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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

More Unreleased Den Items + AJQuest

These are really the kinds of posts I should make the day after an update, but for some reason (laziness, maybe?) I choose to make the the day before an update

I don't think we need much of an introduction here, but in case you're unaware, every update AJHQ adds a new special den to the Epic Dens list that's usually filled with unreleased items!

When I first looked at this den, I didn't see very many new items. Upon looking again, I realized this den has quite a few

As always, some of these might not be unreleased

Flower Stained Glass Window

Fancy Grass Snake Leaf Rug
Overgrown Flower (Lamp?)

Lynx Book

Lynx Book (Zoomed In)

Square Lantern

Mini Pet Boat

Cool Vase

Bad Quality Blue Flowers

Bad Quality Mushrooms

More Bad Quality Blue Flowers/Mushrooms + Purple Flowers

And this one I know isn't unreleased, but the way placed the bongos wasn't that... thought through
They're overlapping the flowows


 20 days ago, I started an AJ challenge run which has since been renamed to AJQuest
You can check out my original post for it here

I made a blog for it (http://ajquest.blogspot.com/) where I logged every trade and every item I got from adventures. My goal was to get one of every color spiked wristband, and I eventually did it!

I want to start a Run 2 very soon, but I need a little help with the rules

You can read the rules I played by on this post

The main idea for Run 2 is instead of controlling 1 account, I can control 2
This means that I can get double the prizes and can trade in 2 different places at once. That'll definitely make things easier, so I'd like some new rules or restrictions that can balance it a bit. I want to play by the original rules though, so I'm not sure how to go about doing that. But most importantly, I need some quest items! I'd like there to be multiple items so I can have rewards for every one I get like I did with spiked wristbands, but I don't want it to be too hard to get. Like, for example, all headdresses. Even though I have two accounts, headdresses would be way too hard to get. I don't want the quest items to be too easy to get, but I don't want them to be too hard to get either. I was thinking one of each color of Top Hats, including special variants like Founders' Hats and Spooky Top Hats, or 5 of each color worn blanket including the rare version. I don't know, hopefully someone can suggest some new rules and quest items to get! And remember, this is all for fun, so putting too many restrictions on might not be that fun


  1. Quest for the Beta Eye!

  2. Um hi I'd just like to ask your permission for featuring a link for you blog on my blog:


  3. Mini pet boat is CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I should really start doing this challenge! It sounds like lots of fun.. Maybe some thing as items you could try to get is, all the carpets and wallpapers from beta?

    1. All the carpets and wallpapers were from beta except the halloween ones and I think brown tile and most of them are still in stores

    2. Idiot lava flooring wasn't from beta either

  5. wut?

    (am i furst)

  6. Also your walking pink palace account has member animals but your nonmember, how did you do this!

    1. Explained in new post

  7. Mel, do you go on Kongregate? I know it's a random question but I just started going on that site and I'd like a friend.

    1. I don't, sorry

      To be honest I really don't use many sites or anything

    2. Oh, would you mind contacting two of my friend on AJ, NebulaNight and Manxylion. I remember playing with Maxy a lot and when Nebula was on sometimes we'd play together. I'd contact them myself but I'm now NM and I don't know when they would be on. Please Mel, I'm kinda lonely.

    3. with jam a grams? what do i say?

    4. You could. Say you're one of my friends (try to spell out my name I guess. Probably foam are) and ask if they go on Kongregate

  8. hiiiiiii its ur bff guess who it is HINT: I also play ajam


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