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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pictures From 2011 of "Beta" Tiara & Elf In Stores

I used to have pages with pictures of all the available colors for every in store item. I made this page to show all the new colors that came out in July(?) 2011's item color update when everything came out in new colors. At the time, there was nothing special about the green elf helmets or green tiaras that were for sale. Now they're very rare (especially the elf)

It's a common misconception that the elf helmet is unreleased, but this picture prove that it was once just a normal color that it was sold in >:(

I took these pictures myself and probably aren't anywhere else on the internet but expect these to show up in all the YouTuber's videos and AJWiki with no credit given at all because that's how the AJ community works lol

Monday, April 18, 2016


Hopefully I'll be back "soon"
I just need time away

Thanks for everything, sugar lemon hugs !

Friday, April 15, 2016

Clearing some stuff up

If you read my last post, you should know that I'm "quitting"

That whole thing was written while I was half asleep, so I'm going to rewrite what's going on here
Basically, my accounts keep getting hacked. When I log in and change my password or whatever, I seem to get instantly kicked off. My inventory is a little different sometimes too. As much as it seems like I never stop bashing this game, I really do love this game. I met a lot of great people on here and had loads of fun over the years. But it sickens me that this has been going on. Luckily, I haven't lost too much yet, item wise. I probably will lose everything later, but for now I hope this lets you see that I'm not one of those people who quits because their items went missing. This is about safety and all that junk. I can't play this game without fear of being hacked again. Even offline, I constantly wonder if I got hacked while I wasn't home or whatever. It's like I haven't been allowed to enjoy the recent update with falcones and stuff. I was really looking forward to it, but apparently I'm not allowed to
Many people suggested I should just make a new account and/or use a new parent dashboard. That's a great idea, however that's not the answer I'm looking for. It seems like whoever is doing this gets notified whenever I log in or something, not matter the account I use. LeekSpin was my secret account. I only told 2 close friends about it, yet it was hacked. I didn't think the person was targeting me specifically, but then NewFrozenCapachinoBoldAndIceCold, my AJQuest account, got hacked. Luckily only LeekSpin lost items so far, at least from what I can tell. I had NewFrozen locked all night, and the day of the update I unlocked it and all that. I was hacked after only a few moments of being on. That being said, it doesn't matter what account I use or email. It's going to keep happening no matter what account I use

Trust me, I do not want to have to leave. I love this game. I really do. But it's very hard to enjoy it if I can't use my own accounts without getting kicked off and possibly losing everything as well. As I said in the last post somewhere, there are a few things I can do that doesn't involve totally quitting. It was brought to my attention that there are not too many "living" AJ blogs anymore. It would be ever sadder if this one died too. Here are my ideas

I could continue to post as usual, but at limits. What I mean by that is, I can post stuff but I won't be able to keep up to date with news or take any new screenshots. I'd have to reuse my old ones. Most of my posts would probably have to be AJ History related. Unless of course someone can take screenshots for me and send them to me. I'm not a fan of using screenshots from other sites (even with proper permission sometimes) so I would need someone to take fresh screenshots for me. I'm not sure how much I like that idea though

Another idea I had was adding new authors on here. For the longest time, it's just been me. However, I have mixed feelings about having other authors. It's kinda hard to explain, but let's just say I like to do things solo. If I add a new author or admin and they made a change that I didn't like, I'd have a hard time telling them that. I don't know why, it's just not easy for me to say "can you please change that back to how it was before?"

A few people already asked me to be an author on here, and I really don't know what to think about that. This blog actually does have 2 authors - me and DoomDesire. She doesn't play AJ anymore (and hasn't for a while) but she used to be a pretty active player. I made her an admin and author when I created this blog 5 years ago. She has only made a few posts on here. I made her an admin and author because I really trusted her and she was my best friend. Since then, I've declined everyone else. I'm really thinking about it, though. I just don't want this to turn into more of a mess than it already is. I don't want there to be 70 posts a day by 7 different people. And if I do add anyone, it would have to be someone I really trust

Other than those ideas, I got nothing. IF all this hacking stuff DOES get sorted out, I'll definitely come back. I know all this might not seem like a big deal, but it's been really getting to me. It's scary

So... As of right now, I'm still here, just not active or anything. I'll still be reading and publishing comments and I'll still be using the chabox on the AJQuest blog somewhat frequently. Just not as much as I used to until all this gets sorted out. I hope you can understand. Goodbye for now, and stay safe, sugar lemon hugs

Feel free to ask me any questions about anything in the comments

Thursday, April 14, 2016

AJ Update April 14 2016 - My Goodbye Update

Well, I wanted to enjoy this update but apparently I'm not allowed to. When I logged in today to see the update, I kept getting kicked off. That means someone else was trying to use my account at the same time as I was. I had originally thought my other account only got hacked because of the security exploit I found, but it seems like this time the hacker somehow got notified that I unlocked my account. I didn't lose anything this time but that about killed this game for me. I can't play and enjoy the game without being hacked every time I try to log in. I only play this game for AJQuest anyway, but if I can't play that, there's not much point to this anymore. AJ has a horrible security system. It's almost as bad as their support team. Since there's no way for me to play AJ anymore, I can't continue with this blog. Trust me, I don't want to quit again but I don't have a choice this time. It's either stay and get hacked every time I log in or vanish. I could continue to post here but I won't be able to take any new sreenshots. I'll probably return one day if AJ ever gets a half decent security system. But for now, this is the end... again
(I'll still be on the AJQuest chat probably)

So anyway... The update...

Here is Page 1

Falcones are now in the DLC shop and DON'T have mega beaks like eagles!

Page 2

The advertising of things that have already been released! Yay! And there's a new party which is basically just a pink Club Geoz with the same exact shop as the other club geoz party

Page 3

Couldn't take pictures of this stuff because I had to rush

Page 4

Deers are gone k

Page 5


There's some new features that they could've put in the newspaper instead of any of the stuff they put in it

In stores there are new sorting options

I wish they'd add a search bar to shops and/or let you sort between member and nonmember items

They changed the inventory clothing sort options to pictures and removed the "Item" option

In the My Settings tab thing you can now enter a code

No idea how it works though

I don't want to rate this one because the low rating I'd give it is probably going to be because I'm anger at AJHQ

Forgotten Items - Cool Hair

April 13th was this blog's 5th anniversary! I didn't make anything special for it because I was busy and too scared to log in >:(
I'm just going to count this as my anniversary post. I'll probable make more posts like this in the future. It's kinda the same thing as Item History but I'm going to be focusing on items that were forgotten and I think need more attention. I'll be giving history on these items but most of the time their history won't be as interesting as, say, Tan Carpet, but the main point of the posts are to give AJ's lesser known items spotlight

The first item I'm going to be featuring is Cool Hair

If you have heard of this item, you probably know it from the Rare Monday version that was a possible prize in the recent Lucky Clovers adventure

 It was one of AJ's first items. It was added in beta and was shown in a lot of beta screenshots such as this one

It went out of stores after beta. Even though orange Cool Hair was seen in many beta screenshots and videos, after beta, it was only available in four colors. Those colors were brown, black, yellow, and pink. It's possible that white Cool Hair was one of the originals too but I don't remember

It eventually came back to stores on July 21st 2011

Fun fact, Cool Hair was rereleased at the same time as Spiral Lamps (another one of my favorite items) for released for the first time

It was then released in the new colors, including a new version of orange. The new orange is much lighter than the old version

This is what Cool Hair's Old Item Icon used to look like. I personally think the old icon is much better as it shows what the item actually looks like on most animals

I noticed when playing AJQuest that there are very few people who actually knows what this item is, and even fewer actually have the non-rare version. While these items are (probably) in The Forgotten Desert, they still seem to be extremely hard to come across. I've personally have only seen other people with orange, green and black

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I got hacked lol

I probably don't need to post this because nobody cares but my "secret" account LeekSpin just got hacked lol
The only thing that I lost that I actually care about is my neon bow

Oh well lol

Fix your security, AJHQ
Because I'm not famous they're not going to give me anything back LOL

Illustrated Item Ideas

As promised, here are my illustrated ideas for new items! I'm doing this because AJ made Cactus Hats based on my drawing
Maybe if I draw more they will make more of my items! Hey I doubt it but it's worth a try!

The first one is Squid Hats

I also had an idea similar to this one but I wasn't able to draw it right. Spider Hats! They would look kinda like the squid hats but it would obviously be a spider instead. The idea I had was a black spider with red eyes

Lampshade Hat

Yes, this is a stupid idea. It would probably be an item for April Fools' Party like Shark Hats were. The light coming from the top could work like Construction Hat's light - it's always off, but if your animal is walking/dancing or something, the light comes on

Dice Tail

This is an idea I got from my old friend Zafara. The main part of it looks like a Mace Tail, but instead of a spike ball at the end, there are handing fuzzy dice. There could also be a Fuzzy Dice Necklace which would just be a pair of fuzzy dice that goes around our animal's neck

If you want to make your own items, here's a template

It's literally just a picture of a plain wolf in the inventory screen that you could've taken yourself but it's there if you want it

That's it for my ideas, but TacoNoobGamer of deviantart asked me to feature her item idea artwork!

In case you didn't read the text above, I'll write it in big text
The 3 items below were not made by me, they were made by TacoNoobGamer

Bee Hat

Taco actually put effort into making these unlike me lol
So this is a headband with a be at the top. This would probably bee released when they inventively rerelease those "special" bee related items

Punk Hair

I can see these becoming popular with the aldan walls (arctic wolves) lol

Seal Balloon
(and balloons for other animals)

Cute !!!!!!

Eagle Quest Update??

I was playing Eagle Quest (The Forgotten Desert) with some friends earlier. While playing, I noticed a small update they made to the adventure. I'm guessing this was added in the last update but I never noticed it until now. Normally, if you open a gem chest, there's a small chance that the chest will contain an item. The item you get is always a nonmember item and one that is available in the mystery chests. I have an (unfinished) list of all the available items here

But, in this one round specifically, I got member items! I got 2 different items from the gem chests. The stuff I got was much better than the normal prizes that I usually get lol

In the first chest I got a Rare Sombrero which is an ocean item

The second item I got was a Rare Mummy Mask

In all the other rounds I played, I just got normal Mystery Chest items, and only one max per round like usual. In other words, I haven't been able to get anything else like this from the gem chests. That makes me think this was just a glitch but I'm not completely sure on that

I hope some day they add more items to the Mystery Chests. Since I mainly play AJ for AJQuest now, I play A LOT of Return of the Phantoms. After playing it as much as I do, you start to get sick of the prizes after a while. If they added more items to the chests it would definitely make things way more interesting. They don'r even have to be rare! I think they should add things like Hypno-Glasses, Nerd Glasses, Shark Hats, or Head Flowers

Also, I ran into a minor bug with the new recycling system. I was making all my item backgrounds green for AJQuest and noticed the gem count was displayed incorrectly. I actually had 20,075 gems or something like that, but the gem counter on the bottom displayed it as 20,07

Tomorrow I'll try to make those new item concepts like Squid Hats but I don't know if I'll get to it >:(

Monday, April 11, 2016

Head Feather Giveaway Winners (EDITED)

It's April 11th (at least it is here lol) so it's time to announce the winners of the giveaway! The last time I had a giveaway, someone got super salty that 2 members won and blamed me for changing the results or something so no nonmembers won. Yeah no, I don't do that, it just so happened that 2 members won last time >:(
I have a feeling I'll get accused of changing the results here too because some people entered at least 300 times. Chances are, all 3 winners will be one person. I can't wait to get hate for that even though I put in the rules of the giveaway "DO NOT ENTER IF YOU'RE GOING TO GET SALTY"

I'm going to put filler here so you have to scroll down. For suspenseful or something
Nah I don't think anyone really cares lol

So the first winner is...


He wins Dark Brown, Yellow, and White

The second winner is...


He wins Orange, Purple, and Blue

And the third winner is...

DewDropReptile again!

He wins Pink, Green, and Light Brown

Dew entered about 500 times so I'm honestly surprised that he didn't win all 3
It was in the rules that you can enter as many times as you want so you should expect every giveaway like this to have a DewDropReptile lol

I can't wait for the anger >:( lol

I'll send them to DewDropReptile but as for phitran1, you'll have to add me so I can trade them to you. Add me on NewFrozenCapachinoBoldAndIceCold and put a junk item on trade like a necklace and I'll trade you them!

EDIT: Alright, so... I decided to pick another because people said it was unfair that Dew won twice and I kinda agree. He will still get both sets, but now there's a fourth winne...

She gets a pink, white, and blue

I'll send those to you later, asprun1