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Thursday, February 18, 2016

AJ Update February 18 2016 - The Goat Update

Goats are finally out, and sadly that's all this update really brings, apart from changing something that didn't need to be changed

Page 1

Yay, overpriced goats are here! I will admit they are pretty cute

Their shop icon is cut off though

They look like this when standing

I'll make a post with all of their animations eventually

Page 2

Yay, the leap year party is coming back! The claim it has "incredibly" rare items. Does this mean they are using my idea of bring back ultra rares like beta eye? Nope, because they want them to be impossible to get and they want the few people that have them to be huge targets for hackers. Way to go, AJHQ >:(

Page 3

Another one of those "waste your gems" things
I'm not saying we shouldn't put money into real animal safety, I'm saying giving up your digital gems isn't going to magically save real life animals. They might put money towards polar bears depending on how many gems we "donate" but they should just donate as much money as they can regardless >:(
Oh, and there are polar bear banners scattered around Jamaa now

Page 4

I'm glad otters had a great time "seeing the sights"
I didn't even know they were gone lol
Also, new mini book in the chamber o' knowledge

There's a quiz at the end, here are the answers

You get a cool hologram item for completing it!

It's funny, it says goats have rectangular pupils, yet none of the eye options have rectangular pupils. It's like how they made a video where they made it very clear that owls cannot spin their heads around, yet one of their animations (I think it's the dance animation) shows the owl spinning its head around lol

Page 5

Well, looks like we're getting an eagle clone with non-oversized beaks!
Hopefully they will look good and not just an eagle with lynx syndrome. And hopefully they come with a new land but we all know that won't happen since they are too busy making dens that are bigger than Jamaa itself

Page 6

Something about the chat. They call it a "great success" LOL
If they want chatting in Jamaa to be the best it has ever been, make it so you can actually say stuff and use symbols again >:(

Page 7

The Lucky party is also coming back "soon" and members can now adopt more pets

I've never heard of anyone complaining about lack of pet space before, but that's cool I guess?

There's a new item in Jam Mart Clothing that goes with the new goats

Lucky Armor made a return, despite it being the middle of February

You can now buy the Chamber of Knowledge music for your den

I really hope they add tons more den music inventory space soon. I'd like to have one of each song in my inventory but unfortunately I can't do that >:(
Also plz put The Hive music in the diamond shop thx

My main problem with this update is they changed something and im one of those annoying people who hates when they change stuff that i am used to lothey changed how nametags look. They look kind of... bleached now?

The nametag colors aren't as vibrant as they used to be

They looked like this for 5 years

But now they look like this


Well, there's a new nametag badge for goats

And tons of new Jam a Grams!
I'll put them all in a post later but here are the relevant ones

And for some reason they brought back a halloween one???

I give this update a...
2.3 / 10

If it turns out they do use my idea and bring back the ultrarares, I'll change that to a 10/10

EDIT: There's another new item in the museum (thanks turtleman)


  1. Nuzlocke pointed out that bows are glitched on the goats

    1. So is the Pixelated Fox hat, showing some part of the fox as Magenta. Lots of things are glitching on goats (not just color) with Clothes and I believe Patterns and the Eyes.

  2. Prepare to see people whining about how the "incredibly rare" stuff isn't rare anymore.

  3. I don't like the fact that falcons won. They reallllly look similar to the eagles..Sloths or Ostriches would have been unique addition to Jamaa. Thanks alot aparri. And I dont like the new tag colours either, they could have added new instead of bleaching them.

    1. They probably look similar to Eagles because they are in the sme family and look similar in real life. I doubt they will be eagle clones though considering AJHQ makes similar animals completely different from each other (Arctic Wolves/Foxes). As for Sloths and Ostriches I'm guessing they will be released. In all past polls the choices all end up in stores at some point.

    2. I voted for sloths because we can relate on the laziness department

  4. Go to the Adventures Base Camp and you can see that AJHQ screwed up the adventures level icon as well.

  5. the only park I lick is the goats and the chamber of ytp moosic

  6. for the stories banner, do you want it to say "stories" or "rants?" lol k

  7. I'm actually really happy about the extra pet space

  8. Maybe I can buy myself every color of Any of spice dollar and they will drop dramatically in rarity and everyone will choose tail armour to go crazy over and I will be doomed cause I only have 2 tail armour and their both diamond shop... (but AJHQ seriously bring Spiked Collars back I want a green collar SO BAD.)

  9. I LOVE THE GOATS THERE SO CUUUUUUUUUTE! Though they are very tiny:/ I don't like the falcons idea because they will look so much like the eagles I think if animal jam were to add more flying animals to the game they should add small birds like blue jays or something

  10. May apparently my buddy is AJHQ since it says "A Card from AJHQ" http://imgur.com/eZF8em0

  11. Mel should I get a goat or wait for the otter (I have 16 diamonds)

  12. They brought goats in the year of the monkey XD
    And if so much people think falcons are like eagles, they should be nonmemberrrrrrrr....


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