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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Huge Aldan Rant

Something that should've been made a long time ago. I've talked about many of things I'll be going over in this post in other posts, such as this one, that one, the one about spiked collars, the other one about spiked collars, and my personal favorite, the one about spiked collars

In other words, I'll be repeating myself a lot in this post. Everything will be in the same place at least

I'm basically digging my own grave right now lol 

As with all rants and opinion based things, you may or may not disagree with what's said in this post. Just because someone has an opinion on something that you don't agree with doesn't mean you're being attacked. It also doesn't mean you're forced to change your mind about it

I didn't really want to have to put a message like that but I know some people on the internet can't accept that other people may have different opinions than them

I know I'll still get a bunch of "omg u stink ur jus jelis that we r betr then u !!!!" comments and then some one by people who are taking this way too seriously and seem like they have a way too serious attitude lol
This kind of stuff happens on every single rant or opinionated post on the internet so it's to be expected

Just remember, these are just my thoughts and onvservations !

I have a lot of stuff to type so this is post will be unorganized probably
I'll try to split it up into parts or something I don't know

Ok enough talking about stuff no one cares about

The Outfits
This one will probably be the most controversial thing in this post so I might as well get it out of the way first - the outfits people wear
No matter what room I go to in Aldan, I always see at least 3 of the same outfit. It's like there are only about 10 different outfits people use. I tried to replicate some for you. Almost all of them will have a either a beta blanket, black worn, beta tiara, light pink headdress, a glitched ring (the turquoise one), a black spiked wristband, a neon bow, or a white elf tail armor. All of them will have a black spiked collar, aka the "rarest" one

And yes, I own a spiked collar. Does that make me a hypocrite? Eh, probably

Type A - The pink headdress + spiked collar look

Type B - The beta tiara and beta blanket look

Type C - The straw hat look

These sometimes use black straw hats instead of cream and are usually seen on nonmember wolves. They typically have a worn blanket too but I don't own one of those because I'm not a goddess with every item in the game

Type D - There's also the black and red look with a black spiked spiked collar, black gazelle horns, and a black worn. Or as I call it, "The Edgy"
They sometimes will use a black top hat instead of the gazelle horns

I don't have gazelle horns, a spiked wristband, or a black worn, so I didn't bother replicating that one. Those seem to be the 4 main types of outfits. I went around Aldan for like 2 minutes and searched for animals that fall into these categories. It really wasn't that hard

I didn't feel like taking that many pictures so I didn't

The typical Type C wolf

Some Type A animals, including the uncommon eagle

Some Type D arctic wolves

 Type B arctic wolves. Same exact items except one has a tail armor. Almost the exact same colors

Then there are the sub categories. There are a few of these that I'm missing. These are just the ones that happened to be in the rooms I was in at the time

The gingerbread look

 The Type D's that don't have black or red as their main colors

 The golden founders hat look

The fake arctic hood look

I can't think of any others

But I know there are a few more out there. At least I hope there are. It would be sad if there were only 8 outfits in this game : (

I have a question. Why are the gingerbread masks now super popular among the Aldaners? There's always someone with a gingerbread mask look, usually a tiger. I get traded them a lot too. Is it because of that glitched one that was going around a while ago? Who knows? I don't think it's worth the risk asking one of the creepy gingerbread people. They could be angry that their cousins get eaten by the humans
Well there's my attempt to be funny for the day... Glad that's over

Another thing to mention is that people only use about 6 different animals. AJ is mostly made up of arctic wolves, there's an equal amount of bunnies and regular wolves, occasionally some tigers and eagles, and then there's some of the newest animal. What ever happened to originality? Why does everyone have to use the same animals with the same exact outfit? I don't get it!

I think that about covers the outfits part of this rant post. Moving on to the next category...

Festive Lights
You know those glitched Festive Lights from a while ago? Yeah well those are everywhere!
Since they were given to about 2 million players for free, a lot of people have them. However, people think these are actually worth something. Maybe they will be worth something sometime in the future, but as it stands now, these are super invaluable. Even I have like 16 of them. I often get offered them for my "rare" junk. Every room I go to I see someone saying stuff like this

And of course these people aren't going to accept anything other than a spiked collar
This is especially terrible for the people who don't have these lights and really want them. They're worth nothing but people want crazy stuff for them! I image it's quite hard to actually get glitched lights because of how people are overvaluing them. The same can be said about most of the the "rare" items in this game though. I don't know why it's the festive lights that bother me the most. I hate these even more than spiked collars. And coming from me that's saying a lot. I don't want to hate them though... but aldan : (

The AJ Slang
"Slang" probably isn't the right word here but I'll be using it regardless. I'm talking about the lingo people use when referring to items. From what I remember, these are all of the terms people use

Term - Item's real name)

Long - Spiked Collar with longer spikes
Short - Spiked Collar with shorter spikes
Spike - Spiked Collar
hd - Headdress

Actually that's all of them I think. This didn't need its own category but too bad lol
I have no idea why these bother me so much. I have no good reason. Back in 2011 we even had our own "slang" like how we called Elf Bracelets "cuffs"
I guess I'm just weird. I think we all can agree on that

The Misinformed
I know I know, not everyone can know everything about this game. I don't think anyone does. Not even AJHQ knows everything about their own game (they don't acknowledge things like beta eyes exist, for example)
But there's some things I see in Aldan that really gets on my nerves. I'll save the most irritating thing for last

When people call stuff "glitched" when it isn't
There are two different cases of this. The first one is for scamming. People will find a random item, call it glitched, and expect people to fall for it and get rich in "spikes" and "hd's"
These are what we call "liars"
They aren't misinformed at all, they just want to get items the cheap and immoral way. The other case of this, however...
When people have an item like those red holiday sweaters or neon bows which are items that are only available in adventures, and honestly think they are glitched items. I don't blame them though. The whole "glitched" thing can be confusing. I'll try to explain it in simple terms. Both of those items are from daily Jamaaliday gifts. For whatever reason the Jamaaliday gift clothing items only get released in 7 colors. Whenever a new clothing item from those gifts came out, the 8th one stayed unreleased. It exists in the code of the game but it doesn't get released. However, adventures are different. They have all the colors of the gifts available as prizes. The red sweater and neon bow are 8ths and all came from adventures. They are not glitched at all

People that think they know everything about the game
I see people asking "when did this come out?" and stuff like that. Sometimes I see "famous" AJ people get asked these kinds of questions. But I always see people give the wrong answers, like "this item came out in 2009"
Yeah well AJ started in 2010 lol

Another example is when someone asks if this item is from beta. The answer they get is typically always wrong
"Is the claw beta?"
Even though the claw was a monthly member gift in 2011... Beta was 2010 and there was no membership, so no monthly gifts

This goes with the above thing but it deserves its own section. How people call everything "beta"
I THINK I know how this came to be. I may may not be to blame for it... : (
In 2010 and 2011 (and some of 2012) people knew what beta meant. Beta is a testing phase
When I discovered "beta hoods" I named them "beta arctic hoods"
Not because I didn't know what beta means, but because the beta hoods were a color that was only sold during beta. I'm not sure if people called the rare eyeball hat and creature masks "beta" back then but those terms are inaccurate anyway lol
I don't know what happened, but something happened in 2012 or 2013. My guess it someone had the idea that a color of an item that isn't for sale is called a "beta" color. And then it spread. Now almost everything is called "beta"
"Trade me beta spike!" "give me 12 den betas for my edgy collar!"
Even some of those parties made with that new party feature are called "Beta Beta Beta"
I'm sure most of these people don't even pronounce it right. It's supposed to be pronounce like "bait uh" and not "bet uh"
I don't know why I'm bringing that up though. I still say it like "bet uh" because it sounds better to me. But at least I acknowledge that I pronounce it incorrectly lol

So now items like the light green old blanket and the green tiara with blue gem is "beta" despite those colors being sold after beta. The only special item colors that are actually "beta" are the arctic hoods and milky tiaras

I can understand that though. What I don't get is the whole "den betas" thing

Everything would make more sense if I knew what people think beta means. Do people think it means items not for sale? Do people think it means items sold during beta? That's what I thought it meant, but people call stuff that came out in 2013 beta so I don't know

A year and a few months ago I made a list of den items sold during beta
Sure, it's not completely accurate. I wasn't a beta tester so I wasn't there. I really just looked at old beta videos and screenshots to make that list. People told me I was wrong for not including items such as basketballs. Those items were not sold in beta though. So where are people getting the idea that certain items are "beta"? I remember someone yelling at me for including a bunch of items that were still for sale but I can't find the comment (maybe it was on the clothing list)
Just because it's still for sale doesn't mean it's not from beta. Then there's items like Fox Chairs that people call beta. Why? Those came out in like 2013...
I guarantee you that if you went to Aldan with items from that list that are still for sale saying they are from beta you'll get called an idiot (or whatever word people use as a substitute for idiot because it's blocked)
When those items came back the other day in that party people were complaining (and still are) that those items "aren't beta anymore"
Sometimes people say "this item is more beta than this item"
Beta is not a descriptive word, people! It's a testing phase!
An item can't "be less beta" than something else. It was either from beta or wasn't from beta. There's nothing in between

I noticed there are four groups of "den beta" people

~ The ones that think anything not for sale is beta

~ The ones that think only some items that aren't for sale are beta

~ The ones that only accept "REAL betas" but still accept stuff like fox chairs and epic plushies

~ The ones that only accept "REAL betas" and actually know which items are from beta and which ones aren't

But unfortunately I've never run into any of that last type : (

I had an argument with someone about when AJ started and about what beta means. They seriously believed beta means "cool and interesting things"
I wish I could tell you I'm joking...

I probably forgot something here or didn't explain things very well, I know

Can someone please tell me what people think the definition of beta is? I honestly don't get it

Trade Attempts
Another thing I honestly don't get. I tried to understand this but I just don't. Just like how I see 27 of the same outfit in every room, I see 27 people saying "trade attempts for (item)!" or "doing trade attempts for (item) be fair!" and the strangest one, "recording trade attempts for (item)"

If I understand correctly, these "trade attempts" are just having an item on their trade list. So why say "doing attempts for (item)" when you can just say "(item) on trade!" ? You're just creating more work for yourself, aren't you?
And then there are the ones that say "doing trade attempts for (item)! i might accept!"
Doesn't that imply that all these other "trade attempters" will never accept? I mean, it's a trade, there's always supposed to be a possibility that you might accept. So why mention it? I don't get it. Are trade attempts just people putting items on there list and never accepting? If that's the case then what's the point of offering? And what I really don't get is the ones that record it. I don't watch AJ videos for several reasons so I don't know (hopefully someone could kindly tell us) but what's so interesting about a video where you just decline trades for 10 minutes?

People only talk to you through Jam a Grams
At least it's like that for me. Every time I go to Aldan I get a ton of "what for ur item" Jam a Grams from people that are standing right next to me. Even better, I got those Jam a Grams when I was a nonmember. How did they expect me to reply? lol
I tend to not check my Jam a Grams anymore because of how many of these messages I get. It's kinda of annoying. Then I get people to come over to me yelling at me for not responding to them. You just talked to me out loud then, why couldn't you have asked me out loud instead of through Jam a Grams? I don't wouldn't want to use the horrible typing system in Jam a Grams anyway. In the past people would almost never ask through Jam a Grams. Why did they start now?
Is there something wrong with walking over to someone and asking them what they want out loud all of a sudden?

People will try to always try to add you because of your items
Wear something that's pretty rare in Aldan and you're sure to get at least 10 buddy requests per room. You don't even have to say anything. You can just sit there. It's pretty obvious that these people only want to add you because of the stuff you're wearing. If you have something super rare, try it. Go to a room in Aldan wearing that item. After a while take it off and go to a different room. You'll get significantly less buddy requests/jam a grams begging you to add them. More times than not these people will only talk to you for trading purposes if you add them. Maybe that's exactly what you wanted, I don't know. But as for me personally, I don't want someone on my list who only cares about me because of the stuff I have

"Rare" Items
This is probably my biggest problem with trading - there are only about 20 different item people will trade for. Everything else is basically valueless. I believe I went over this in my post about "modern trading" but since I love saying the same stuff over and over again I'll be talking about it yet again here. Whenever I go to Aldan, I only see the same few items being traded. Off the top of my head, here are the only items I ever see get traded:
Black Spiked Collar
Headdresses (all of them are valued but the light pink ones is valued the most)
Glossy Cupid Wings (especially the brown ones)
Glitched rings (only the turquoise ones)
Beta tiara
Beta blanket
White elf tail armor
Tiki masks (all are valued buy mainly the tan ones)

Those are the big stuff that everyone wants. Then there are the lesser wanted items but they still are valued a little bit

Spiked collars that aren't black or "long"
Royal Gardens
Reward Plaques
Photon Carpets
Neon bow
"den betas"

And lately a bunch of ocean items are popular because one youtuber gained interest in them. And because one youtuber is interested in something it means you have to like it too... apparently
I might have missed a few items but basically anything that isn't on this list is complete trash and has no value. At least that's the way I see it. So there's only like 20 items that people trade... 20 out of the 1000s of items this game has. I just don't see the point of trading when only 20 items have value. And most of these items aren't even rare!
Black spiked collars are the "rarest" yet I almost never see anyone wearing one that isn't black. Same thing goes for light pink headdresses. How is it that the most common items are the rarest?
In 2011 every item had it's own value. Except for the ones that were still for sale, of course. If an item left stores it became rare pretty quickly. Now if an item leaves stores everyone just forgets about it. Most people forget about it before it even leaves stores. As long as it isn't one of those items on that list, no one cares if it exists. People will only care if a famous youtuber suddenly gains interest in it. And that's another thing. Famous AJ people pretty much have full control over what's considered rare. They can pick a random item, call it rare, and everyone will suddenly go crazy for that item. I don't think most of them realize that though

People don't click on you unless you're wearing an overrated "rare" item
This one kinda ties in with the buddy request one. If you're not wearing an item that's currently overvalued, the chances of someone clicking you and checking out your trade list is lowered by a lot
There's not much that can change that though. If you don't look like you have rare items then people are going to think it's a waste of time clicking on your trade list

Everything is valued differently by everyone
It's always kinda been like this but I notice it more now. If you ask someone "besides black, what is the rares spiked collar?" you're going to get a different answer most of the time. This is because everyone has different views on value. That's can't be helped though, which is why I don't really have a problem with it. The problem I have is with the people who refuse to acknowledge that fact
Also, people overvalue some times. Every time I go to Aldan people offer me glitched rings for my tan tiki mask. I always see about 20 of those rings in every room but I don't see tan tikis very often. They're not super mega ultra rare but they're definitely not super mega ultra common like spiked collars and those rings. When I decline their rings they get mad at me for declining
I'm sorry but I don't see how two of one of the most common items for my very uncommon item is "fair"
And even if it was a fair trade, that doesn't automatically mean I'm forced to accept it. I have the right to decline a trade if I want to. I simply don't like the items you offered. It may be a fair trade but that doesn't mean I like the items. Hmm...

I know I said this already but it's the most common color of each item that gets valued the most. Light pink headdresses, black spiked collars, brown glossy wings... So why are they treated like the most valuable if they should be the least valuable? I really have no idea

I think that about covers everything I needed to say. Of course I have the memory of a bag of rocks so it's very likely that I left something out. If I did I'll edit this post later~


  1. LOL all the hate I'm going to get for this post

  2. See, this is why I don't play AJ any more.

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    That was a thing in the 80's

  7. Lol I used to be one of those people who freaked out about rares, wore one of those stereotypical outfits (outfit D), buddied people only for their rares, and chased then around jamagramming them "what for spike" and then I took it to far and turned into one of those people who lies down, puts on a crying emoji, and waits for someone to say "What's wrong?"
    And now I don't even care about being rare (hey that rhymes!)
    Also I realized how great the new trading update is
    No more trust trade scams! Woohoo!

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  9. Oh yeah the light pink headdresses?
    idk though I bet you 5$ that half of my jamagramcrackers are asking for my headdress

  10. and about the looks i have ONE of my animals like that just to show how stereotypical they are! :(

  11. the one about people only trading you if you have a rare item on really bothers me. like A LOT. I only use my nonmember trading backup for trading, I get almost no trades because I'm a nonmember and not wearing anything (because most "rares" I have on there are members)

  12. I totally agree, I HATE it when people don't actually know the meaning of 'beta'
    I also hate it when people think spiekz and Rare Item Monday's are everything.
    Lol see ya,
    Kitty catcat

  13. Rip AJ summer 2010- summer 2012
    Plz read this:https://zipperszippywebsite.wordpress.com/2015/12/30/2011/

    I don't get the Phantom rugs craze.
    just seriously.
    It was a rug that was sold for ages then went on clearance.

    1. They were only ever in stores for 2 weeks (unless they came back in 2012)
      But still I don't understand why they are so popular either

  14. I know right, I don't even own an Arctic wolf, and almost never use my bunny or wolf, my main is a SNOW LEOPARD


  16. You know, fox hats are extremely UNDERRATED, sure you can get them in Search For Greely Hard Mode, but they're still rare, nobody ever asks for those, they're all like OMG THAT'S NOT RARE, GIMME A BLACK LONG SPIKE!

  17. I'm surprised by the lack of hate in the comments

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  19. omg u stink ur jus jelis that we r betr then u !!!!

  20. omg u stink ur jus jelis that we r betr then u !!!!

  21. omg u stink ur jus jelis that we r betr then u !!!!

  22. Spring is here (where I live it's January 10) so hooray for warm temps!

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  28. Those are pretty good points:) And all of them aswell. I think someone should make a movement for STOP JAMMERS WHO WANT RARES! Actually I'm gonna do that when I get a chance and if I remember... Will you ever change the header, template, and background of your blog?

    1. I'm not changing anything until I learn html
      Might change the background though

  29. So apparently there's a shark cage craze in the Aldan I went to. I've never seen the item myself but now everyone has/wants one??

    1. It's an ocean item that everyone wanted for a while because WootMoo traded for them or something
      Recently someone found a glitch that lets you access a deleted shop, the ocean pet den item shop. It only sells shark cages. Now people are buying them and trading them for good stuff tot he people that don't know they're for sale


  31. KuruKuruTako, your blog is trash and worse than my cat's barf. You smell like poop too.

  32. http://imgur.com/vB6lFVb

  33. Ya I always am getting offers for my "glitches" nerd glasses. Time after time I tell people they aren't for trade but thousands of people still Jamal gram me non stop. Another thing is I can't really go almost anywhere now without someone freaking out because I'm a nonmember arctic fox. Tons of people add me these days but never even talk to me. And there is always someone who announces "OMG A NOMMEMBER ARCTIC FOX"

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  35. Stop criticising spikes. Just because YOU don't like them doesn't mean you have to call people who do garbage. I mean, I hate how you think your 'so cool' with that beta tail that is on almost EVERYONE IN ALDAN!!! It's rarer then a spike. Your jealous we were smart enough to find a cool item and YOU wanted to choose it. Well, you have NO FEELINGS cause when almost every player on AJ has worked their butts off to get these items they thought were cool and rare. Finally get them, then the people that hate spikes take over and they have to start ALL OVER AGAIN TO GET A FRIGGING GOOD ITEM CAUSE YOU BULLIED THEM I WILL HACK YOU AND RECYCLE ALL YOUR ITENS AND MAKE YOU FEEL SORRY YOU EVER SAID THAT THE NEXT TIME YOU TALK JUNK ABOUT SPIKES GOT IT?

    1. (I know this is a joke comment but I'm going to pretend like it's serious anyway)

      LOL did you even read the post? When did I say people who like a certain item are garbage? When did I say I think I'm cool? I don't think I've ever complimented myself on this blog, I only insult myself. Also check your spelling, you used "your" instead of "you're" and "then" instead of "than a few times

      You also proved my point:
      " As with all rants and opinion based things, you may or may not disagree with what's said in this post. Just because someone has an opinion on something that you don't agree with doesn't mean you're being attacked. It also doesn't mean you're forced to change your mind about it

      I didn't really want to have to put a message like that but I know some people on the internet can't accept that other people may have different opinions than them

      I know I'll still get a bunch of "omg u stink ur jus jelis that we r betr then u !!!!" comments and then some one by people who are taking this way too seriously and seem like they have a way too serious attitude lol
      This kind of stuff happens on every single rant or opinionated post on the internet so it's to be expected"

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      /This was a joke comment\

  36. For the overused outfits, don't forget the one that's just a spike and a baseball cap!

    1. Haha yeah, you also can't go into the Pillow Room without seeing that look.

      It's always

      Black or white baseball cap
      Silver spiked collar or black spiked collar
      Black elf bracelets
      Black worn
      (Maybe) Black and red elf tail or black and blue elf tail

  37. oh my gosh i wanna rip my hair out every time someone says "trads meh betty elf tals"

  38. You'd think people would quit saying "black long" once they realized how it sounds out loud XD

  39. i can understand the jam a gram things because it is a little hard to get one's attention in aldan

  40. I'm a super troll
    I do a lot of HD giveaways knowing that they want my headdress but I always send out an HDTV

  41. I once won two spikes from two days in a row, but I just gifted them to my buddies because I wasn't interested. When I go to Aldan, it's just the same old Arctic wolves with Headdresses, spiked collars and more ''rare'' stuff they have. People need variety..


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