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Saturday, January 2, 2016

The 2016 2012 Glitch

Recently someone found a glitch that lets you visit the New Year's Party from 2012, a party that hasn't been accessible since... 2012
Because time travel doesn't get perfected until 2072, many players never got to see this room (even though the internet is a powerful tool - you could always look at old blog posts like my party post from 2012 lol)
But now because of this glitch, newer plays can see the party room! It's pretty much just a copy of the Jamaaliday Jam party but still, it's kinda fun seeing a "deleted" room

A few people told me about this glitch in vague detail so I spent way too long some time figuring out the real way to do this glitch... or at least I found the only way that works for me. There may be an easier way but as far as I know, this is the only way. It can require a lot of pateince

Step 1
Get an ocean-only animal (sea turtle, dolphin, octopus, shark)
Make sure the ocean-only animal is the last animal you used in an ocean
(This may work with animals that can go on land and in oceans but I haven't tested it)

Step 2
Go to a New Year's Party 2016

Step 3
Wait for everyone else to leave the party so you're the only one left in the room. This will not work if you're in the room with someone else. It can take a very long time for the room to clear out

Step 4
Open the Games menu and play Ocean Best Dressed

Step 5
Quit Ocean Best Dressed
It doesn't matter how long you play for - you can quit as soon as you start if you want to

That's all there is to it! When you leave the game, instead of being put back into the 2016 party, you'll get sent to the 2012 party room for some reason!

Sometimes the room won't load and you'll have to refresh. If that happens, you just wasted a good half hour of your life waiting for nothing : (
At least for me it's worked every time but I've heard it doesn't always load

It's pretty much the same as it was four years ago. There are 2 and a half key differences. The first one is the shop

Clicking on the shop not only doesn't work, it also breaks your game a little
 For whatever reason, holding down click on the shop freeze every animal's animations

 You can tell I didn't just slow down the gif because the disco ball and robot continue to move normally (and I've proven many times in the past that I have no editing skills whatsoever)

The animation freeze is only a client side glitch, meaning it only looks that way on your screen. You can still do cool stuff like the good ol' minty animal glitch with this though

The shop isn't all cool effects though - it also causes an annoying glitch from 2011. Your buddy list won't work anymore

 And trying to leave the room will result in endless loading

 (Don't worry, everything gets fixed if you refresh)

So yeah, don't click on the shop if you don't want that to happen

The other difference in the party is the slides. No matter how hard you try, you can't slide on the slides!

The other 1/2 difference is the fire pit. I'm not exactly sure but I don't clicking on it in 2012 gave you smores. I know it did in the Jamaaliday Jam, but not in this party. In 2016, nothing happens when you click on it still. If you fly over it with an eagle or owl, however... It will continuously give you smores. Every second... and it plays a sound every time. It's very loud. Especially if you  get two people to fly over it at the same time

(Thanks Spiritcloud721 for accidentally showing me this)

Since I'm not very tech savvy despite always calling myself a nerd, I can't record the sound in a not horrible quality. That's probably a good thing in this case...

Also, you can stand on the giant gingerbread tree in the bottom left corner of the room. Again, I don't remember if it was originally like that or not

gigi1099 noticed the tea party table in the party has no legs. I checked my 2012 post and it was like that back then too. I wonder if it's an unreleased item or just a glitch

In the top left corner there's an orange 2012 banner

None of the new years banners have even been available in orange so I found that mildly interesting. Perhaps they were originally going to be sold in more colors?
Here's a better look at it

Since birds weren't around when this party was around I took a picture of the sky and background

I have four more pictures of the party that I feel like uploading. They just show off the rooms and stuff. This will probably be the last time I'll ever get to see this room in game, I might as well take a thousand screenshots

This glitch really brought back some good memories for me
2011 and the first half of 2012 were probably the best years of my life and I miss them : (
but nothing can ever beat November 2015~

Even though this party room coming back wasn't intentional, thanks for bringing it back, AJHQ!

I tried this glitch out with he Play As Your Pet Party expecting something cool to happen but unfortunately it was just a waste of time. Nothing happened
I wanted to try the glitch at the 2012 but I never got a chance to. Oh well 


  1. Hi can I ask u questions about bullying

    1. What if ppl called u "fat", rude, ugly, a nerd, uncreative, a baby, a crybaby, a meanie and a little immature child? Cuz that's what's happening to me, dear sweet Pandaybewwr, and I'm not any of those things. Melly I need advice and I have no friends just Cuz I'm 124 lbs and still in 7th grade and most of those girls are 90 pounds- 98 pounds and they think I'm a nerd and a loser all I did was say "hi, I'm *Pandybewwr nice to meet you!" I spend my days reading comic books, watching si-if movies, obsessing over not real charecters and when I'm not doings those I'm probaly listening to music or making films with action figures or helping out with my aunts animal shelter
      * means I can't use my irl name on this

    2. I'm not saying you are, but if I was called half those things I'd probably just agree with them, which is one of the main reasons why I'm not the best person to ask for advice for this kind of stuff. If someone's mean to me I do 1 of 4 things: agree with everything they say, give them the sass treatment, just say "ok" after everything they say, or completely ignore them. If they laugh at me then I'll laugh with them. Honestly I have 0 friends outside of the internet and even on the internet I don't have that many super close friends anymore. The more people get to know me, the less they will like me. I'm also pretty much a nerd, or at least I consider myself one. Some people take that as an insult but I'm a total weirdo so I enjoy being called a nerd. When you think about it, all I really do with my time is listen to music and play video games. If people have a problem with that, I don't really care. If it makes me happy and isn't hurting anyone, why should I care what other people think about it? I'm not going to change everything about me because a few people dislike me. If people want to waste time and energy being mean and hating on me, that's their problem. I'm horrible with advice and stuff and just kinda rambled on but hopefully you got something good out of this

    3. I know it's cheesy cliche advice, but try to stay strong and positive. Even if someone really hurt you, try not to make them think they did

    4. Im ok with being called a weirdo because i am one lol.
      people call me that because i like a weird combination of things (my little pony, minecraft, Roblox ajam, etc.)

    5. Never let anyone get you down! Everyone grows at different rates, so it's okay to be thinner or larger than 'normal'. I eat healthy, and work out, and I still have a little extra weight. It's just how your body preps you for growth spurts! :)


  2. Hey , wasn't the ''∅'' username glitch patched?

  3. Ok so banners have been sold in orange before, just not like that

    1. Blue 2011 Banner for Juice Hut Sign?

    2. No thanks, I found a blue one in storage

    3. No Magenta with Mint Writing, I traded my Magenta with Green Writing and some Spiced Garbaje for the Magenta with Mint writing

    4. is that even worth a juice hut sign?

    5. Hmm it is a bit under. I could add a Shrimp Net I guess

    6. Shrimp Net or Shrimp Cage? And what color?

    7. Shrimp Net, it's the black and white with orange lining

    8. Isn't that the second rarest one?

  4. I wanna try this glitch but I proba won't get around tot it oh well...

  5. What why are the Arctic coats back?!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Can you post more AJ stories? i like listening to your experiences o_o

    1. I can't think of any interesting stories I haven't told yet. Did I post the Miss Thepalace story yet?
      There's also the garbage can wedding but that's a really short story that I don't remember any of the details of

  8. The 2012 room was so much less boring why does AJ have to change everything that's actually good

  9. Random Pokemon Questions:

    1. What's you favorite region?
    Mine's Hoenn.
    2. What is your favorite starters from every region, include your all time favorite
    Mine are:
    All time favorite? Can't choose between Mudkip and Fennekin.
    3. What are your least favorite starters from each region? All time least?
    Mine are:
    Chespin (he's still adorable)
    All time least? Tough, but Snivy.
    4. Favorite legendary (not mythical)?
    Mine are Latios and Latias. (That movie thingy really got to me :()
    5. Favorite mythical?
    Mine's gotta be either Mew or Hoopa.
    6. Favorite game pair?
    Omega Ruby/ Alpha Sapphire for me, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald are good too.
    7. Favorite city/town?
    Mine's Mauville City, Hoenn. I love the scenery, it's awesome.
    8. Favorite landmark?
    Mine has to be Sea Mauville, Hoenn, ORAS only.
    9. Favorite playable character?
    (From now it's anime questions, if you don't watch it put no anime :))
    10. Favorite season?
    Mine has to be Indigo League.
    11. Saddest moment?
    Bye, Bye, Butterfree, I almost strained trying not to cry :(
    12. Favorite Poke Girl?
    13. Favorite male companion?

    Anybody can answer :D I also do Wi-Fi battles, if anybody wants my friend code :p

    1. 1. Hard to say, probably Sinnoh
      2. Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Chimchar, Snivy, Fennekin
      I never realized I mostly like fire starters
      All time favorite: Chimchar probably
      2. Squirtle, Chikorita, Treecko (I love all the Hoenn starters though), Tepig, Chespin
      All time least: Chikorita
      I despise that useless thing
      Favorite legendary: Hard to say, maybe Giratina or Heatran
      Favorite mythical: Even harder to say since most of my favorite pokemon are mythical pokemon (they're all just so cute...)
      I'll go with Jirachi
      Favorite game pair: Ruby/Sapphire
      Favorite city/town: Olivine City or Lilycove
      Favorite landmark: Does the distortion world count? It has c00l music
      Favorite playable character: Dawn or Serena
      I haven't watched the anime in a while but serena is very annoying in the anime

    2. 1: Hoenn. I know I sound like some kind of Genwunner (but for Gen 3), but I honestly love Hoenn's simplistic, but at the same time, varied landscape. Also, am I the only person who liked the surfing sections?

      2: Bulbasaur, Totodile, Torchic, Chimchar, Oshawott, Froakie. I've always loved the Water starters and Mega Venusaur is one of my favourite Megas.

      3: Charmander (4x weakness to Rock, enough said)


      Treecko (I love Treecko, but it never really wowed me. Don't get me wrong, it's a good Pokemon, but Torchic and Mudkip are better)

      Tepig (At least Snivy gets Leaf Storm and Contrary which makes it totally broken. Tepig is slow and had awful bulk, and it impacts the story mode badly as well because you are forced to choose Pansage, the worst Elemental Monkey

      Chespin (For a long time, my Chespin wasn't learning any useful moves and it was the most underleveled Pokemon in my party because of how little I used it. I ended up giving it away in Wonder Trade because I just gave up. Chesnaught was ugly too.)


      5: Hoopa Unbound is JUST AWESOME. 160/170 offenses? OH YEAAAAAAH. Extremely high 130 Special Defense and decent HP and Speed? HOOPA CONFINED, YOU SUCK!

      6: Hard to say. Either BW or ORAS for me.

      7: I've always loved Slateport City for some reason. Maybe it's because there's a nearby beach and I love beaches? Or because of the marketplace? I dunno, but I love it either way.

      8: It may sound weird, but... the Weather Institute. What? Castform's one of my favourite Pokemon, and that's where you get it... for free... PLZ GIVE US CASTFORM EVOLOUTION FOR GEN 7 PLZ PLZ PLZ

      9: Brendan. I like his hat.

      10: I've seen very little of the anime, but I heard that the DP season was good, so...

      11: Lucario's (SPOILER ALERT!) death in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Not a bad movie if I do say so myself.

      12: I don't know, Dawn, maybe?

      13: Brock. Because it's Brock.

  10. I'm in school right now and its homeroom time for about 4 more minutes and plz chat to me

  11. Hi Padybewwr here how you doing I'm super bored And I'm at the orthodontist to get new colored braces what colors should I get

  12. mel shouldn't the update have came on new years? can't aj reward us with an update for an important day?
    (yes im ranting)

    1. They skipped new years update last year too

    2. they were probably all partying haha

    3. Joe T, Clark and the others were probaby all playing Shot Collar

  13. YAY daily item tracker is now available :O

  14. Meloetta your favorite out of the 3 (on a raing to cuteness)
    (im talking about pokemon btw if ya didnt know)

  15. Mel 2 questions
    Whats your favorite form of Meloetta (Pirouette Form Or Aria Form
    What your favorite Pokemon of all time (I think mine is Slyveon for reasons)

  16. I might possibly get Pokemon OmegaRuby/AlphaSahppire
    Witch of the two do you suggest?
    (I know I spelled witch wrong)

    1. They are basically the same game, it just depends on whether you want to fight team aqua or team magma

  17. Is there a difference between the 2?

  18. I have a post idea for you :)
    Visit rainbow7's den. It's an entire post on its own.
    (No, it's not an inappropriate pillow den)

  19. Well good to know!!! This is a little late, but I didnt join aj until my 7th bday, (2/19/12) so I missed the party. Hopefully this works until 2017!!!


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