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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Trading More Than 12 Items?

With the new update, trading has been super glitchy. If I try to add an item to my list, it lets me add it again. When I x out and go back to my trade list, neither of the items I put on were there! Instead there were random items. If I try to x them out, when I got back onto my trading screen, they are all back!

I messed around with this for a while and discovered there's a way to get more than 12 items on your trade list

Notice the scroll bar - I'm on the trades tab but there's a working scroll bar there!

I messed around with this some more and managed to get even more items on!

Even this glitch is glitchy however. I've only been able to get up to 13 items to show on my trade list for other players
Here's a gif I made that shows I have 13 items on trade. The maximum you are supposed to be able to have is 12
You can count the items yourself if you don't believe me

This was not intended but maybe it means they're working on it!

AJ Update March 31 2016 - Speedy Trades Update

This update seems pretty lacking but it adds some much needed features and fixed some very annoying glitches! Because of that I'll probably rate this update higher than usual

Here's Page 1 of the new Jamaa Journal
My initial thought when seeing this is "oh great another pet that probably took them 8 and a half minutes to make"
That is still my thought. If these pets weren't so cheap to make then why is there 5 new ones every week? >:(

Hey at least we can make Momo now lol
Page 2

Yay! This is probably one of my favorite parties. I absolutely love April Fools' Day!
The party is in an hour though. I guess we'll have to wait! I'm really hoping that this year we'll get Cactus Hats in this party. Hey, last year we got Shark Hats

Page 3

Basically falcons are coming in another 3 months lol

Page 4

I like the stuff on this page. These are two much needed features. When you're selling items, you can click on one and they will turn green

If you click on the Recyle button, it will sell all the green items!

I'm not sure if there's a limit to how many you can sell at once or not. If there is, it's probably 20

Trading also got a small but powerful update. You can now use the inventory search bar while trading!

Since they added that inv search bar I always wondered why they didn't add it to trading too. But now they did!

Here's a suggestion for AJHQ - for the trading system, please make it like the new recycling system! Click on an item and it will turn green (or some other color) and add multiple items to trades at once! I think that would speed up trading even more so than the search bar

Page 5

Page 6

AD! Instead of doing what they should've done and added sprang bunni again, they made another 5 minute pet! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111123weagbazsxf

That's all for the Jammer Jernal. Now here are the unannounced features and stuff

In the Diamond Shop...

There's a new animated expensive overpriced set! It's called the Flower set

It's 9 diamonds for the whole set

There's also a few annoying bugfixes that I mentioned earlier. The most important one is this one that I talked about in THIS POST
Previously, if you only had 4 items in a trade, you couldn't use the scroll bar until you added a 6th item. But now you can!

They also fixed the Den Preview Glitch that I talked about in that past as well. I'm sure they fixed a bunch of other annoying glitches too but I didn't notice any

And lastly, there's a new update message

It didn't actually kick me until about 20 minutes have passed. They should probably change that lol

I know I'll get yelled at for rating thi so high but I give this update a...

5 / 10

Ones of my favorite parties is back, the most annoying glitch in the game was fixed, and there was a much needed trading and recycling update. Pretty good in my opinion

EDIT: There's a bad change too >:( Now if you try to put items on your trade list as a nonmember, the member items are shaded out now. Previously they only showed up like this in your inventory. THey used to look how they would if you were a member on the Add to Trade screen : (

I'm taking off a point from my rating because of this

DOUBLE EDIT: Adding items to trade list is now super glitchy. I can't add an item without it glitching out >:(I can't even take items off my list!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rant - 4 Player Gates

If you've played any of the seasonal adventures, you've probably noticed there are always some gates or doors that only open up if you have 2 or 4 people dancing/hopping. That's what this rant thing is about

They technically started doing these in The Forgotten Desert with the purple gems. I could complain about those too but I won't so I might as well. I'll keep it short

The thing about Eagle Quest is, the four player gates aren't required. I guess they technically are if you want to get all 5 chests but I'm honestly not sure if that's legitimately possible. If you don't count that, these 4 person gates started in Bitter Sweets

Bitter Sweets was somewhat similar to Eagle Quest so I won't complain about it too much. I think it works here just fine. Bitter Sweets is only for 4 players so it inspires everyone to work as a team to get all the candies and this getting all the prizes. It was a fun idea at first. Sure it was still very annoying the first time, but it was acceptable

Then Twists and Turns came out. It was the first adventure that allowed more than 4 players to join. I don't remember much of that adventure since I haven't played it in over a year but I don't remember there being any 4 person gates. This made it so it's possible to get all the prizes in this adventure alone without any help from other players, like all the other adventures (excluding eagle quest and bitter sweets, that is)
That's something I really liked about Twists and Turns. But then Jamaaliday Rescue happened. I really liked Jamaaliday Rescue too, but it was really annoying because there were 3 or 4 gates that required 4 players to dance on! And the worst part is, these gates are required to be opened if you want to get all the prizes
(Of course it wasn't so bad the first year because there was a walk through walls glitch)

What makes this worse than the Butter Sweets gates is the fact that people can join at any time. In Bitter Sweets there are only 4 players max and no one can join halfway through. That means if you didn't get the 4 person gates in that adventure, no one did. That made everyone want to work as a team and unlock it... or something cheesy like that. But in Jamaaliday Rescue, this wasn't the case. People can join in at any time. When you join a Jamaaliday Rescue lobby, there's a chance that everyone else there has already unlocked the 4 person gates for themselves. This means they probably aren't going to want to help you with them. That leads to you having to sit there for 10 minutes waiting for someone to help you. But you need THREE other people! So you could end up waiting a half hour before you can open this gate! My computer hates me and my browsers seem to crash randomly so during that 30 minutes I could end up crashing and losing ALL my progress! Sometimes challenge can be fun - but challenge doesn't equal frustration. And all this is is frustration! Seriously, it brings nothing to the gameplay. All this does it makes it a pain to play this adventure
Luckily, Special Delivery changed this. Unless I'm completely wrong, there was only one 4 player gate in this adventure, and it was not required for getting all the prizes. All there was behind this gate was a mystery chest - and you just fly over it with an eagle or owl

Lucky Clovers brought back the bad but kept the good. There are 4 different gates that all require 4 players to dance, and they are all required if you want to get all prizes. But, you can still bypass that with an eagle or owl. Yes, it's unfair for nonmembers but I can see why they made it like that. It can make nonmembers want to buy membership just so they can get an eagle or owl to complete the adventure faster. Sure only like 3 people are going to do that, but still

And then Spring Festival came along. Eagle are still able to bypass MOST gates, but there is one that even eagles can't fly over - the flower thing

But why? What's the point of giving flying animals special abilities if you can't even use them? I just don't get it. These four player gates only add frustration to the game. I don't know much about game design but I'm pretty sure frustrating your players is not the way to go about it! It's no fun waiting a half hour for people to dance with you only to get disappointed that no one will help. Without these things, you can't win all the prizes. You could open 3 other tabs and bring storages here to help you but that makes everything extremely laggy, at least for me

I hope the next seasonal has none of these stupid gates >:(

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Summer Plans

This post has nothing to do with summer, I just felt like referencing the last post on Fuzzy Shyivy's blog for some reason. And by "referencing" I mean using the same exact title

What this post really is is a cluster of a bunch of different things I wanted to talk about lol

First, a reminder. Lucky Clovers is due to end on Thursday's update and so is that pet "deal" that's mentioned in the newspaper. If you use an AJ gift card you get an exclusive pet. I think it's a snow panther or cheetah. Idk it's some kind of cat thing lol

Speaking of Lucky Clovers, I noticed an oversight that AJHQ made

Usually when a seasonal adventure has been there for 1 or 2 updates, they'll change the 4 player gates to 2 player gates
I might make a rant about those soon >:(

 But the thing i noticed is one of the NPC's message wasn't changed for the update

Fiona still things you need 4 players dance to unlock them. Get with the times, dear (or should I say deer) It's not her fault though. She was programmed so that she is stuck in that exact spot for her entire life


So over a year ago I posted a bad tutorial on how to transfer gems between accounts
In that post I talked about how rare monday items sell for almost the same price as their buy price. I've been waiting for another nonmember rare so I could transfer gems from my account WalkingPinkPalace to my main. I had like 300k gems on there from playing Return of the Phantoms so much. It was a pleasant surprise seeing the rare this week was a nonmember rare!

This is going to sound crazy but I actually bought exactly 300 of them and put them in a storages. But then I found out they edited the price specifically for this item >:(

I'm 99.3% sure they only did this so it's harder to transfer gems in that way. Oh well, at least they still sell for half. That's still better than buying silver bars
I always made jokes about spiked garb being available in Eagle Quest but I never actually had proof until the other day. I actually got one!

I've been getting a lot of interesting stuff like that from eagle quest so I'm wondering if they changed the rates for this stuff or not. Maybe all the other times I was just unlucky
before you ask i already traded it to get my friend her dream item lol
And that leads me to the "plans" part of this post. I want to make some kind of eagle quest prize guide. I know that sounds crazy but this was the idea I had. Every time I get a new item from eagle quest, I'll add it to the list of possible prizes. And maybe in 7 years or so I'll have a complete list! Would anyone be interested in that? I still haven't forgotten about the prize guide by the way >:(

Also, I plan on finally hosting that giveaway I mentioned months ago. I don't know when, but I want to do a giveaway for every color of head feather, including the rare monday one

ok bye

Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Old AJ Egg Hunts

Similar to how every year for Halloween there is a special prize for getting to level 5 of the candy gave in the Phantom Vortex, there used to be an AJ tradition in April. You have to go around Jamaa and find not-very-well-hidden eggs. If you found them all, you got a prize! AJ's first April was in 2011 and that's when the first egg hunt was

Unfortunately I don't have pictures from the first AJ egg hunt but i have pictures of the second. You could probably find 2011 egg hunt pictures somewhere on the internet. If they're on the wiki they are probably stolen from someone else's site lol

The egg hunt was very different from the Spring Festival adventure. For one thing, it wasn't more frustrating than trying to get a half decent trade in Aldan. Instead, it was rather simple

There was one egg "hidden" in every land

These were the egg locations in 2012

Jamaa Township


Mt. Shiveer

Crystal Sands

Lost Temple of Zios

Sarepia Forest

Coral Canyons

Canyons Pathway

The Canyons Pathway egg was always the one that no one could find. No one every thought to look there because most people don't even know that land exists

Clicking on an egg world bring up some randumb egg-related knowledge because, believe it or not, this game actually used to be about learning!

After you got them all, this message would pop up

The prize could only be collected once per account. They didn't advertise the egg hunt in the newspaper, at least not for the first year (if it was I don't remember it) Because AJ had such a low playerbase in 2011, and not everyone knew about the egg hunt, the first egg hunt prize became a pretty rare item. Even a month after it stopped being available, it was considered to be rare. It's still very rare to this day! 2011's prize was Basket Of Candy

Here's a high quality zoomed in version of it

I never knew the candy cane had yellow stripes on it until I zoomed in on it

Me and many other jammers used to use these in our dens quite a lot

That's probably why these items are so nostalgic for me. That, and because the item was introduced shortly after I joined AJ

The real reason I made this post was because I wanted to talk about the candy baskets lol
I wish I had stuff to trade for these but I have like nothing good >:(

But anyway, now they just do Spring Festival every year. I can see why they made that change - finding 100 eggs and getting tons of prizes is a lot more interesting than getting 7 eggs and one prize every year. However, Spring Festival is my least favorite adventure >:(
There's always like 5 eggs I miss even though I search for them systematically. It takes way too long and you don't even get anything special from it like you do in Lucky Clovers

I highly doubt they will ever do the old egg hunts again but I really miss them. The fact that you could only get one item per account made those items more special. I wish one year they'd hide 100 eggs around Jamaa in the same way that they used to. That would be fun, huh