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Thursday, March 31, 2016

AJ Update March 31 2016 - Speedy Trades Update

This update seems pretty lacking but it adds some much needed features and fixed some very annoying glitches! Because of that I'll probably rate this update higher than usual

Here's Page 1 of the new Jamaa Journal
My initial thought when seeing this is "oh great another pet that probably took them 8 and a half minutes to make"
That is still my thought. If these pets weren't so cheap to make then why is there 5 new ones every week? >:(

Hey at least we can make Momo now lol
Page 2

Yay! This is probably one of my favorite parties. I absolutely love April Fools' Day!
The party is in an hour though. I guess we'll have to wait! I'm really hoping that this year we'll get Cactus Hats in this party. Hey, last year we got Shark Hats

Page 3

Basically falcons are coming in another 3 months lol

Page 4

I like the stuff on this page. These are two much needed features. When you're selling items, you can click on one and they will turn green

If you click on the Recyle button, it will sell all the green items!

I'm not sure if there's a limit to how many you can sell at once or not. If there is, it's probably 20

Trading also got a small but powerful update. You can now use the inventory search bar while trading!

Since they added that inv search bar I always wondered why they didn't add it to trading too. But now they did!

Here's a suggestion for AJHQ - for the trading system, please make it like the new recycling system! Click on an item and it will turn green (or some other color) and add multiple items to trades at once! I think that would speed up trading even more so than the search bar

Page 5

Page 6

AD! Instead of doing what they should've done and added sprang bunni again, they made another 5 minute pet! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111123weagbazsxf

That's all for the Jammer Jernal. Now here are the unannounced features and stuff

In the Diamond Shop...

There's a new animated expensive overpriced set! It's called the Flower set

It's 9 diamonds for the whole set

There's also a few annoying bugfixes that I mentioned earlier. The most important one is this one that I talked about in THIS POST
Previously, if you only had 4 items in a trade, you couldn't use the scroll bar until you added a 6th item. But now you can!

They also fixed the Den Preview Glitch that I talked about in that past as well. I'm sure they fixed a bunch of other annoying glitches too but I didn't notice any

And lastly, there's a new update message

It didn't actually kick me until about 20 minutes have passed. They should probably change that lol

I know I'll get yelled at for rating thi so high but I give this update a...

5 / 10

Ones of my favorite parties is back, the most annoying glitch in the game was fixed, and there was a much needed trading and recycling update. Pretty good in my opinion

EDIT: There's a bad change too >:( Now if you try to put items on your trade list as a nonmember, the member items are shaded out now. Previously they only showed up like this in your inventory. THey used to look how they would if you were a member on the Add to Trade screen : (

I'm taking off a point from my rating because of this

DOUBLE EDIT: Adding items to trade list is now super glitchy. I can't add an item without it glitching out >:(I can't even take items off my list!


  1. When I got on my AJ, everything was glitchy. Eek

  2. You can't trade member items as a nonmember now??? That's just stupid

  3. Wow the hippo looks weird


  4. I'm disappointed in this update.. I wanted Spring Bunnies..

  5. As soon as you mentioned Momo, I got on Animal Jam, and created one that looks sorta like him I guess..

    -magicaltrains :P

  6. That travelling-deer excuse is stupid.
    And I find it sooo annoying the way AJHQ capitalises things in the JJ...

  7. The hippo in a way looks creepy and in a way it looks cute:O I think the features they added are much needed so I'd prob rate this.... 6.5-7/10

  8. That hippo is one word: terrifying


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