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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Summer Plans

This post has nothing to do with summer, I just felt like referencing the last post on Fuzzy Shyivy's blog for some reason. And by "referencing" I mean using the same exact title

What this post really is is a cluster of a bunch of different things I wanted to talk about lol

First, a reminder. Lucky Clovers is due to end on Thursday's update and so is that pet "deal" that's mentioned in the newspaper. If you use an AJ gift card you get an exclusive pet. I think it's a snow panther or cheetah. Idk it's some kind of cat thing lol

Speaking of Lucky Clovers, I noticed an oversight that AJHQ made

Usually when a seasonal adventure has been there for 1 or 2 updates, they'll change the 4 player gates to 2 player gates
I might make a rant about those soon >:(

 But the thing i noticed is one of the NPC's message wasn't changed for the update

Fiona still things you need 4 players dance to unlock them. Get with the times, dear (or should I say deer) It's not her fault though. She was programmed so that she is stuck in that exact spot for her entire life


So over a year ago I posted a bad tutorial on how to transfer gems between accounts
In that post I talked about how rare monday items sell for almost the same price as their buy price. I've been waiting for another nonmember rare so I could transfer gems from my account WalkingPinkPalace to my main. I had like 300k gems on there from playing Return of the Phantoms so much. It was a pleasant surprise seeing the rare this week was a nonmember rare!

This is going to sound crazy but I actually bought exactly 300 of them and put them in a storages. But then I found out they edited the price specifically for this item >:(

I'm 99.3% sure they only did this so it's harder to transfer gems in that way. Oh well, at least they still sell for half. That's still better than buying silver bars
I always made jokes about spiked garb being available in Eagle Quest but I never actually had proof until the other day. I actually got one!

I've been getting a lot of interesting stuff like that from eagle quest so I'm wondering if they changed the rates for this stuff or not. Maybe all the other times I was just unlucky
before you ask i already traded it to get my friend her dream item lol
And that leads me to the "plans" part of this post. I want to make some kind of eagle quest prize guide. I know that sounds crazy but this was the idea I had. Every time I get a new item from eagle quest, I'll add it to the list of possible prizes. And maybe in 7 years or so I'll have a complete list! Would anyone be interested in that? I still haven't forgotten about the prize guide by the way >:(

Also, I plan on finally hosting that giveaway I mentioned months ago. I don't know when, but I want to do a giveaway for every color of head feather, including the rare monday one

ok bye


  1. forgotten desert prize guide... I think you'd finish it in about 89 years, not 7 years.

  2. Mel, I think I had the weirdest dream ever.

  3. Mel, whats your dream item, i must know

  4. mel.. i looked you up and your hacked! black wolf with white cross eyes is ur animal

    1. dang it no work !

    2. Oh no! That's awful. I hope you get your account back.

    3. try contacting AJHQ (even though I doubt they'll reply)

    4. do u think it was that guy i talked about who said he was from a library or something i forgot - spirit

    5. Oh my gosh!!!! Change the password quick!!!

  5. Mey i hez ur spikey garbaje?

  6. Maybe you could get it done that ONKY if you worked on it 24/7 you could also get some people yo help you with prizes?

  7. Ooh, Head Feather Giveaway? Count me in! I'mma go for the brown one with the yellow zig-zags!

  8. We should do eagle quest together bc I have no idea how to do it I haven't been on it in forever

  9. Hey Mel, I'm going to make a plushie blog (I finally finished breadstick), do you mind if I use the whole talking with different colors thing?

  10. Is anyone else here obsesse with Miraculous or is it just me...


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