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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Animal Jam Origins - Halloween 2010

First of all, huge thanks to my old friends bigcatsfoever, sweetness77, and Fuzzy Shyivy for help with this post. All of them helped me indirectly in different ways. Bigcatsfoever helped me with old comments on my old rares blog, sweetness77 helped me get some of the old item icons and left comments on the rares blog, and some of the pictures and info are from her old blog
Click here to visit her blog!

This post is about all things AJ Halloween 2010, or the original Night of the Phantoms, and some AJ history
Let's start with a Jamaa Journal from back then
(All credit goes to Fuzzy Shyivy for the newspaper pictures!)

Click them to make them bigger

Page 1

As you can see, the old Jamaa Journals were much different from the modern ones. They came out every week instead of every two weeks so they typically had fewer pages. They also had an "Overheard in Jamaa" section where they features things Jammers said
While writing this post I noticed a typo in the newspaper. On the side under "stuff to read" they forgot the x in "exactly"
Anyway, the Halloween celebration was originally called "Day of the Phantoms" while it's called "Night of the Phantoms" now

Page 2

As it said on the first page, AJ Guides would be hosting parties. If you don't know, Guides were basically moderators/AJHQ workers. This page shows what times the parties would be at

Page 3

You used to be able to email the Shamans (now known as Alphas) and have your questions answered in the Jamaa Journal. This page also has the story of how phantoms came to be. That phantom picture has been used for many AJ blogs' backgrounds (including this blog at some point)

I hope one day AJHQ decides to make some kind of newspaper archive for every Jamaa Journal ever released. I think that would be very cool and would bring back a lot of fond memories for a lot of people!

Fuzzy Shyivy has a bunch of other old pictures from the first Halloween on her blog. I'll link you to some of her Halloween posts if you want to see
> Link 1 <
> Link 2 <
> Link 3 <

Here is a loud of pictures taken from old AJHQ blogs. I've talked about these in multiple other posts but I think they belong in this post too. You can click on these to enlarge them too. These should give you a decent view of how everything looked back then

These two show some of the pumpkin den items in Jam Mart Furniture

There were bat facts hidden around Jamaa

Some views of Jamaa Township
This one shows an old location of a phantom portal. The Mira Statue was unchanged and there is a giant black spider arch thing that I don't think is there anymore. You can see the old timer icon in the corner. Also, geckos

The old Medical Center is visible on the left

These show the old green gong that later got replaced with the Jammer Central board

A "Monster Masquerade Mash" in Club Geoz

A "Phantom Parade" in the Lost Temple of Zios

A den role play?

The Jammer Spotlight window that used to come up when you logged in

A screenshot of a page on the old Jammer Central webpage. The screenshot of Emperor Wingedghost shows another old phantom portal location

And here are a bunch of pictures from the Phantom Vortex

They were having a Costume Contest in thus picture

A large view of the room. It originally had a phantom portal in the vortex itself. I believe this was the only year where portals were in this room. In all the other years, the only way to exit the votext was by going to a den, teleporting to a buddy, or by using the map. The room name is also called "The Phantom Vortex"
I believe the took the "The" out of the room name after 2010

A clearer view of the room. In these two screenshots I think they might've been playing Copycat

A guide telling everyone to play the phantom candy game

And the last AJHQ screenshot, a picture of Jam Mart Clothing

A few things to mention about the above screenshot - some of the prices are different than the modern prices, there is no comma in the gem amount like there is now, and the Vampire Mask & Frankenstein Masks were being sold in colors that don't exist anymore

The Frankenstein Mask had dark green hair instead of black

And the Vampire Masks had gray hair instead of red

These were only like this early on in the Day of the Phantoms celebration. They were later changed to the default colors we have today so it's impossible to still one masks in those colors. In some of the screenshots above you can see Frankenstein Masks with the green hair
This wolf has one on

In 2011 there was a glitch with Elephants and these masks. If you wore a Frankenstein or Vampire mask on an elephant, it would change to the old colors in your inventory animal picture

Unfortunately I lost the pictures of Frankenstein Masks

The Items
2010 was much simplier than it is now. There were only two shops - Jam Mart Clothing and Jam Mart Furniture. That being said, all of the limited edition Halloween items were sold in either of those two shops so they were easy to find. As it is now, every clothing item is available in 8 different colors (with some exceptions such as Freedom items and Rare Monday Items) but it wasn't always like that back then. Most items only came in four colors and it's believed some of these Halloween items were only sold in three colors. The first Day of the Phantoms happened not too long after beta ended so there weren't that many players, let alone member players. Members were not very common. It seemed like there was only one member per server. Now it's quite the opposite. Since there weren't many members, not many people bought any of the Halloween masks and hats. So few of them were bought that some of these items became one of a kind items. In 2011 when trading came out, most of the extremely rare items were Halloween items. All Halloween items were very hard to come by. Some were much rarer than others though. When 2011 came around, most of these items came back and lost their value. Many of them were given new colors too. Under each item I'll talk about how rare each color was before they came back. And remember, adventures didn't exist back then, so the only way items were obtainable was buying them or trading with people who bought them
NOTE: These items are not nearly as rare as they used to be now. ONly two of these items are. Everything else has came back to stores and/or are adventure prizes

Clothing Items

Scary Bat Wings

There were only 3 nonmember items in the "Scary" set. Scary Bat Wings were the least rare of the three. They sometimes got traded for gloves. If you were lucky you could get a pair of these wings with a gray Glove. Most people called them "nm wings"
Although they were one of the most common Halloween items, they were still very very rare. They were considered one of the rarest nonmember items. People would often buy the similar ones that are still for sale (regular Wings with pink tips) and trip people into thinking they were nonmember wings and scam them. They were one of the few Halloween items not to come back in 2011 and thus stayed one of the rarest nonmember items for a while

 Scary Cat Hat

Scary Cat Hats were the 2nd rarest of the nonmember Scary set. I believe they were worth 2 pairs of nm wings but I'm not sure. They were often called "nm cat hat"

Scary Horns

Scary Horns were the rarest of the set. I remember seeing someone trade a green glove for these, and green gloves were very very valuable. These were known as "nm horns"

Frankenstein Mask

"Franky masks" as people called them were probably the least rarest Halloween clothing item. Out of the four colors of them, green was the most common and the other three had about the same value. They were still pretty rare but definitely not worth that much
 Sometime in mid-2011 an unreleased color of Frankenstein Mask was discovered. It was one of a kind, just like all the other unreleased item colors at the time. If you're interested in seeing the only picture of it we had at the time, click -here- It was taken by my old friend sweetness77)

Scary Antlers

These were the least rarest member Halloween clothing item. They were worth about as much as regular purple or black Gazelle Horns. They were a bit rarer than Frankenstein Masks. A lot of people probably thought these were just regular Gazelle Horns

Scary Bell Hat

Scary Bell Hats were very rare items and also weren't that known. Very few of them existed. They weren't the rarest of Halloween items but they were up there. As not a lot of people knew about these, their value wasn't as high as it could've been. The Jester Hat item was created after Scary Bell Hats

Scary Mask

Scary Masks were a little rarer than Scary Bell Hats. That's all I can remember about them

Bat Mask

Bat Masks were extremely rare. I think there were about 12 of them in the game. I'd say they were equally as rare as Phantom Hats, maybe a little rarer

Phantom Hat

As said above, these were about as rare as Bat Masks. There were probably 11 or 12 of them in the game. In mid 2011 there were runors going around about the existence of a white Phantom hat with a red eye. A Rare Phantom Hat that matches that description did end up getting released for the Leap year Party. It's unknown whether that was a coincidence or if AJHQ made it because of the rumors

Demon Mask

Demon Masks originally came in only one color. Not counting the one-or-two-of-a-kind items, Demon Masks were amongst the rarest items in the game. Very few people had them. There were maybe 5 or 6 of them out there

Creature Mask

I don't remember too much about Creature Masks. There were only 3 colors of them known to exist. The green ones were the least rarest and were probably worth a little more than a different defualt-colored Halloween item (gray Witch Hat, orange Angry Pumpkin Mask, etc)
The blue and black ones were (I think) around equal value but the black one might've been a bit rarer. There were (maybe) 6 of each of them?
The black one was just a normal color of Creature Masks but for whatever reason it didn't return in 2011 while the other ones did. It's now known as the "Beta" Creature Mask and is still one of the rarest items in the game to this day

Angry Pumpkin Mask

There were three different types of Pumpkin masks and Angry Pumpkin Masks were the least rarest of the three. Only 3 colors of them were known to exist and the orange default one was the most common. I can't remember if the blue or red one was more rare. They could've been of equal value for all I know. I want to say there were only 3 or 4 of each of them in the game

Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin Heads were extremely rare, even the default orange one. They were commonly mistaken for Angry Pumpkin Masks. I believe the orange one was slightly less valuable than a Phantom Hat/Bat Mask. The blue and purple ones, however... I think the blue one was 2 of a kind and the purple one was 1 of a kind! They were sometimes called "Smiley Pumpkins" "Or Jolly Pumpkin Masks"

Pumpkin Mask

Pumpkin Masks were sometimes called "Flat Pumpkin Masks"
These were also extremely rare and even less known than Pumpkin Heads. The default-orange was slightly more valuable than the orange Pumpkin Head and the grayish one was 1 or 2 of a kind

Eyeball Hat

Eyeball Hats used to be incredibly rare too, some more than others. Believe it or not, the least rarest Eyeball Hat was the one with pink eyelashes, aka the "Beta Eye"
If you say an Eyeball Hat back then, chances are the one you saw was the one with pink eyelashes. The other four colors were much rarer. There were very few of all the other Eyeball Hats. I want to say there were 3 or 4 of all the other ones, maybe fewer green ones. The pink eyelash Eyeball Hat is still one of the rarest items in the game even though it was originally the least rarest of the Eyeball Hats. I wasn't there so I can't confirm it but I've been told many times that the "beta eye" was never actually for sale. Instead, it was apparently given out to people by AJ Guides

Hockey Mask

Even the default Hockey Mask was extremely rare. I want to say they were worth Scary Bell Hats or Scary Masks. I think the black ones were 3 or 4 of a kind. The orange Hockey Mask might've been in existence at the time but I can't remember. If it was, it was a one of a kind item. I think I remember there being rumors of them at least

Vampire Mask

The default Vampire Mask was about as rare as a green Creature Mask (probably)
The blue one was much more rare. According to a comment I got a long time ago, the blue one was worth an eyeball hat. Take what you want from that. As with the orange Hockey Masks, I'm not sure but the red Vampire Mask might've existed at the time too but probably not

Werewolf Mask

Werewolf Masks were another one of those items that not a lot of people knew about. They were commonly confused with Yeti Masks. The brown one was worth an orange Angry Pumpkin Mask I believe. The blue/purple one was very rare and maybe worth a green or black Creature Mask. And as for the red one, that was one of a kind. I was told a green one existed at the time, too. I never saw one or saw a picture of it though (before they came back, anyway)

Yeti Mask

I don't remember a lot about Yeti Masks either. All I know is they were generally more rare than Werewolf Masks and that there were very few of the grayish ones

Witch Hat

The gray Witch Hat was the least rarest of the four colors that existed. It wasn't incredibly rare and was worth about an orange Angry Pumpkin Mask. The red one probably had double the value of the gray one. The pink one was extremely rare, maybe 2 of a kind. I'm not sure where the green one stands though. I want to say it was in between red and pink in terms of rarity

Wizard Hat

The blue Wizard Hat was slightly more rare than a gray Witch Hat. I think the raspberry one had double the value of the blue one, just like how the red Witch Hat was double the value of the gray one. The pink and white ones were one of a kind

Witch Mask

Witch Masks were extremely rare in general. Not many people knew about them, and the few that did weren't very fond of them as far as I could tell. The green one was probably worth a blue Yeti Mask. The white and tan ones were one of a kind, and the pink might've been too. If it wasn't then it was probably 2 or 3 of a kind. According to a comment I got a long time ago, these were worth Hockey Masks

Spider Mask

Spider Masks were another "extremely rare in general" item. I believe the default blue had around the same value as a Bat Mask or Phantom Hat. The red one was was probably 2 or 3 of a kind and the black one was one of a kind
(Unfortunately the only picture I had of the old icon for the black spider mask was in a very bad quality. Sweetness77 used to save all of his images as gifs... yeah. I did my best with what I had for the editing on that one)

Mummy Mask

I don't remember much about the rarity of Mummy Masks either. All I know is the default ones were the least rarest, black was double or triple the rarity of default, and purple was one of a kind... I think

Den Items

The den items were typically valued a lot less than the clothing items despite some of them actually being rarer than some clothing. It's still like that with den items today, actually. A lot of these den items had around the same value

Giant Phantom

Giant Phantoms were probably the most valued Halloween den items, and even one of the rarest den items in general. I think people would trade gray gloves for these

Ceiling Web

Ceiling Webs were one of two spiderweb den items and I think the one that was slightly more common. These and Ground Webs were still very rare but not many people cared for them which decreased their value

Ground Web

I think these were almost as rare as Giant Phantoms (amount-wise) but no one wanted to believe that since the phantoms were more popular


Ghosts were pretty hard to come by too. I think they were a bit more common than webs

Bat Tombstone

I remember these being quite rare. I want to say they were a little less valuable than Giant Phantoms

Scary Fence

These were the least rarest member Halloween den item but they were still pretty rare. That being said it was hard to actually use these in your den for decoration since there weren't a whole lot of people who had more than one (and you typically need a lot of fences)

Evil Jack-O'-Lantern

There were three member den pumpkins. All of them were very rare but since they were so small, they weren't very popular amongst traders. Evil ones were the least rarest

Scared Jack-O'-Lantern

I don't remember if Scared pumpkins or Angry pumpkins were rarer but they were both very very rare. I want to say one of them was even rarer than Giant Phantoms (or maybe both of them were) but as mentioned, not many people wanted these

Angry Jack-O'-Lantern

Same description as above

Surprised Jack-O'-Lantern

Surprised pumpkins were the only nonmember pumpkin item. I believe they were the least rarest Halloween item in general. They were still hard to come by though

Skull Tombstone

I think Skull Tombstones were about equal in rarity to Surprised pumpkins, maybe a little rarer

Spooky Lights

Spooky Lights weren't incredibly rare either. They also had around the same value as the Surprised pumpkins

Candy Bowl

From what I remember, Candy Bowls were a little more rare than the three above items

Scary Balloons

Scary Balloons had around the same value as Candy Bowls


Unlike all the other items, Scarecrows have never been available in stores, Instead, these were the original prizes for the Phantom Vortex minigame. They were one of the rarest nonmember den items, especially because they didn't come back in 2011

Bat Wallpaper

Unfortunately I don't remember the values of Bat Wallpaper or Spiderweb Floors. All I know is Spiderweb Floor was more common than Bat Wallpaper

Spiderweb Floor

Same description as above

(Note: I didn't have old item icons for  Angry Jack-O'-Lantern, Skull Tombstone, Scarecrow, Surprised Jack-O'-Lantern, Evil Jack-O'-Lantern, Candy Bowl, Bat Wallpaper, Spiderweb Floor, Scary Fence, or Spooky Lights. I used the "modern" item icons for those items instead)

Those were all the items released for AJ's first Halloween. Most of them ended up coming back in 2011

I found some comments on my old rares blog that might help show some item values

"Yeti Masks are 4th rarest item in Jamma"

"3rd rarest item in Jamma!"
(talking about spider masks)


(talking about vampite masks)

"is a phantom hat rarer than a pink eyeball w/ pink eyelashes because i traded a pink eyeball 4 a phantom hat"

"So lets see..
1st rarest: Freedom stuff
2nd rarest: Bat cape/ phantom hat
3rd: Pumpkinn masks and smiley pumpkins"

Hopefully at least someone got something out of this post. Halloween is very nostalgic for me which is why I make so many posts about it. I plan on making more posts like this for other AJ events like the first Friendship Festival, the first Feast of Thanks, and Halloween 2011
Hopefully julian2 doesn't steal this lol


  1. It might not seem like much but it took me forever to make this post
    Most of it was editing the item icons but still

  2. Some stories:
    In my early days I wondered where Phantom Hats came from. I found AJHQ's pictures of the Phantom Vortex and assumed the hats were sold in a shop in the vortex

    My friend's dream item was a Bat Mask and mine was a Phantom Hat. At the time I thought I could get her a bat mask with my pink heart balloon. I was very wrong lol

    I got a red top hat with a headdress I bought from the store, traded it for a red angry pumpkin mask the night before Halloween 2011, and traded that for a witch hat. The next day, the pumpkin mask came back and witch hats didn't

    And for anyone wondering, I joined in 2011 so I never got to experience the first halloween : (

    1. aww! I joined 2012 and never got an awesome Halloween experience either. It would have been amazing to have those guides and all of the arranged parties

      Man that thing about the witch hats sucks I'm so sorry

    2. Why sorry? My witch hat was still rare

    3. I met a guide a few times before I joined in beta

  3. Mel, good job, this is one of the longest posts you've ever made

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  10. This is an awesome post- took me down memory lane for sure.
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