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Thursday, March 17, 2016

AJ Update March 17 2016 - Another Pony Update

Today we got an update that was 3 hours late! Hooray! And, like all late updates, this one adds basically nothing

Here's the Jamaa Journal

Page 1

Spring Festival is back! You have to find 100 eggs just like last year. I haven't played it yet but as always, I'll have a post with all the available prizes soon

It's been added to the parties list but didn't replace Lucky Clovers!

This is the first time we've had 2 seasons on the list at the same time. I don't know if this is a glitch or if it's intentional

Page 2

A den that they took away for no reason is back again!

It's one of those smaller ones so it's not impossible to decorate it! Yay! But still, this shouldn't have taken up an entire page

Page 3

That feature that was "leaked" on the Daily Explorer is now here! It's missing some things though... There are 7 tabs in the newspaper but only 5 ingame!

We're missing the tabs for pets and wallpapers

The Daily Explorer image is missing one too - the picture frame icon

I guess it's unfinished or something?

Page 4
I'm not sure if this is an update or if it's what I posted about the other day. The daily spin looks unchanged to me. Are they really just "advertising" a feature int he game that's already been out for years? lol
But maybe they added new prizes to the daily spin gift box, I don't know for sure

Page 5

Oh look, an ad...

I got a feeling that Spring Bunnies will be coming back soon

That's all for the Jamaa Journal! It's pretty lacking, don't you think? >:(

In the DLC Shop they brought back one of the last remaining monthly member gifts that was still rare - Lava Gloves

Those were pretty popular in Aldan for like a day, I feel slightly bad for the people that overtraded for them (but not really)

Also in Jam Mart Clothing, the rare monday glitch happened again. The last 2 rares are once again for sale >:(

Of course this will be fixed in a few hours (probably) and then I'll get yelled at in the comments for posting false info lol

I give this update a...
2 / 10

It's like, bad or something


  1. Me and my friend actually requested them to bring back the mushroom hut. AJHQ actually listened!!!

  2. I always liked the wallpaper choices for the mushroom hut, the den its self though... I don't like.

  3. Actually, the den tabs require you to have at least one den item in the category. For example: if you don't have any wallpaper or flooring items, the tab for that category won't appear unless you have at least one item in that category.

  4. The page about the daily spin is talking about how the prizes you get from the gift thing are now rares instead of store-bought junk.

  5. They jsut have to take every feature from PW and add it to AJ don't they? I'd rate this lake a 1.5 to be honest nothing new

  6. the update sux tho 1.5 dats my rate

  7. "It's like, bad or something."
    ~Mel 2k16

  8. I hope that veins flytrap chair thing gets released, but it probably won't be because ajhq hasn't released a bunch of the unreleased stuff from their dens.

  9. -9000 is what I rate this update


    I will miss you Waffle Galaxy...



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