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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Leap Year Party 2016

It's been four years since the first Leap Year Party! In 2012 we had what was probably the most amazing AJ party ever. It was a very cool party that introduced many new things to the game such as a unique claw machine with a new plushie and rare versions of items. You can read about the amazingness of that party HERE

And then 2016's Leap Year Party comes around...

You start out in a treehouse den like the first party...

Going up the stairs you can see tons of frog placement spamming...

And here's the first room...

And the first shop which is the den item shop...

Here's what it sells

Frog items. So instead of cool rare variants of den items, we get frog items. That's nice I guess...?
And only 2 of them have alternate colors

And here's the clothing shop in the second room...

Well, surely they listened to my suggestions and put in the ultra rare items because they don't want items that are impossible for any new players to get without hacking someone, right??

Nah, AJ likes having items that are only possible to get via hacking innocent players lol

I... guess those are cool items and all, but...

Oh I know! Maybe the claw will have super special items in it !!!!!

Oh, you mean they just copy/pasted the Trading Party claw...?

Well, I guess I'll show you the rest of the party now...

Here's the top floor

And a part of the megaslide

Some more of the mega slide and an oversized frog for some reason

I don't know about you, but I'm very disappointed >:(
Me and a ton of other people were very excited for this party. We even stayed up super late just to be the first ones there. But instead of making this very rare and special party as special as the first one, they turned it into just another normal and boring party. And here I was hoping that they'd use this very rare occurrence as an opportunity to fix one of the main problems with this game, bringing back the 5 of a kind items, so it's actually possible for people to get legitimately and not inspiration people to learn how to hack so they can get said items. But nope, they turn it into an unspecial boring party >:(

I mean they at least couldn't added SOMETHING new to that claw instead of just reusing the trading party claw!

For those of you who ignored the link at the top and weren't there for the original Leap Year Party, you should really check it out so you can understand more why 99% of the game is extremely disappointed right now
Here, I'll give you the link again

Well goodnight >:(
That's the last time I'm ever waiting 4 years for something

Friday, February 26, 2016

Early Version of the Sweets Party

Because I pay wayyyy too much attention to details that no one should ever care about, I noticed something in February 4th's newspaper. This was the update that added a new party to the list of parties you can host. They didn't give it a name for some reason, so let's just call it the Sweets Party since they said SWEET in all caps on that page

They showed a preview of the new party

I noticed 5 differences between the party picture in the newspaper and the actual party room. Try going to one of these parties for yourself and see if you can find all the differences!
Wait no that's way too much work, I'll just list them here for you because I'm nice sometimes

They made the party room and took that picture before they added a shop and made new den items. In other words, the picture from the newspaper was an early version of the party!

In the final version there is a chocolate couch and a candy chest. In the original newspaper version, there was a candy cane couch and barrel of candy here

Because of the fact that the newspaper picture is of very low quality, I can't tell if this is different or not. The princess couch thing is purple in the final version, but it looks pink in the newspaper

In the back kitchen area above the sink, there is now a chocolate window. In the newspaper version, there's a different candy window that I forgot the name of (it's probably is Candy Window lol)

There's now a shop in the outside area, but in the original version there was just another candy swirl table where the shop is now

By the way, does anyone know if this set of mugs is unreleased?
I don't think it is but I want to make sure

And the biggest difference between the early version in the newspaper and the released version is the carpet. It used to be Diner Tile and now it's Pink Flowers

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rant - Uber Rare Items

I've mentioned some of this stuff in previous posts but this time I'll go more in-depth about it. This I feel is one of the main reasons why this game's "economy" is so corrupt

You might want to read these two posts firsts if you haven't already:
Huge Aldan Rant
My thoughts on "modern" trading

I'm sure you're well aware that there are a few items in this this game that are much much rarer than others. These specific colors of items are not in adventures

The main ones I am talking about are...

Beta Eyes, Beta Creatures, Beta Elf, and Milky Tiara

And there are a few others such as Pearly Tiara and Glitched Turquoise Necklace but I am excluding those two items because Pearly Tiara is a hacked item and I don't have enough info or even a picture of Glitched Turquoise Necklaces. However, those two items are extremely rare too

There are well under 10 of each of these items in the game. There's part of the problem

These items are classified as "special items"
As I mentioned before, none of these items are available as adventure prizes. That wouldn't be too much of a problem, except these items never come back to stores either. At least, no "special items" have ever made a return since they were taken out of stores. To make it even worse, most of the time AJHQ won't even acknowledge these exist. A number of times I've tried asking AJHQ about these items, mainly the beta eye. All they tell me is "don't WORRY jammer, EYEBALL hats USUALLY return for NIGHT of the PHANTOMS!!!!!!!! (emote x20)"
They ignore the fact that I'm talking about the special eyeball hat, not basic for sale ones. I made it very clear which one I was talking about too, but as I've learned the hard way many many times, AJHQ's support system is... well, not very helpful. They only look for keywords and send you an automatic completely useless response that's usually unrelated to anything you said. If you mention the word "hack" even once, chances are they'll send you 1000 tips on how to not get hacked. But that's not what this post is about

Basically what I'm trying to say is, there are very few of each of these items in the game and they never come back, while almost every other item in the game lost its value completely due to the existence of The Forgotten Desert. Because of this, the (very) few people that have any of these items hold onto them and typically aren't willing to trade them. No amount of items in The Forgotten Desert will ever add up to the value of one of these items. All that being said, it's near impossible to ever get any of these items for yourself. The only REAL way to get these items is by hacking a player who has one. If the only way to get a rare item is to hack, that tells me they're doing something wrong here!

There ARE a few special items that are NOT impossible to get without hacking. Some of them are still very hard to obtain, but are actually possible to get as there are so many of them (at least compared to the above items)
Some of those items include...

Beta Hood, Beta Blanket, Beta Tiaras, Glitched Rings, and Magenta Furries

While these items are for the most part extremely rare, they are actually gettable! Like I said, there are so many more of these items than there are items like Beta Eyes. People are much more willing to trade these items because of that. That's why it works

In the past, we had plenty of one of a kind items. The reason why it worked back then was because there were so many different one of a kind items and every item had its own value. It was still very hard to get one of a kind things like the brown worn blanket back then, but it was still very possible because the only items that were considered absolute garbage were the ones in stores. Everything else was rare! But now, it's only "rare" if it's a headdress, tan mask, a black spiked collar, or a special item. Everything else is considered trash and should be immediately recycled

So how do they fix this? How do they keep these uber rare items more common but still very rare?

Well, I have a few suggestions for that

1. Instead of doing those diamond challenges on the Daily Explorer where you have to read a book and retype one of the facts from said book, they could have item contests. The winner could win one of these uber rare items

2. They could also give them out to people who won News Crew

3. I've suggested this many time and we'll see if they listened to my suggestion in a few days - make these items for sale in the Leap Year Party!!!! If they're ever going to bring them back, now would be the perfect opportunity

4. Bring them back for an AJ anniversary! They really should've done this last year for the 5th anniversary, but...

5. Make them extremely rare prizes in The Forgotten Desert

If they do any of these things, the items will still have some value while being actually obtainable without hacking. Otherwise, these items are encouraging hackers in a way >:(

And that's the end of this rant if you can even call it a rant
I'm really really hoping the Leap Year party isn't a disappointment. I understand the few people with these items will be sad that their precious little item isn't 3 of a kind anymore, but I think that's much better than having thousands of kids being sad that they can never get their dream item

Monday, February 22, 2016

Other things from the update

These are some things that came from the recent updates that seemed to have gone unnoticed by many. They're not really that important or interesting, but they exist or something like that

As long as you aren't using bubble chat, anyone can now type after punctuation!

This was previously only possible if you had restricted chat. You could do it with free chat only if you used some sort of key command. But now it's accessible to (almost) everyone!
Restricted chat people still have one "advantage" over free chat people though. With restricted chat you can type "jam-a-gram" which as far as I know isn't possible with free chat
If they really want to improve the chat and make it the best it's ever been like they say it is, bring back symbols for everyone >:(

I think this one was actually from the last update, but the new Jam a Gram system has an arrow key function! You can use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through your Jam a Grams

Yeah, that's probably useful but I'm going to completely forget that's a thing in like 5 minutes lol

And the last thing I noticed is something I can't show you because it's glitched >:(
There's supposed to be new music that you can choose when making one of those diamond parties, but for some reason it's not working for me

Before I had this problem, I saw that they heard me and brought back the beta party music. It was called "Beta Days"
They also added the River Race music to the selection, which is interesting considering they
"removed" the game. The bunny party music is on there too, not sure if that was already there or not

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Animal Jam Dreams

These are some of my weird AJ-related dreams that I had. To be honest I don't know why I'm making this post. I had a different post planned but this one happened instead. Just go with it lol

I had this one last night, actually. I was playing AJQuest with Astralskies and one or two other people. I don't remember who they were but I think one of them was Nuzlocke. We were all playing some new adventure with tons of keys. We were having a hard time finding them all. For some reason, part of the adventure took place in my old real life house. I tried to get into the food closet but it was blocked off for undisclosed reasons. You could trade with people in this adventure and there were lots of people there. We somehow got a bunch of head feathers. The one I got was dark red with weird color stripe. I think it was another shade of red

I don't remember what color the feather was
Then I found some headdresses in a storage and traded them. Somehow Astralskies got them and traded them to the AJQuest people. I got a silver and green one
I think I woke up after that. When I went back to sleep, I had a continuation of that dream. I was in the town trying to trade on AJQuest. Some weird girl who was sometimes a bunny and sometimes a rhino showed up. She also had membership sometimes, and other times she was nonmember. She had some weird items on trade. She was advertising her list saying "REAL SERVER ON TRADE"
Everyone in the town looked on her list. She had an invisible item called "Dana"
If you clicked on it to try to trade for it, it would bring you to the Dana server. Everyone there was freaking out. The creepy hacker girl came to the server. She had other unreleased hacked items too. They were all den music for ocean rooms. One of them had a picture of a seahorse and cookie jellyfish on it. If you moused over it, it would play the Bahari Bay music. In the dream world, that music was unreleased. It was also a nonmember item. There was also the music for the ocean pet shop. Its icon was just an icy blue box with a border. It was also a nonmember item. I looked on her list and Dana was no longer an invisible item. Dana was now a white and pink hat!
It looked like this hat

But the white parts or way more white, the ribbon was longer in the back and was affected by the wind a lot more, and the pink ribbon was like this color

Or it was a little darker, I don't remember
The hat was also less "tall"

I traded my silver green headdress for Dana. She accepted! I now had a hacked unreleased item that AJHQ would probably remove from my inventory soon. I wanted to trade for the music too but I had nothing good left. I went to go tell my friends and hopefully attract those suspicious rare people's attentions so I could get something really good for my Dana (now this sounds like a romance story)
Aaaaaand then I woke up

I also had another AJ dream the night before. I don't remember much of it, but...
I was in some other new room with my friend RainnTri who none of you have ever heard of because he doesn't play AJ. But in this dream, he was playing AJJAM
We were in some new room talking. It won't make sense to anyone other than me, but he was standing on the wins board in the room. I walked over to the left and saw an AJHQ member seal. I forgot his name but he had an AJ badge on his nametag. He had a weird item on trade called "Arctichood79" 
The word "hood" might've been something else but that's how I remember it. It was an ocean item. I'm not sure if it was a den item or clothing item but I assumed it was clothing. I can't really describe exactly how it looked. It was something like a giant leafy sea dragon with wings and was spreading out its wings. It was mainly white with some red and orange at the tips. It was quite a beautiful item lol
I looked it up and the only mention of this item on the whole internet was on AJwiki. It was just a forum post saying "not much is really know about the Arctichood79. It's definitely a rare item!" or something like that
I tried trading 20 of my best items for it but it said he couldn't trade right now. I checked, and he was playing a soccer match with RainnTri >:(
So I never got to trade for the Arctichood79 : (
Rest in pieces, Dana and Arctichood79
You will be slightly missed

Glove Factory
I had this dream like 5 years ago so the details on this one are hazy. I was with my old friend DoomDesire. We were in real life instead of AJ but the AJ rules still applied. We found some kind of giant machine in someone's basement. We found out that if we put any items in it like 45 gem necklaces, gloves would come out of the machine! I remember getting a green glove from it. We had plans to become super rich since we had unlimited gloves. That's all I remember about that one

Glove Arcade
Another dream that I had 5 years ago that I don't remember many details of, I was in some arcade in real life AJ. Everything was a fancy dark blue color and the place had very dim lighting. Above the exchange counter where you cash in your tickets had a bunch of fishnet style bags with nonmember gloves in them. I remember there being a bag for red gloves and a bag for blue gloves. I think I managed to get a whole bag of gloves and then I woke up

Those are all my AJ dreams that I remember right now. I know I had tons more because I'm a total AJ nerd so maybe I'll write another post when I remember some more of them. If you have any AJ dream stories you'd like to share, please do! I would love to read them
Also, I want to "improve" stuff on this blog in the next few days. Take what you want from that lol
I probably won't get anything done though >:(

Friday, February 19, 2016

All Current Jam-a-Grams

With the last update, tons of new Jam a Grams have been added, as well as a few returning ones
They even brought back the old Mira jam a gram from beta !!!!

I absolutely love the "land advertisement" ones, especially the Mt. Shiveer, Township, and Sarepia ones! Speaking of the land Jam a Grams, they seem to be glitched. Maybe it's not like this for anyone else, but I can't add a stamp or a message to any of them
They redid a lot of older ones too. I'm not sure if the original versions of those still exist or not