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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rant - 4 Player Gates

If you've played any of the seasonal adventures, you've probably noticed there are always some gates or doors that only open up if you have 2 or 4 people dancing/hopping. That's what this rant thing is about

They technically started doing these in The Forgotten Desert with the purple gems. I could complain about those too but I won't so I might as well. I'll keep it short

The thing about Eagle Quest is, the four player gates aren't required. I guess they technically are if you want to get all 5 chests but I'm honestly not sure if that's legitimately possible. If you don't count that, these 4 person gates started in Bitter Sweets

Bitter Sweets was somewhat similar to Eagle Quest so I won't complain about it too much. I think it works here just fine. Bitter Sweets is only for 4 players so it inspires everyone to work as a team to get all the candies and this getting all the prizes. It was a fun idea at first. Sure it was still very annoying the first time, but it was acceptable

Then Twists and Turns came out. It was the first adventure that allowed more than 4 players to join. I don't remember much of that adventure since I haven't played it in over a year but I don't remember there being any 4 person gates. This made it so it's possible to get all the prizes in this adventure alone without any help from other players, like all the other adventures (excluding eagle quest and bitter sweets, that is)
That's something I really liked about Twists and Turns. But then Jamaaliday Rescue happened. I really liked Jamaaliday Rescue too, but it was really annoying because there were 3 or 4 gates that required 4 players to dance on! And the worst part is, these gates are required to be opened if you want to get all the prizes
(Of course it wasn't so bad the first year because there was a walk through walls glitch)

What makes this worse than the Butter Sweets gates is the fact that people can join at any time. In Bitter Sweets there are only 4 players max and no one can join halfway through. That means if you didn't get the 4 person gates in that adventure, no one did. That made everyone want to work as a team and unlock it... or something cheesy like that. But in Jamaaliday Rescue, this wasn't the case. People can join in at any time. When you join a Jamaaliday Rescue lobby, there's a chance that everyone else there has already unlocked the 4 person gates for themselves. This means they probably aren't going to want to help you with them. That leads to you having to sit there for 10 minutes waiting for someone to help you. But you need THREE other people! So you could end up waiting a half hour before you can open this gate! My computer hates me and my browsers seem to crash randomly so during that 30 minutes I could end up crashing and losing ALL my progress! Sometimes challenge can be fun - but challenge doesn't equal frustration. And all this is is frustration! Seriously, it brings nothing to the gameplay. All this does it makes it a pain to play this adventure
Luckily, Special Delivery changed this. Unless I'm completely wrong, there was only one 4 player gate in this adventure, and it was not required for getting all the prizes. All there was behind this gate was a mystery chest - and you just fly over it with an eagle or owl

Lucky Clovers brought back the bad but kept the good. There are 4 different gates that all require 4 players to dance, and they are all required if you want to get all prizes. But, you can still bypass that with an eagle or owl. Yes, it's unfair for nonmembers but I can see why they made it like that. It can make nonmembers want to buy membership just so they can get an eagle or owl to complete the adventure faster. Sure only like 3 people are going to do that, but still

And then Spring Festival came along. Eagle are still able to bypass MOST gates, but there is one that even eagles can't fly over - the flower thing

But why? What's the point of giving flying animals special abilities if you can't even use them? I just don't get it. These four player gates only add frustration to the game. I don't know much about game design but I'm pretty sure frustrating your players is not the way to go about it! It's no fun waiting a half hour for people to dance with you only to get disappointed that no one will help. Without these things, you can't win all the prizes. You could open 3 other tabs and bring storages here to help you but that makes everything extremely laggy, at least for me

I hope the next seasonal has none of these stupid gates >:(


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    1. Cute !!!!!

      Reminds me I need to start breadstick sequel

    2. Thank you!
      And yes you need to make breadstick sequel

  2. i think flying animals are op... they just fly over everything while everyone else is left behind

  3. do you need me to do anything? or nao

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    1. So most animal vanished because you killed the phantom monster. Reposting you for bulldog

    2. im not born yet can i pls read

  6. On Animaljamvideos1234's channel, there is a video of a QandA With Clark Staceh and i freaked out becoz FINALLY A NEW ADVENTURE THAT AINT SEASONAL IN 2016. I mean common, we have been waiting since 2014 for the next PROPER adventure


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