

Pet owls are pretty similar to playable owls. The main differences are the beak/feet colors and head shape. Like the eagles, the beaks and feet are colored wrong wrong (if you're comparing them to the real life versions, that is)
The playable ones have orange beaks/feet and the pets have almost the same faded orange color as eagles so. I also looked up owl pictures on Google and I was only able to find one or two pictures of them with orange on them. Most of their beaks are tan, gray, or black. I guess those 3 colors equal orange in AJHQ logic. Playable owls and playable eagles should swap beak colors
Anyway, the playable owls have a V shape on their heads while the pets have almost completely rounded heads. Both of those "head styles" can be found on real owls